MS Dhoni was a livewire with his tongue behind the stumps (Image courtesy: AFP)
MS Dhoni was a livewire with his tongue behind the stumps (Image courtesy: AFP)

MS Dhoni s instincts make him the figure that he is. When he bats, his Sherlock-like mind computes what the bowler will hurl next. As a captain, he is two steps ahead of the opposition and behind the stumps, he is already reading the batsman s next move before the latter has made one.

He is MS Dhoni. We are talking of a once in a lifetime cricketer.

During the India-South Africa ODIs, the wrist spin of Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal accounted for 33 host wickets as India went on to win the series 5-1. Of course, Virat Kohli slammed three hundreds to further crush them. Dhoni had a silent series with the bat but not with the tongue. No, not really sledging too. We will come to that.

Former Indian cricketer Atul Wassan credited Dhoni for half of Kuldeep and Chahal s wickets. He had recently told NDTV, I think half of the wickets should go to Dhoni. He is just amazing behind the stumps. Before every ball was bowled, he knows what a batsman going to do. These guys should bow down and touch his feet. These guys not experienced and Dhoni was doing the homework for them. Dhoni should be credited for this.

It is not just another former cricketer jumping into the praise-bandwagon for a superstar. ESPNCricinfo has compiled a brilliant video for the same. He may or may not be leading a side but the captain prevails in him and his presence makes half the difference.

The hilarious part apart, some of the insights to his bowlers made a lot of difference. In fact, from time-to-time he has shared inputs to captain Virat Kohli and often he has marshalled the troops himself.