Ian Botham affair: Ex-mistress hits back, says she wanted to get out of relationship

Cricket fans on Twitter tagged him as a ‘sexist relic’ following his derogatory remarks during commentary in the Ashes 2013 © Getty Images

Aug 13, 2013

Following England’s dramatic victory in the fourth Ashes Test at Chester-le-Street, Sir Ian Botham found himself at the receiving end of the fans’ ire.

According to Daily Star, Botham said on commentary, “So if you’ve just got in … if you were dragged to the supermarket by the wife, here are the wickets.”

There was some outrage on Twitter over this, with one calling Botham a “sexist relic.” Holly Combe, a writer for the feminist The F-word expressed, “Botham’s foolish and sexist comment makes me wonder if he takes his guidance on life from a 1970s stand-up comedy.”