South Africa captain Faf du Plessis is facing a possible disciplinary charge following an on-field incident during the fourth and final Test against England on Monday.

During the 57th over of South Africa innings, a throw from Sam Curran hit Du Plessis following which he was involved in a heated exchange with several England fielders including Stuart Broad.

It was during this moment that Du Plessis seemed to have deliberately barged England’s Jos Buttler.

However neither Du Plessis nor his England counterpart Joe Root is reading too much into the incident.

“It’s part of my character,” said Du Plessis after South Africa were beaten by 191 runs at the Wanderers. “I am always involved in a little bit of something somewhere in the game trying to show that fight as the leader of the team, that you don’t stand back. It’s not like I am looking for it. It just happens. He said something to me and I said something back.”

Du Plessis denied having intentionally touched Buttler and that there was no malicious intent. “I don’t think we knew we touched each other. It was just myself and Broady having a go. He [Buttler] was just trying to get between myself and him. There was no malicious intent. He was trying to defuse the situation. He didn’t do anything wrong. It was just words from Broady. It just got a bit heated. If you say something towards me, I will say something back.”

Physical contact falls under Level 1 or Level 2 offence and results in automatic suspension.

Root dismissed it the incident as ‘absolutely nothing’

“It was absolutely nothing,” said Root. “In fact, I thought Faf was probably using it as an excuse to get himself going and get himself in a contest. My worry was it would work in his favour. Because of things that happened previously in this series it will be made a big thing of but honestly it was absolute handbags. I’m not worried at all. He didn’t exactly knock him over, did he?”