Glenn McGrath (left) © Getty Images
Glenn McGrath (left) leads the McGrath Foundation © Getty Images

Sydney: Jan 20, 2015

In an attempt to raise funds, the McGrath Foundation, one of Australia’s leading breast cancer support organizations, has launched an online cricket game. Glenn McGrath, whose wife’s Jane died of breast cancer, has since devoted a large part of his time and effort towards cancer research.

Petra Buchanan, chief executive of McGrath Foundation, said that they saw that 92 percent of homes had some form of gaming device, so they were clearly deriving pleasure from involving themselves with games and escapism, adding that why not do that for a cause, reported.

Participants could sign up as a player or coach on their desktop, smartphone or tablet, and have a chance to bat, bowl and field. Coaches are required to stump up a 30 dollars donation, while teammates donate ten dollars, the report added.