Phil Tuffnell played for England and Midllesex during his cricket career © Getty Images

Former England Slow left-arm orthodox bowler Phil Tuffnell has launched his autobiography— Where Am I? In it he reveals Ian Botham and Viv Richards to be his cricket idols. In the book launch he said that both Botham and Richards motivated him during his early years. When Tufnell was young he used to see great cricketers like Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, Sir Ian Botham and Sir Viv Richards play. He said that it was his dream to play alongside Botham and get Richards out. Tufnell added John Emburey, Phil Edmonds and Derek Underwood were great bowlers. Talking of Tufnell, he took 121 wickets in 42 Tests he played at an average of 37.68. He took 10 wickets in an innings twice in his career. Phil Tufnell: A maverick on and off the field

In a conversation with on the occasion of his book launch he said, “I was watching Lillee and Thomson, that amazing West Indies side, Beefy – Beefy’s Ashes – and then 10 years later I’m sat in the same dressing room as the fella. I had a wonderful career and got Viv Richards out. I can remember sitting at home on the sofa with a cup of tea as a boy watching Viv Richards smash us all round, so then to bowl at him and get him out at The Oval – it doesn’t get much better than that.” READ: When Phil Tufnell’s six-for helped England upset the mighty West Indies and draw the Wisden Trophy 2-2

“I was inspired by a bit of everyone – there was that West Indies side with the great pace bowlers, I saw a little bit of John Emburey who I managed to play with. [I also saw] Phil Edmonds, and a bit of Derek Underwood as well when I was very young. It’s the same with the likes of Question Of Sport which I’m on now. I can remember playing that when I was a kid, and now I’m the captain. I can remember listening to Test Match Special as a boy, stuck in a traffic jam with my Father going down to Brighton or somewhere, listening to Johnners and Arlott waft over the airwaves and now I’m involved with that.”