Once a renowned commentator and now serving as the Indian cricket team head coach – Ravi Shastri on Sunday urged the citizens of the country to stay indoors amid the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Shastri used the famous cliche of ‘tracer bullet’ to convey the message of staying home at all costs. He said ‘only thing flying around the world like a tracer bullet is this bloody Corona’>

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world, claiming over 30,000 lives so far while infecting more than 6.5 lakh people. In a message through his official Twitter handle, Shastri wrote: “Stay indoors people. Crucial phase this. Only thing flying around the world like a tracer bullet is this bloody Corona (COVID-19). Stay in before the bugger gets you.”

Among other things, the unprecedented health crisis has also brought sport to a standstill after leading to cancellation and postponement of events, including the Tokyo Olympics and European Football Championships.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has forced the government to enforce a three-week national lockdown with an aim to stem the spread of the deadly disease that has led to 25 deaths and more than 1000 positive cases in the country.

Shastri had earlier called the forced break a ‘welcome rest’ for his busy national team players.

“(This rest) cannot be a bad thing because towards the end of the New Zealand tour, you could see some cracks coming up when it came to mental fatigue, physical fitness and injuries,” Shastri had said.

“It has been tough but a welcome rest for players,” the coach said.