Graeme Pollock diagnosed with Colorectal cancer

Graeme Pollock (above) was made aware of Yuvraj Singh’s recent recovery from cancer and his return to the Indian side © Getty Images

Oct 2, 2013

Former South African batsman Graeme Pollock has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The news of Pollock’s cancer was leaked by his friend Rice, who himself had a cancerous tumour operated upon.

“I went to see Graeme Pollock in hospital yesterday because he had an operation last Tuesday to remove a cancerous tumor from his colon. He is recovering well and hopes to be out tomorrow. They said that they got it all out so we are holding thumbs that he makes a full recovery. We all wish him well in his recovery. Him and I are in the same boat again so we hope we can perform as we did in the 80’s”, Rice has pasted the message on the social networking site, as reported by Pakistan Observer.

Pollock’s daughter, Michaela Pollock said, “Yes, initially when he heard the news about it [cancer], my dad was a bit worried but he is out of danger now. He will be able to live normal life. He has gained confidence and is ready to go home on Wednesday”.

“The best wishes have been pouring in from all over the world. My dad has been made aware about Yuvraj Singh’s comeback in the Indian team. He is also aware about Hanif Mohammad’s recent recovery after his cancer-related liver surgery”, the daughter added.

The likes of Yuvraj, Robin Jackman, Martin Crowe, Clive Rice and Hanif have also struggled with cancer in recent times.