India cricketer Dinesh Karthik has raised objections with the ‘negative connotations’ surrounding the controversial run out of non-striking batsman by a bowler before bowling a delivery.

The dismissal, first effected by India legend Vinoo Mankad in 1947 when he ran out an erring Billy Brown who continued to back out despite repeated warning. The mode of dismissal is often referred to as ‘Mankading’ and has polarised cricketing world despite it being legitimate.

More recently, the topic came to the fore when Australia legend Ricky Ponting, who will be coaching Delhi Capitals during IPL 13, said he will not allow the mode of dismissal by his bowlers.

Last IPL season, Ravichandran Ashwin, the then KXIP captain who later moved to Delhi Capitals, ran out Rajasthan Royals Jos Buttler as he was backing too far resulting in huge controversy.

However, Karthik has two major concerns with the dismissal.

Firstly, since the dismissal is accepted by the ICC, there should be no question over its validity and secondly, the terminology of the run out.

“There are two issues I have with this ‘Mankad’ run out. First is the implementation of it. Second is the name ‘Mankad’ run out,” Karthik told Cricket Next. “First let’s come down to the implementation. All the way from Don Bradman to Sunil Gavaskar, everyone has said it’s completely within the rules. The ICC and MCC have also taken a stand that it is okay. So I don’t see the reason why bowlers or any team that does it is looked at in a negative way.”

Karthik says the batsman whom Vinoo Mankad dismissed for committing the error, isn’t remembered.

“Two, the name of it. The person who did it first time was Vinoo Mankad. Interestingly, he was alert enough to do that dismissal. But more importantly, nobody remembers the batsman who got run out. It was Bill Brown,” Karthik said.

“If Mankad was the first person who did that run out, Bill Brown was the first person who got run out for being silly and walking out of the crease. Why is it that people remember Mankad and not Brown? Why can’t it be called anything to do with Bill Brown? He (Mankad) followed the rules and did it.”

“Does anybody remember what a great cricketer Vinoo Mankad was? What all he achieved on the field. The only thing they remember him for is this, which I feel is wrong. Back then itself, Don Bradman himself came out and said what Mankad did and within the laws of the game.”

Karthik also questioned the debate over it being against the ‘spirit of cricket’

“He (Brown) was even given a warning. Giving a warning to the batter is accepted as spirit of cricket. But I don’t see a bowler tactically giving a warning to get a batsman bowled or caught, why should a warning be given for a run out?” he asked.

He continued, “The ICC and MCC call it a run out. So the name Mankad shouldn’t be used in a negative connotation.”