The debate over the legality of the controversial switch hit continues to rage with Simon Taufel expressing his reservations against outlawing the unorthodox shot. Taufel feels that it will be impractical for an umpire to continuously monitor when a batsman has changed the grip or stance.

The shot has been brought into prominence again with Australian Glenn Maxwell regularly playing it during the recently concluded ODI series against India. The likes of Ian Chappell and Shane Warne have called the shot entertaining but unfair to the fielding team.

“The game of cricket is not a science, it’s an art. We’re not perfect,” Taufel, a former ICC Elite Panel umpire, told Sydney Morning Herald. “When we say that we want to ban that type of shot how does the umpire officiate that? It’s impossible.”

Taufel reckons it will be impossible for an umpire to determine that considering they already have numerous decisions to make at any given point.

“The umpire has an enormous number of decisions – front foot, back foot, protected area, seeing where a ball is hit – it’s impossible to have an official then watch for the changing of the grip or stance. It’s an impossible ask for a standing umpire to make that determination,” Taufel argued.

“We can’t make a law that we can’t apply,” he added.

Chappell though admires the skill needed to play switch-hit but feels it ends up foiling the plans of the fielding team.

“(Switch-hitting) is amazingly skilful, but it’s not fair,” he had told the Wide World of Sports.

However, Maxwell defended it saying it’s part of the evolution of the sport and instead advised bowlers to innovate themselves.

“It’s within the laws of the game,” Maxwell said. “I think batting has evolved in such a way that it’s just got better and better over the years which is why we’re seeing these massive scores getting chased down and scores are going up.”