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Mumbai: An ex-managing committee member of the Maharashtra Cricket Association has written to the Committee of Administrators and wants a similar court-appointed body to run the affairs at MCA. Citing the recent appointment of a committee of administrators – comprising two retired judges – by the Bombay High Court to run the affairs of the Mumbai Cricket Association by applying the January 2, 2017 order of the Supreme Court, former member Madhav Ranade has stated in his letter to the CoA head Vinod Rai that this needs to be done in the case of Maharashtra CA too.

“The BCCI, as a respondent, supported the petition filed by a member of the Mumbai Cricket Association to appoint a CoA. This has been done. Please do the same for Maharashtra,” Ranade said in the letter to Rai. “I would like to draw your kind attention that 11 office bearers and managing committee members of the Mumbai Cricket Association were disqualified by an order of the Bombay High Court applying the SC order of January 2, 2017.

“By the same yardstick, all committee members of the Maharashtra CA also stand disqualified. The Delhi High Court has given clarity on tenure issues, and hence an anomaly cannot exist in other full member associations of the BCCI.”

A copy of the letter is in possession of PTI.

Ranade further stated, “Many past disqualified office bearers were active during the IPL match in Pune with most of them having accreditations and distributing passes.

“One of them was at the prize distribution of the first match on Friday (CSK v RR). Please put an end to this. The BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, CoA and IMG are capable of handling the situation adroitly,” he wrote.

As the association’s managing committee was dissolved on April 7, he wondered how he, along with other disqualified members, enjoyed the perks of watching an IPL game in the stadium.

“Yesterday, we had the first IPL match in Pune, all the managing committee members were given accreditation badges and were sat in the prestigious committee room.

“I was also given the accreditation badge which was peculiar since the committee as per Mr Riyaz Bagban’s e-mail sent to every member informed them that the managing committee was dissolved on the 7 th of April 2018, during the SGM. How were we still enjoying the perks reserved for the managing committee, I wonder,” he wrote in another letter.