It is quite a task to clear IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IPS (Indian Police Service) exams. The ones who manage to breakthrough the iron gates are awarded with top positions as administrators and controlling law and order. What if the officers of such repute get into tussle? That is what happened in Uttar Pradesh.

The state witnessed a friendly T20 cricket match between IAS XI and IPS XI, in which the former were thrashed by 9 wickets by the policemen. The Central IPS Association tweeted:


The Central IAS Association were quick to respond by tweeting, “Congratulations. Well deserved. DNA is good always. Let s not (make) a friendly cricket match into a DNA test.”


Both tweets became an issue of discussion on the social media. There were disappointments and objections raised over linking DNA with cricket match.

Asim Arun, Secretary UP IPS Association, tried to diffuse the situation with a tweet, A game is a game and we play it in that spirit. Further, there is no tussle between IAS-IPS in UP. There are issues of how we can provide better L&O (law and order) and the two services are working together for it. He further wrote, UP IPS Association requests CIPSA (Central IPS Association) to remove/ edit its recent post on the subject.


There is a bit of history to the issue. Central secretary Rajiv Kumar, on September 7, issued an order that District Magistrates should preside over crime meetings as it was also their responsibility to maintain law and order in the state. TDGP Sulkhan Singh had strongly opposed this and the Central IPS Association backed him. Earlier UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told IAS officers during the IAS week that officers of other cadres were not pleased with them, and therefore they should mend their ways.

This tussle started between officers of two premium administrative cadre after Chief secretary Rajiv Kumar issued an order on September 7, saying District Magistrates should preside over the crime meetings in districts as they are also responsible for maintaining law and order. This order was opposed by DGP Sulkhan Singh. He found support from Central IPS Association, and later, the said letter was shelved. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told IAS officers that they should mend their ways because officers of other cadre are not happy with them.