Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir (r) © AFP
Shahid Afridi, Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir is known to be a true patriot. He has reacted strongly to Shahid Afridi‘s tweet regarding Kashmir. Gambhir in response to Afridi’s tweet posted: “Media called me for reaction on @SAfridiOfficial tweet on OUR Kashmir & @UN. What’s there to say? Afridi is only looking for @UN which in his retarded dictionary means “UNDER NINTEEN” his age bracket. Media can relax, @SAfridiOfficial is celebrating a dismissal off a no- ball!!! ”

Afridi had requested the United Nations to look into the atrocities on the people in Kashmir, here he referred to the state as ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’. He said: “Appalling and worrisome situation ongoing in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Innocents being shot down by oppressive regime to clamp voice of self determination & independence. Wonder where is the @UN & other int bodies & why aren’t they making efforts to stop this bloodshed?”


After Gambhir’s tweet, Afridi tweeted:

Gambhir and Afridi have enjoyed sufficient amount of battle and are two of the fiercest competitors in cricket. They hogged all the headlines in a One-Day International (ODI) encounter after getting involved in an ugly altercation, which was full of abusive language and hatred.