Former Australian legend Greg Chappell took over as the head coach of the Indian cricket team after New Zealand’s John Wright had a successful tenure with the side led by Sourav Ganguly. Chappell’s time as an India coach is regarded as one of the most controversial chapters of Indian cricket. After a disappointing couple of years where India suffered a first-round exit in the 2007 World Cup following defeats to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Chappell was released from his role of India coach.

Years after that, Chappell has opened up about Rahul Dravid’s intent as a player and why it will help India in the future, and the saga involving now BCCI president Sourav Ganguly.

During that time when Ganguly was dropped as captain and as a player, Chappell revealed Dravid did not have the support of any of his teammates. Chappell also recalled spotting ‘resistance’ in some players, which he feels did not work in favour of the team.

“Dravid was really invested in India becoming the best team in the world. Sadly, not everyone in the team had the same feeling. They would rather concentrate on being in the team. There was some resistance from some of the senior players because some of them were coming to the end of their careers,” Chappell revealed on Cricket Life Stories Podcast.

Chappell also goes on to reveal how axing Ganguly from the helm send a message to everyone that no one can take their spots for granted. The former Australian cricketer feels that while this worked initially, but once Ganguly was back, things changed.

“When Sourav got dropped from the team, we had a lot of attention from the players, because they realized if he can go, anyone can go. We had a great 12 months, but then the resistance got too much, Ganguly came back into the team. The message from the players was loud and clear ‘We don’t want change.’ Even though the board offered me a new contract, I decided that I did not need that kind of stress,” Chappell added.