Mohammed Shami s wife Hasin Jahan continues to make allegations. Hinting match-fixing, she went on to call her husband a bluff master and a huge show-off. BCCI has withheld Shami s contact following his wife s accusations of physical assault and adultery. According to her, Shami has been having illicit affairs with women in England and Dubai. She also mentioned that she has been subjected to mental trauma and physical torture for the past two years and that Shami s family has been trying to kill her. She added that she will talk to BCCI regarding the same.

They (family) have tortured me and I made up my mind to live with this fact. But ever since I ve seen the messages on the phone, I cannot believe him at all, Hasin told India TV.

She had earlier posted several screenshots of Messenger and Whatsapp on her Facebook wall: I ve spoken to the police, submitted the evidence to the police and have filed a case. It’s all on them on how they take it into consideration. Shami is a bluff master. I ve tried my level best to talk to him but he hasn’t spoken to me and hasn’t sorted out anything. He is a huge show-off. He has had such vulgar conversations that absolutely disgusts me, said Hasin.

Shami was one of India s heroes from the Johannesburg Test win in January. He was in the ODI squad as well but did not get a game. According to his wife, ever since his return from South Africa, he has tried to send her away, and has even physically assaulted and abused her: After the South Africa tour, he did all he can to send me away from home. I will not knock on the BCCI s door because they re against my husband and will take action, but will talk to the management about the dirt that travels around and why does it happen. Shami is responsible.

We are in catch-22 situation with Mohammed Shami's contract, says CoA chief Vinod Rai
We are in catch-22 situation with Mohammed Shami's contract, says CoA chief Vinod Rai

Cheating India?

I have a recording with me where Shami said that he took money. Who is Mohammad-Bhai? What does he do? What’s the connection of taking money from Alishba? Why is he giving money to Shami? When BCCI gives him white money via cheque, what kind of money is this?” she said to another media source.

BCCI will await an official inquiry before deciding on Shami’s contract that has been withheld: The BCCI has taken cognisance of all the reports emerging about Mohammed Shami’s personal life. It is purely a personal matter and the BCCI has nothing to do with it. However, keeping in mind that the woman in question has met the police commissioner of Kolkata, it is only prudent on BCCI’s part to wait for any official inquiry to take place, an official was quoted as saying by PTI.

Mohammed Shami denies allegations over extra-marital affairs
Mohammed Shami denies allegations over extra-marital affairs

She has lost her mental balance

An upset Shami spoke at a press conference: I don’t know what she is up to. She needs to explain what has changed so much in these few days. She is suddenly levelling all these accusations on me. She is accusing of harassment. She is even accusing me of match-fixing. I think she has lost her mental balance or it might be her game plan to sabotage my career.”

Shami is one of India s finest fast bowlers and is at peak of his game. He has 110 wickets from 30 Tests at 28.90 and 91 wickets from 50 ODIs at 25.37.