Indian umpires faced the heat again on the second day of the Test at Chennai on Sunday after opener Rohit Sharma got a reprieve. It was a delivery from Moeen Ali at the fag end of the day and Rohit played it with his bat behind the pad. England players did not like the fact that the umpire considered it as the batsman played a shot, whereas they believed the reality was different.

Thanks to that, Rohit survived an LBW scare during the second innings as his front foot at the time of impact with the ball was outside the off-stump. Had the umpire considered Rohit did not play a shot, then the outcome could have been different. Here is how fans reacted to the latest controversy involving the Indian umpires.

The umpiring standards in this Test has come under a lot of criticism. There was a glaring error on the first day as well, involving Ajinkya Rahane.

At stumps on Day two, the hosts are in a commanding position with a 249-run lead and nine wickets in hand.

Time is not a factor in this Test as three days of cricket is still left.