Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Salaam Cricket event taking place here in Delhi 2016. We, at CricketCountry will get you all the live comments and debates happening here at the meeting of legends. This event bring bring in great cricketing legends from all around the Indian sub-continent. We will see former Indian greats such as Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, Mohammad Azharuddin, VVS Laxman along side contemporary heroes like Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, R.P Singh and Joginder Singh. These player have won India great laurels including the 1983 Cricket World Cup (Kapil Dev, captain)and the 2007 World Twenty20(T20) championship (Sehwag, Gambhir, R.P and Joginder)

And that’s it. The evening comes to an end with the positive notes from the former captains.

Akram: The Pakistan management needs young blood. The ones there in the administration have been there for more than 30 years and the passion is no more within them. They do it for their salary while real passionate people can make difference.

Azhar: Nehra has worked really hard, even the selectors should be praised for their move

Kapil: When team wins everything clicks together. It’s very important what the team thinks.

Ganguly: India have confidence of winning the big tournaments. There are many players in the team who have played more than one major ICC tournaments and have been part of the winning side as well. There are young players as well.

Akram: West Indies could have been one of the most powerful contenders for the title but they have lost too many players. Let’s see what they do.

Inzamam: England have played lot of T20. There is turn in England as well as South Africa. They are a strong team and Pakistan enjoyed playing there.

Akram: Can’t rule out Pakistan as well. Different tournament, new game, new pitch, you never know when Pakistan will turn up.

Favourites for ICC World T20 2016:

Kapil: India, Australia, South Africa and Pakistan

Inzamam: India, South Africa, New Zealand, England.

Ganguly: India, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Azhar: India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Sourav Ganguly: Will hope Dhoni lifts the ICC World T20 2016 Trophy. Pakistan, on the other hand, need to find their captain and coach. Inzamam is imparting all his experience and knowledge about the game to Afghanistan and that has been evidently beneficial. Akram is there. Pakistan need people like these, their own people, to guide them to a better future. World cricket needs Pakistan to be strong. I have played with Afridi, I respect him but Pakistan need a young captain. Dhoni has been Indian captain for long. There have been ups and down but he has been there and Pakistan needs such a stable captain. The Virats and Rohits lost away as well, but they were never thrown out. It will take time but then there is no quick fix in cricket.

Akram: I think Pakistani cricketers are suppressed. I don’t think they’d be having sense of humour in dressing room. Pakistan have curfew for players. I have been with Kolkata Knight Riders and I see guys enjoying with themselves!

Kapil: Things click in your favour, when you win. But real test lies in picking yourself up when losing. Dhoni’s test will be in holding the team together when things are not in your favour. Pakistan need someone to hold them together.

Inzamam feels, “Pakistan’s current team lacks motivation. India have MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Both motivate with their captaincy and performance respectively which is not present there in the Pakistan team. There is no certain player for Pakistan to look up to.”

Akram talks about Pakistan’s performance in Asia Cup, ” Pakistani people were disappointed after losing to India in Asia Cup 2016 match. Khurram Manzoor tried every shot after Hafeez fell vs India. I was more disappointed how the former players reacted. They never tried to find a solution but blamed the players.”

When asked about Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s declination, Azhar said, “Pakistan looked like a good team. But they lacked direction in Asia Cup. Selection was issue as well. Sri Lanka too have a new team.”

Sourav Ganguly says Kohli is one factor that holds the team together. “Kohli has a different value in this team. There are others but Kohli looks very different. He has scored runs everywhere. Aamer rocked India but Kohli stood tall and won the game for India. He kept on hitting 100s in Australia, his value in this team is different.”

When asked about how would it have been like to bowl to Kohli, Akram says, “Tough to mix eras. If Virat was in my era I would try and get the ball into him. He also moves across.”

Kapil: Former Indian players use to put their head down and play. But there are others who like to be aggressive. Javed Miandad used to get involved in many issues.

Akram: When we came to India in 1999, I told guys that keeping crowds quiet is our win. Kohli is doing that now.

Kapil: If players from same team compete against each other, especially when they come together, it makes difference. Healthy competition within the team helps achieving big results.

Azhar: The return of senior players like Nehra, Yuvraj and Harbhajan has helped

Mohammad Azharuddin: T20 World Cup has challenges for India in group stage.

Inzamam: India lacked in 2 areas. Fielding has improved and aggression has been on the rise. We used to watch Australia and South Africa for fielding. We can now watch India.

Akram: Pandya bowls with good pace, and he will improve with time.

Ganguly: India played good cricket in Asia Cup. Bangladesh failed in the challenge to bowl with an older ball. Asia Cup 2016 has not tested India to the limits. Fielding has made a difference, but medium pace attack is good according to me.

Akram: India did well in Australia. Batting was the highlight for India’s good show. Indian batsmen did well on the bouncy wickets, so what if the Australians termed them flat. Fielding has made a big difference in the Indian team.

*And it is time for the final session with Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, Mohammad Azharuddin, Wasim Akram and Inzaman Ul Haq*

Kapil: Pakistan have not played as per expectations. Bangladesh have surprised, on the other hand.

Kapil Dev: Pakistan could have a great coach in Wasim Akram. Had he been there instead of sitting with me in the commentary box, Pakistan could have improved a lot.

Kapil Dev: Dhoni’s last six to end Asia Cup and lift the trophy was phenomenal. It was so well timed that it can be hardly matched.

Akram: The future for fast bowlers is looking grim. Easy to hit over ropes, even Kookaburra ball has changed.

Akram: There are fears about former cricketers damaging more than public, if Pakistan loses to India. Former cricketers appear on the TV and they keep talking endlessly!

Akram says, “selecting Ahmed Shehzad is a good move. They need to better their batting and bowling will then affect in win. Their is no specific match winner, like India have, in the side.”

Kapil Dev feels Pakistan won’t be able to make it to the semi-finals. The player predicts India-Pakistan win-loss ratio to be 7/3 out of 10 in favor of India. “Pakistan can beat even the world XI on the basis of talent. But it depends on how they will deliver. I can not rule out Pakistan.

Akram keeps aside Pakistan of his top four and selects: India, West Indies, South Africa, Australia and later on adds Pakistan.

Kapil Dev added, “Pakistan players don’t get to feel the ambiance created by good domestic season. It affects their basic cricketing skills big times.” Akram supported him saying, “The one who heads domestic cricket in Pakistan has not played a single cricket match. He is not aware of the correct seasons for cricket in Pakistan or how they should be arranged.”

Kapil Dev says, “India might not have fast bowlers not as talented as Pakistan, but they are quite effective as they have been elemental for India’s victory.”

Akram: Indian bowlers support each other very well. Bumrah is a great find of Indian selectors. He hasn’t played many FC matches but it is the selector’s credit as they picked the right guy. Pakistan has many good bowlers but they miss Yasir Shah and Saeed Ajmal.

*Akram had Kapil Dev’s poster in his room during his young age*

Kapil: Not all stories should come out. Sportsman has a different life. Not all are matured to take in right spirit.

“Dhoni is very calm, composed. He is very organised as well. He might be slow, but he is consistent, That is good,” believes Akram.

“A captain needs to be a guide. The players must be backed and their confidence must be increased. It is the captain that the bowler looks up to after a wicket or even after a boundary, even batsmen,” Kapil Dev opines.

Kapil Dev says, “there is need of clarity in the thought process. Pakistan are deprived of a good captain since Imran Khan’s retirement. The team he left behind were not sure about the next captain’s abilities. During the Asia Cup, the players blame the selectors but did not accept their flaws.

Akram points out the drawbacks in the Pakistan Cricket administration. “The First Class cricket in Pakistan needs to be improved. They have quantity but are lacking quality. There is a need of more administrators with cricketing background.”

“Pakistan needs a stable team with a stable captain. The team needs not to be influenced by media,” Kapil Dev says.

Pakistan have gone through back to back changes in their ICC World T20 2016 squad. Akram backed the selectors saying, “The selectors wanted to see the performances in the New Zealand tour and PSL but they had to announce the team beforehand. They can not be blamed.”

When asked about Shahid Afridi’s retirement, Akram says, “It’s his personal decision and everyone should respect that. Whenever the team loses, people see a solution in Afridi’s retirement but there’s no one else to fulfill the blank space if he leaves at this stage. This is Pakistan’s best team, and after a few changes, they can do their best.”

Kapil Dev counters, “Pakistan are a ruthless side but if they had a skipper like MS Dhoni, they would have been indomitable.. They need their binding agent.”

Wasim: Pakistan failed in Asia Cup but during ICC World T20 2016, the wicket will be batting friendly and as long as they can score, they have major chances to win.

*And to talk about India vs Pakistan’s rivalry, Wasim Akram and Kapil Dev take the stage*

Bravo speaks about his CSK teammate MS Dhoni. “I have practiced a lot vs Dhoni while training for CSK. Dhoni has taught me to trust players as captain, and not to panic.”

About his career, Bravo says, “I am not scared of any batsman. If he has the talent, I have talent too! I never had any differences with any Indian cricketer.”

Bravo also speaks about teammate Chris Gayle. “Gayle is a powerful guy, he is always in the gym. Happy to be in the same team with him. ICC World T20 2016 could be the last World Cup for him.” He mentioned that Carlos Brathwaite is one player in the current West Indies squad who can make the difference.

Bravo has been a regular member of Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Talking about the experience, Bravo says: I love India, I know India loves me as well. IPL has been great for me and all cricketers around the world. No T20 cricket league can match IPL in terms of fan-following. I played for CSK for 5 years, I will miss them. I plan to visit Chennai during IPL. I can’t be in India and not visit Chennai.

*Bravo talks about MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina’s off field interests. The cricketer says that Raina is a good dancer, while Dhoni loves to play video games*

Bravo: For me personally my career started off well, but went out of favour with selectors. Lost my place. I played last Test in 2010. Wanted to achieve more. Now I think as what Dwayne Bravo can offer as cricketer.

Bravo: WIndies won in Sri Lanka. We wanted to prove we can compete against the best. The team feels more comfortable in T20 cricket while compared to the other formats. T20 is exciting, is more natural for us. It requires less technical aspect. Lot of other top team players like it.

*Now it’s Dwayne Bravo who will take the stage*

*While Inzamam and Laxman named India as favorites, Bashar went on to say that India will the ICC World T20 2016*

Laxman: I’m a big, big fan of Umar Akmal. He is a fine batsman.

Kaif: Dhawan won’t score in every match, but he is a big-match player. So is Suresh Raina.

Jayasuriya: At the moment we are picking players from all over Sri Lanka, and SLC has provided them facilities too. Sri Lanka is a small nation, we will have to find cricketers from the available resource.

Kaif: MS Dhoni is a massive example how a small-town boy has made it big in international cricket. Dhoni has done inspirational work for India.

Inzamam: Pakistan have survived purely on raw talent so far, will continue to do so. But they cannot keep surviving on talent alone, they need some sort of system in place. Other countries are way ahead of them as far as domestic cricket is concerned. Pakistan won vs Australia & England in UAE. Zimbabwe came for 3 matches, and entire country celebrated.

Bashar: Big change in Bangladesh cricket since the team started winning. But we are yet to win a big tournament. Bangladeshis are disappointed not on losing to India in particular, disappointed because they lost. Cricket is the No.1 sport in Bangladesh.

Laxman: BCCI’s structure is great as far as domestic cricket is concerned.Australia’s domestic structure is not as good as it was when I toured there first time in 1999-2000. BCCI invested in infrastructure. Check Ranchi, Andhra, many other places where you have excellent facilities.

Laxman: Sri Lanka have many good players. Some take time to perform to their potential. Chameera is as good as alone in Sri Lankan bowling, whereas Bumrah has lot of support around him. Chameera is as good as alone in Sri Lankan bowling, whereas Bumrah has lot of support around him.

Jayasuriya: Dushmantha Chameera should be playing in IPL

Kaif: IPL gives good exposure to young players

Inzamam: IPL is helping Indian youngsters, and they are playing T20 cricket with lot of planning in place. Pakistan will take 3-4 years to make up for the loss. Absence of international cricket is hurting Pakistan badly.

Laxman: Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are lot different from India because of the experience with current lot. Almost every Indian player has experience in the format.

Bashar: Bangladesh have a very strong group. Must play really well to go into next round. We believe we can do well. Bangladesh’s immediate aim should be of qualifying for the next round.

Jayasuriya: Sri Lanla must accept they are not playing well. India gave chances to young despite bad periods. Give Sri Lanka some time to recover, but they must select and trust on good players. Every cricket country has their own policy.

Mohamamd Kaif: Bangladesh cannot be written off. India are in great form, they can be world champions. They have done really well in the last 2 years. But there is a massive gap between India and the rest. It’s a fact that Pakistan and Sri Lanka have lot of hardwork to do.

Inzamam: Pakistan can bounce back, they have the ability to win against anyone.

*So the tea-break is over and now on the stage we have Inzamama Ul haq, Mohammad Kaif, VVS Laxman, Habibul Bashar and Sanath Jayasuriya*

About the toughest bowlers faced:

Bravo: Ajmal was difficult, but for me any unorthodox left-armer creates problems.

Laxman: Wasim Akram was the toughest to face during my playing days. He had variation, and was a great reader of the game.

Jayasuriya: It’s a bit difficult to pick with only few option, must give them chance, need to stick with them. Wasim was very difficult to face. He could bowl everything.

*Bravo to release new song called ‘Champion’ between ICC World T20 2016 and IPL 2016*

Bashar: We did not do well in T20 before Asia Cup, Bangladesh will get lot of confidence from their performance. Bangladesh are in a death group, let’s hope for the best.

Bravo: West Indies miss Sunil Narine and many other players. For us this may be the last World Cup.

Laxman: Except for Dhaka, Indian cricket team has support everywhere. Current Indian side has same balance to the 2011 World Cup winning team. India will start ICC World T20 2016 tournament as favourites. If they get their processes right, results will follow.

Favorite four:

Jayasuriya: South Africa, India, New Zealand and West Indies

Laxman: India, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand.

Bravo: West Indies, India, South Africa and New Zealand

*Bashar picks Bangladesh as favourites for ICC World T20 2016*

Laxman: Indian selectors have given Dhoni the chance to play with freedom with their recent selections

Jayasuriya: Mathews is good option for Sri Lanka captaincy. We should give him a chance in ICC World T20 2016. Angelo Mathews should be made Sri Lanka captain for ICC World T20 2016.

Laxman: Dhoni never changes despite what has happened on the ground. Despite defeats in England and Australia in 2011, Dhoni never changed his character. Last 2 series have shown a captain is as good as his team. He has 5 bowlers play around, but 2015 as really tough for him as captain.

Bravo: For me, Dhoni is one of the best captains. He has the knack of keeping things calm. Dhoni thinks clearly, he lets players express themselves. He is always positive as captain. There is lot of pressure on Dhoni as India captain, but he has handled it really well.

Bashar: To see Mahmudullah at No. 7 in Asia Cup final was a surprise. Mahmudullah has changed and improved as a T20 batsman.

Jayasuriya: Don’t know how the wickets in India. There will be dew as well, spinners may struggle; else they will do well in ICC World T20 2016. Someone like Virat Kohli can play both spinners and fast bowlers well. Keeping wickets in hand is the key, and that’s what Virat did.

Bravo: Virat is a very good player, I have to agree. He is a world class player, we have to give respect

Laxman: Kohli has raised his game to a different level in T20, which is sensational. Kohli gave credit to Aamer. Kohli is evolving, and he loves to play under pressure. India is lucky to have him. Kohli was coming and playing cover drives against Pakistan, and it shows his weakness had become a strength. He is a phenomenal T20 player, he plays to his strength.

Habibul Bashar: Bangladesh have a good team, there is no dependence on specific players. Bangladesh are known for their spinners, but there are fast bowlers who have stood up.

Bravo: We can only play when selected. People don’t see the other side, how our players are treated. The cricketers need to think of themselves as well, we can play only when we are selected.

Dwayne Bravo: West Indies are comfortable in T20 cricket. We feel we belong in T20 cricket. Both India and WIndies (No. 1 & 2) are good on paper.

Jayasuriya: Sanga(kkara) & Jayawardena were around, there weren’t chances for few others. I miss Lahiru Thirimane. Sri Lanka needs to bring back Thirimanne.

Jayasuriya: Accept Sri Lanka are not playing well. We lost seniors in past 2 years

Laxman: India have a settled side, they are playing ruthless and consistent cricket.

*VVS Laxman, Sanath Jayasuriya, Dwayne Bravo, Habibul Bashar have arrived for the discussion now*

RP Singh: I feel more comfortable with Indian coaches. I could connect well with them.

Rajput: Earlier bowlers used to get recovery time. Now, there is no space for them to recuperate

Rajput: India play a lot of cricket now, it becomes tough for the bowlers.

Rajput: Coaches help players maintain confidence, and captains too play a very critical role in this. BCCI will decide Ravi Shastri’s future. But team has done really well with him in the camp. Let’s see how team does in WT20 2016

Rajput: It’s important to maintain good skills as well as confidence. Striking the balance helps in on-field success

Rajput: Bumrah has added value to this Indian attack. I believe Ashish Nehra is bowling at his peak these days:

Joginder: I missed cricket for 1.5 years after WT20 2007. But have been unlucky, there was a road accident as well

Rajput: Gambhir batted really well in WT20 2007 final

Joginder: I was expecting Dhoni to give me the last over of WT20 2007 final. First ball was wide, but the ball swung and I was happy with it. I thought I would clean up the batsman since the ball had shown signs of swing. Dhoni had confidence in me as far as final over was concerned.

Joginder: India looks unbeatable in this ICC World T20 2016

Rajput: Home crowd will be a big advantage in WT20 2016

RP Singh: Dhoni has ticked almost all boxes right as captain.

Joginder: I knew Pakistan will take pressure 10 times more than India in WT20 2007 final

Joginder: Dhoni asked us to give 100%, to enjoy the game.

RP Singh: History of winning vs Pakistan was with India and it will remain with us

Joginder: RP Singh’s regular wickets helped India.

Joginder: Indian team’s focus was on its strengths during World T20 2007. We concentrated on our game in World T20 2007. India did not concentrate much on others.

RP Singh: Over-thinking can increase your problems as cricketer

Rajput: Need to keep the game very simple. You need to concentrate on your skills; back yourself

Rajput: We knew Pakistan have poor record in World Cup history against us. so final was taken as yet another match. Any match vs Pakistan is a high-voltage game.

Rajput: Bowling is important in T20. Bumrah’s yorkers are very important now. Indian bowling attack has lot of variety. Hardik Pandya has added a lot of value.

Rajput: We analysed who hit the wickets most in bowl-out training. Slow bowlers did well. Indian bowlers and batsmen used to have separate meetings in World T20 2007.

Rajput: Dhoni thinks two steps ahead as captain. Captain’s backing is very important for any player. Dhoni backs his boys a lot.

Joginder: Dhoni and our coach never pressed us on winning, they demanded we played good cricket. We had trust on our abilities. Dhoni’s qualities helped India in World T20 2007. We were asked to give our 100 %. That helped us in becoming world champions.

Rajput: India didn’t have T20 experience, but motivation was there to do well in ICC World T20 2007.

Rajput: A team does well when it is not termed favourites. Everyone guns for the trophy

RP Singh: We did not set big goals in World T20 2007. Took one game at a time, enjoyed. Indian bowlers had worked hard on the plans given to them during the event. 20 cricket has changed a lot since 2007. Basics take you ahead in cricket. We were made to train for bowl-out scenarios. India were thinking ahead of their opponents in ICC World T20 2007.

RP Singh: Kohli and Dhawan did well in Asia Cup final. Indian team is going strong right now.

Joginder: Bowlers performing well, they are not perturbed by what kind of wickets they are getting.

Rajput: Hardik Pandya has solved the problem of an all-rounder for Indian team.

*Now it’s time for Lalchand Rajput, Joginder Sharma and RP Singh*

“It’s more about the team than the captain. The captain can only plan but it is the players who have to execute. If the team fails, the captain will fail. Credit goes to the team more than the skipper,” Gambhir says.

“It’s the bowlers who win you the matches. If the spinners play well, India can win the ICC World T20 2016 easily.”

“Kohli is definitely amongst top 3 in T20Is. In ODIs, he is undoubtedly the best”, says Gambhir.

Gambhir: If you are confident and you can prolong your form, you can get over off-form quickly.

Gambhir: Sehwag’s dismissal in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup final might not have been good for the team but it helped me play my game. I did not get the time to overthink about the pressure as I was on the field by the time I could do so.

Gambhir: The greatest motivation for me is playing for your nation. No individual, not even Sachin Tendulkar is a motivation. But it changes from person to person.

Gambhir: Beating Australia was one of the biggest achievement looking at their cricket History. We did that in 2011 and that was major boost. If you defeat Australia in the knock outs, you feel confident.

Gambhir: Media creates a lot of hype around India vs Pakistan matches

Gambhir: “I am not a big fan of bowl out. It involves a lot of luck. Super Over is a better option as both the teams get equal opportunities to win it.”

Gambhir: We played fearlessly in the 2007 T20 World Cup.

*And that’s it from the two great captains. Now it’s time for Gautam Gambhir to take the stage*

Inzamam: Pakistan have good coaches, I am ready to help. But no cricket happening in the country.

Inzamam: I cannot do anything about terrorism in Pakistan.

Ganguly: India have a good batting to tackle Mohammad Aamer, but need to respect merit as bowler

Inzamam: One bowler is bound to get hit, you must have options. 5 bowler policy is helping India

Ganguly: In night saw Sidhu writing, I slept. Woke up in morning to find Sidhu packed up.

Navjot Singh Sidhu had surprisingly walked out of the 1996 England tour.

Ganguly: Came back from England, read somewhere that a former cricketer wrote I came into Indian team on East Zone quota

Inzamam: It will be a shame if India and Pakistan stop playing bilateral cricket

“India are clear favorites for the India-Pakistan clash at Dharamsala in the ICC World T20 2016”, says Inzamam.

Inzamam: India plays aggressive cricket, which motivates the players. No one else has as much experience as MS Dhoni has. Dhoni has captained many tournaments including all the major ICC ones from 2007 to 2016. He loves the team.

Ganguly: “Field set for Sehwag was a huge pressure. Even if I had the fielders placed at boundary, he would have gone for the sixes.”

Biggest win over Pakistan according to Sourav Ganguly: The 2004 Pakistan vs India series and 2007 ICC World T20. “No one thought MS Dhoni would give Joginder Sharma the chance to bowl in the end overs. Misbah Ul Haq looked in terrific touch.”

Biggest defeat to India according to Inzamam during his captaincy: 2003 at Centurion Cricket Ground. “We had a great pace attack at that time.”

Inzamam: I lost 19 Kgs before 2003 World Cup, and my score also was 19. Afterwards, I dropped the idea of losing weight, I could not afford low scores.

Ganguly: The Pakistan team needs help of Inzy bhai. The batting seems to be slightly on the weaker side. The Pakistan team had a strong batting line-up during my playing days.

Ganguly: The 2004 Pakistan tour was a very memorable one. We were there for one and a half months and the hospitality was amazing.

Inzamam: Dhoni had long hair when he came on the scene, look what has happened now.

Ganguly: I have always admired Inzamam. Pakistan used to be a great team during his playing days.

*And that was the fearless Virender Sehwag, and now it’s time for Sourav Ganguly and Inzamam Ul Haq*

“There is no one in Indian cricket team today who can become Virender Sehwag”, says Sehwag himself.

Sehwag: There is no point for me playing IPL, it is for the youngsters. In KXIP Manan Vohra had to sit out, I didn’t want that.

Sehwag: I think bowlers would have liked to avoid bowling at me

“I used to put on headphones whenever I could spot journalists. At times, we (the players) used to pretend like I was not able to hear what they were saying as we have the headphones on.”

Advice to Dhoni: “Dhoni should come out at No. 4. He can adjust his style of playing according to the match so he can help India win many matches if he comes out at No. 4.”

“Yuvraj is a fearless cricketer. India had to score only 84 runs against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2016 match. There was no point playing aggressive cricket. He is experienced enough to evaluate the situation and play accordingly.”

Sehwag calls Umesh Yadav, Varun Aaron to be consistent with pace. “But the problem is that will they be able to bowl the death overs properly?” Sehwag names Jasprit Bumrah and Ashish Nehra to be the right ones for the death overs.

“India have potent spin bowlers. They are certainly ahead of other nations for ICC WT20 2016.”

Sehwag’s top four in ICC World T20 2016: India, West Indies, South Africa and New Zealand.

“When I used to play I did not believe in favourites before the start of the tournament. ”

Sehwag, “Media did a poor job to cook up stories about differences between me and MS Dhoni”

Virender Sehwag: Gully cricketers are not killing cricket.

This event will also be graced by Pakistan’s Inzaman Ul Haq and Wasim Akram, Sri Lanka destructive batsman Sanath Jayasuriya, who will also shed light upon T20 cricket. Bangladesh’s Habibul Bashar will also be seen along side West Indies charismatic player Dwayne Bravo. The event will have a wide of topics which will be talked off,  ranging from ICC World T20 2016 predictions, team chances, impact of T20 cricket, championship memoirs of players, Asian cricket scenario, and  the most discussed India vs Pakistan rivalry.

Sehwag had admitted to be looking forward to watch Yuvraj Singh in the upcoming ICC World T20 2016, commencing later this month. Sehwag had also expressed his wish to watch Yuvraj bat at No. 4 position where these days Suresh Raina has been batting in the playing XI of Team India in the T20 format.

The ICC World T20 2016 is being hosted by India. Given that India is already a powerful T20I team, the added home advantage means that India are the overwhelming favourites to win the tournament. The main round will kick off from March 15, with India taking on New Zealand in the first game, and will end with the final match of the round on March 28, which will see South Africa battle it out against Sri Lanka. The first semi-final will be on March 30, while the second semi-final will be on March 31. The final will be played on April 3.



No T20 cricket league can match in terms of fan-following