Four Delhi cricketers warned for misbehaving with airline stewardess

The four boys were taken to task by the coaches who slapped them and asked them to apologies to the stewardess for their misbehaviour

New Delhi: Sep 17, 2011

Four Delhi U-14 cricketers, who misbehaved with an airline stewardess in a Srinagar hotel on Thursday, will be let off with a mild warning, while the sacked coaches will be cautioned for raising their hands on the kids, the DDCA said on Saturday.

Coach Raju Tandon and assistant coach Randhir Singh were recalled for slapping four boys and making them apologise after they allegedly misbehaved with an airline stewardess in Srinagar, where they are currently participating in the Dhruv Pandove North Zone Championship.

Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) secretary S P Bansal believes the coach and the assistant coach could have handled the situation in some other way and said they would be cautioned.

“We are not saying that players are not at fault, but the coaches could have taken some other step to teach them a lesson, raising hands is not right. We will caution the coaches so that in future they don’t raise their hands. As elders we need to make them understand,” Bansal told PTI.

Bansal, however, made it clear that no coach would be sent to replace the duo.

“After this there is no U-14 tournament, so there is no need to send a replacement. For the time being, the manager K K Nigam will be in charge,” he said.

Bansal also said that the kids would be warned and monitored so that they don’t repeat the behaviour in future.

“Those boys have not been picked for today’s game against Jammu & Kashmir. We will speak to their parents and tell them to monitor their kids. It is important for parents to know in which circle their wards are mixing, they need some scolding, and appropriate steps will be taken,” he said.

Although this incident came to light yesterday, this is not the first time that these kids had disciplinary issues.

In fact, they were also involved in pushing a teammate out of the sixth-floor window of their hotel during a scuffle four days ago.

The victim, somehow, managed to hold on to a curtain and was rescued later on.

Four days later, they were found misbehaving with an airline stewardess.

According to the manager, the stewardess had identified the players to team officials and objected to their behaviour but she didn’t press any charges as the management apologised to her.

However, the four boys were taken to task by the coaches who slapped them and asked them to apologise to the stewardess for their misbehaviour.