Greg Ritchie

The 52-year-old Ritchie had earlier been reprimanded by Cricket Australia and banned from entering Australian cricket grounds following Friday’s comments at the Gabba Getty Images

Adelaide: Nov 12, 2012

Former Australia cricketer Greg Ritchie, who allegedly made racist comments at a luncheon on the first day of the first Test between Australia and South Africa at Brisbane, was rejected permission to speak at the South Australian Cricket Association s (SACA) Test Match Dinner.

The decision was confirmed by the SACA today, who revealed that Ritchie s invitation has been cancelled.

“Details about Greg Ritchie s comments at a Brisbane Test lunch were brought to SACA s attention on Sunday evening and subsequent comments made by him came to light early this morning,” SACA chief executive Keith Bradshaw was quoted as saying by an Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun.

Cricket Australia representatives in Brisbane contacted SACA early this morning to advise of the situation and immediate action was taken.

“SACA and Cricket Australia are proactively committed to their formal obligations to the ICC Anti-Racism Code and to the Australian Human Rights Commission s anti-racism campaign, of which cricket is a formal partner. SACA actively promotes details of the ICC code at all international cricket matches played at Adelaide Oval.”

Ritchie had admitted to using the k-word, considered offensive by a black person in Africa, on Friday. There is also a possibility of legal action being taken against the 52-year-old.

Ritchie was also reported to have recited offensive jokes about Muslims and Pakistan, and to have called former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan a “knob”.

Cricket Australia had also said that they advised Ritchie not to attend additional functions at any Australian Test grounds this summer.