Google's new features will make mobile searches easy for users. © Getty Images
Google’s new features will make mobile searches easy for users © Getty Images (Representational Photo)

Multinational technology company Google has come up with new features for Cricket fans and users all around the globe. These new features have been made by Google keeping in mind the ICC World T20 2016 which will take place in India. The new features will allow users to keep a track of live scores, news statistics and a lot more with simple Google searches like “cricket score” or “t20 score”. Adding such features to its mobile search will make it easy for users to know what is happening in the world of cricket at the moment. India, meanwhile is second in terms of mobile searches made.The US being the first.

“If you search for things like ‘cricket score’ or ‘t20 score’ at any point during the game, scores will [appear and] automatically update — no page refreshes needed. The new Search experience also includes news articles related to games, teams and players, as well as score boxes with in-depth game stats” – Google said. What Google also said was that score updates and match schedules will be available in both English and Hindi.
Google will also be answering complicated queries like “When will India play New Zealand?” with a date and time to which a reminder can be set. The ICC World T20 2016 is currently underway in India, with the hosts being the favorites to win the Cup.