Fans Face Logistic Nightmare As Hotel Prices Soar In Ahmedabad For India vs Pakistan World Cup Clash On October 14

A hotel which offers a room at INR 4000 is now available for INR 60,000 on twin sharing.

Fans Face Logistoic Nightmare As Hotel Prices Soar In Ahmedabad

Babar Aza, Rohit Sharma (Source: Twitter)

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INDIA will take on Pakistan on October 14 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The match was initially set to be played on October 15 but was rescheduled due to Navratri. The blockbuster clash is one of the most awaited cricket matches this year.

There is no denying the fact that the Narendra Modi Stadium will be jam-packed on the day. The fans, however, are facing a logistic nightmare. The hotel prices in the city have skyrocketed to nearly 15 times the average price. This has left the fans in a miserable situation, especially the ones who will be coming from outside the city.

As per a report in Cricinfo, a hotel that charges 4000 per night for a room is available at 60,000 per night on twin sharing basis. The price goes up to 3,50000 for two nights in star hotels. Also, the tickets will be available for sale on September 3 and fans are not sure if they will be able to get the tickets for the match or not. Once the tickets are put on sale, they will be sold out in a flash. Fans are concerned if they make a booking but fail to get the tickets, they will be in a huge mess.

The BCCI has confirmed that the fans will have to collect the physical tickets a day before the match which makes the case even worse as the fans will have to be present in the city a day or two before the match which will significantly affect the budget.

Even for the people who can afford to pay heavy tariffs, things are not very smooth as most of the top hotels have been booked by the BCCI for its sponsors and affiliate partners. The report also states that the fans who have a valid booking for the dates are being told to look elsewhere or being offered to reserve their booking for a different date.

“We had hotel and train reservations for October 14, because we went by initial speculation. But once rumours swirled around of a date change, we did another round of bookings for October 13 [a day before the rescheduled date] without cancelling our earlier reservations. Now, our hotel reservation for October 15th [the original match date] holds, but to re-book from October 13, we’re being charged nearly four-five times the average price.

“So we have no idea what we’re going to do for our hotel. We’re in touch with a friend who stays locally, but in the event of us not getting tickets, the plan is to travel to Ahmedabad and enjoy garba nights [a dance festival] and experience the vibe of the city on Navaratri,” said Sanchit Desai, a Mumbai-based sports-management professional as quoted by Cricinfo.

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