India vs South Africa Live Cricket Score, ICC Champions Trophy 2013 match: Ishant picks up du Plessis, India on top

India (above) outplayed South Africa in all departments at Cardiff © AFP

Cardiff: Jun 6, 2013

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India begin their Champions Trophy campaign with a 26-run win over South Africa. Indian spinners were impressive. Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin and Suresh Raina were impressive. For South Africa Ryan McLaren top scored with an unbeaten 71. AB de Villiers scored 79 while Robin Peterson scored 68. South Africa were keeping up with the required run-rate but during a crazy middle phase they lost quick wickets. The momentum was lost. A couple of needless run-outs pegged back South Africa considerably.

Shikhar Dhawan is named Man of the match for his maiden ODI ton.

South Africa: 305 | Overs 50 | McLaren 71* OUT! Morkel 8 (11)

India have won the match by 26 runs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar picks up the wicket off the final ball of the match when he bowls a ball in the blockhole. Morkel fails to get the bat down in time. A comfortable win for India at Cardiff.

South Africa: 299/9 | Overs 49 | McLaren 68* , Morkel 6*

Thirty-three are needed off the final over. Ishant concedes 10 off the penultimate over.

South Africa: 289/9 | Overs 48 | McLaren 63* , Morkel 1*

Only four runs have come off the over. South Africa need a very big over. They need 43 off two overs. India need to prevent the boundaries and the game will be theirs to win.

South Africa: 285/9 | Overs 47 | McLaren 59* , Morkel 1*

McLaren is controlling the innings. But it is now a solo act. India are happily bowling the overs. Jadeja concedes seven off the over. McLaren uses a reverse-sweep to get a boundary. But the over is not a big one.

South Africa: 278/9 | Overs 46 | McLaren 52* , Morkel 0*

McLaren gets onto his half-century with a slice which goes past deep point for a boundary. He takes a single off the fifth ball. South Africa need 54 off four overs.

South Africa: 273/9 | Overs 45 | McLaren 47* , Morkel 0 *

McLaren is the man who can get South Africa closer. He refuses to run and takes a single off the fifth ball. Only one run has come off the over. South Africa need 59 off five overs.

South Africa: 272/9 | Overs 44 | McLaren 47* , Morkel 0 *

McLaren isn’t giving up. He has hit a couple of boundaries off Ishant and a straight six, South Africa have scored 15 off this over. They need 60 off six overs.

South Africa: 257/9 | Overs 43 | McLaren 32* , Morkel 0 * OUT! Tsotsobe 3 (14)

Jadeja picks up Tsotsobe who goes for a wild slog. Jadeja just persisted with an incessant line around stumps. Tsotsobe missed and Jadeja hit. India are inching closer to a win.

South Africa: 253/8 | Overs 42 | McLaren 32* , Tsotsobe 3*

Ishant gives away four runs off this over. South Africa need 75 off eight overs. The lower order is not really looking like taking them home.

South Africa: 253/8 | Overs 41 | McLaren 30* , Tsotsobe 1*

Jadeja is bowling a tight over. Only two runs have come of the over. Tsotsobe is befuddled by Jadeja’s deliveries. Seventy-nine needed off nine overs.

South Africa: 251/8 | Overs 40 | McLaren 29* , Tsotsobe 0* OUT! Kleinveldt 4 (5)

Ishant bowls a bouncer to Kleinveldt who gets a top-edge which is caught by Dhoni. South Africa keep losing wickets at regular intervals. India are inching towards victory. South Africa now need 81 off the final 10 overs.

South Africa: 246/7 | Overs 39 | McLaren 28* , Kleinveldt 0*

Yadav gives away six runs of the over. McLaren hits the ball past short fine-leg. South Africa need big overs at this stage. They need 86 off 11 overs.

South Africa: 240/7 | Overs 38 | McLaren 23* , Kleinveldt 0* OUT!  Du Plessis 30 (23)

Ishant gets Du Plessis who attempts to hit the ball over mid-off. The ball gets on the bottom of his bat and Raina holds on to an easy catch. South Africa are losing wickets at regular intervals. India are inching closer towards a victory, or are they?

South Africa: 233/6 | Overs 37 | Du Plessis 30*, McLaren 17* 

Ashwin comes on to bowl his final over. Elevan have come off the over. South Africa are making use of the Batting Powerplay. South Africa need 99 off 13 overs.

South Africa: 222/6 | Overs 36 | Du Plessis 25*, McLaren 12* 

Du Plessis is pressing on the accelerator. A couple of boundaries brings South Africa back in the game. Ten have come off Yadav’s over. South Africa needs 110 off 84 deliveries.

South Africa: 212/6 | Overs 35 | Du Plessis 17*, McLaren 11* 

Thirteen runs have come off Raina’s over. McLaren gets into the act hitting two boundaries. Du Plessis hits the final ball of the over straight over the head of the bowler for another boundary.

South Africa: 199/6 | Overs 34 | Du Plessis 13*, McLaren 2* 

Umesh Yadav is bowling with a lot of fire. He has a spring in his stride. South Africa are counterattacking. Elevan have come off the over. Du Plessis hits the final ball of the over for a four over mid-wicket.

South Africa: 188/6 | Overs 33 | Du Plessis 4*, McLaren 0*  OUT! Miller 0 (0)

Hara-kiri committed at Cardiff. David Miller has been run-out without facing a delivery. Du Plessis has been involved in a run-out. India are on top in this game. Only one run has been conceded in this over.

South Africa: 187/5 | Overs 32 | Du Plessis 4*, Miller 0*  OUT! AB de Villiers 70 (71)

Umesh Yadav comes back for his third spell. Du Plessis hits the ball towards covers and sees De Villiers coming for a second run. He gives Yadav charge and hits the ball high up. The ball goes up in the air and is caught by Jadeja running from mid-wicket towards square-leg. South Africa are struggling. Five runs have come off this over.

South Africa: 182/4 | Overs 31 | AB de VIlliers 70*, Du Plessis 0* OUT! Duminy 14 (24)

Jadeja gets JP Duminy leg-before. Umpire Ian Gould gives him out. But Duminy asks for a review but the third umpire uphold the decision of Gould. Two runs have come off this over. India are back in this game. A wicket of De Villiers quickly will bring them back in this game.

South Africa: 180/3 | Overs 30 | AB de VIlliers 70*, Duminy 10*

Raina has bowled his fourth over and has given only six runs. His four overs have gone for 22 runs. This match might go down to the wire. Spinners have brought India back in this game.

South Africa: 174/3 | Overs 29 | AB de VIlliers 67*, Duminy 9*

The required rate is slowing climbing but South Africa are preserving the wickets. De Villiers is the key for South Africa. Ashwin is running with his overs. India need wickets to get back in this game.

South Africa: 170/3 | Overs 28 | AB de VIlliers 65*, Duminy 7*

Duminy is eager to play the ball down the ground and gets a leading edge and goes to Raina. Only four runs have come off the over. Dhoni is getting frugal overs from Raina.

South Africa: 166/3 | Overs 27 | AB de VIlliers 63*, Duminy 5*

Ashwin comes into bowl his eighth over. India are looking to pick up Duminy. The men on the circle are looking to keep him on strike. Ashwin concedes four off the over.

South Africa: 162/3 | Overs 26 | AB de VIlliers 61*, Duminy 3*

Raina comes in to bowl his second over. Duminy is surrounded by men around the bat. Seven runs have come of the over. India looking for another breakthrough.

South Africa: 155/3 | Overs 25 | AB de VIlliers 57*, Duminy 0* OUT! Peterson 68 (72)

A wicket falls against the run of play. Peterson hits the ball towards mid-wicket and the ball has been fielded by Jadeja. Peterson keeps running and fails to get back. He is stranded. He has gifted his wicket. Only one run has come off the over.

South Africa: 154/2 | Overs 24 | Peterson 68*, AB de VIlliers 56*

Suresh Raina has been introduced into the attack. For South Africa the best bowler was JP Duminy  who is a part-time bowler. Raina is bowling flat. He bowled two back-to-back dot balls to Peterson. South Africa are looking for singles. Five have come off the over without taking any risks.

South Africa: 149/2 | Overs 22 | Peterson 65*, AB de VIlliers 54*

Peterson starts the over with an inside-out hit over covers for a boundary. South Africa then look for singles after having hit a four off the first ball. Eight runs have come off the over.

South Africa: 141/2 | Overs 21 | Peterson 59*, AB de VIlliers 52*

India are running through with the overs. Jadeja gives away four off the over. The second ball was hit straight back at Jadeja who looks to run-out de Villiers. But the ball misses the stumps.

South Africa: 137/2 | Overs 20 | Peterson 57*, AB de VIlliers 50*

Ashwin is showing his variations. The delay ball off the fifth ball confounded Peterson. Ashwin gives away only two runs. South Africa are placed well. Quiet overs wouldn’t bother them so much.

South Africa: 135/2 | Overs 20 | Peterson 56*, AB de VIlliers 49*

Jadeja concedes six runs off the over. South Africa have milked him for singles. They are chasing the target well. They are placed well. India need wickets. Where will the wickets come from?

South Africa: 129/2 | Overs 19 | Peterson 53*, AB de VIlliers 46*

Ashwin has bowled a jaffa to De Villiers. The ball just took off from the surface. The South African captain failed to read the carrom ball. Four runs came off the 19th over.

South Africa: 125/2 | Overs 18 | Peterson 50*, AB de VIlliers 45*

Peterson brings his fifty. The move to send him at three has worked. De Villiers hits the final ball of the over for a four past backward point. South Africa are building on a great partnership.

South Africa: 118/2 | Overs 17 | Peterson 47*, AB de VIlliers 41*

Ashwin has employed a leg-slip.  De Villiers is still looking to use the crease and work the ball towards leg-side. Peterson has slowed down. He is not getting the singles easily. Two have come off Ashwin’s over. The last two overs have yielded only four runs. Spinners have brought the run-rate down.

South Africa: 116/2 | Overs 16 | Peterson 46*, AB de VIlliers 40*

Ravindra Jadeja comes onto the attack. Peterson goes for an impetuous sweep shot off the third delivery. The fastish off-breaks is making Peterson look a tad rusty. Only two have come off the over.

South Africa: 114/2 | Overs 15 | Peterson 45*, AB de VIlliers 39*

South Africa are milking away Ashwin for singles. Five singles are scored off the first five deliveries. The sixth delivery was a dot ball. De Villiers tries to work Ashwin towards leg-side. India is looking for a wicket here.



South Africa: 109/2 | Overs 14 | Peterson 42*, AB de VIlliers 37*

Umesh Yadav comes back for his second spell. He starts with a wide. Yadav is missing his length. He bangs in short which Peterson dispatches in front of square towards mid-wicket for a boundary. Ten runs have come off Yadav’s comeback over.

South Africa: 99/2 | Overs 13 | Peterson 35*, AB de VIlliers 35*

Ravichandran Ashwin gets to bowl. He is bowling a lot slower and is getting carry off the wicket. He has given six off his first over. South Africa are setting a good platform. The run-rate is very good. They are consolidating.

South Africa: 93/2 | Overs 12 | Peterson 31*, AB de VIlliers 34*

AB de Villiers almost ran-out Peterson. De Villiers played the ball towards mid-on and called Peterson for a run and then changed his mind. Shikhar Dhawan had to hit the stumps at non-strikers end but he missed. Six runs came off the over.

South Africa: 87/2 | Overs 11 | Peterson 29*, AB de VIlliers 30*

AB de Villiers and Peterson bring up fifty run partnership in quick time. The fifth ball of Bhuvneshwar’s over has been paddled away behind square-leg for a couple of runs. De Villiers is playing with the minds of the Indian bowlers. Ten runs have come off the over.

South Africa: 77/2 | Overs 10 | Peterson 26*, AB de VIlliers 23*

AB de Villiers dances down the track and hits Ishant through covers for a boundary. Suresh Raina who was at catching area, 20 yards away, was hiding for cover. The boundary off the fifth ball was just a backfoot punch. Eight have come off the over.

South Africa: 69/2 | Overs 9 | Peterson 26*, AB de VIlliers 15*

AB de Villiers walks down the track and hits Bhuvneshwar through mid-off for a boundary. Six have come off the over. South Africa are off to a flier despite loss of openers.


South Africa: 63/2 | Overs 8 | Peterson 25*, AB de VIlliers 10*

Ishant Sharma comes in as a first change bowler. The first ball is a length ball which is a tad wide to Peterson who hits the ball over covers for a boundary. The fifth ball has been caressed through covers for a three by Peterson. The wicket looks flat. There is no movement for the bowlers. The final ball has been smashed to the right of point by de Villiers. Ishant gives away 11 off his first over.

South Africa: 52/2 | Overs 7 | Peterson 18*, AB de VIlliers 6*

AB de Villiers gets his hands through the ball very quickly and the ball caresses between point and covers for a boundary. Bhuvneshwar is looking to pitch the ball up. Six runs have come off the over.

South Africa: 46/2 | Overs 6 | Peterson 17*, AB de VIlliers 1*

Peterson is going after bowling. He has pulled Yadav for a boundary past diving mid-on. He is getting on with the run-chase. So far, the move to send him at No 3 has worked. He needs to be there and consolidate. The last ball was a lethal bouncer which hits Peterson. It hits him on the arm at searing pace.

South Africa: 42/2 | Overs 5 | Peterson 13*, AB de VIlliers 1*

Peterson starts the over by hitting Bhuvneshwar between covers and mid-off for a boundary. The third ball has eludes the second slip for boundary. Elevan runs have come off the fifth over. South Africa have a good run-rate but the loss of early wickets have just pegged them back.

South Africa: 31/2 | Overs 4 | Peterson 3*, AB de VIlliers 0* OUT! Amla 22 (15)

Amla starts the over by punishing Umesh Yadav. He hits a four off the first ball then gets a two off the second ball. Yadav then strays the ball onto Amla’s pads which he hits for a couple of fours. The fifth ball is around off-stump which Amla tries to force through covers. He gets a bottom edge and Dhoni catches it behind the wicket. India have dismissed South Africa openers.

South Africa: 17/1 | Overs 3 | Amla 8*, Peterson 3* OUT! Ingram 6 (5)

Bhuvneshwar picks up Colin Ingram early. Ingram goes for an uppish drive off the first ball of the over but he gets an edge which is snapped up by Suresh Raina in the second slip. Robin Peterson comes in at No 3. South Africa are rocked early.

South Africa: 13/0 | Overs 2 | Amla 7*, Ingram 6*

Umesh Yadav, the hero of the previous game comes on to bowl. Colin ingram hits him for a boundary through mid-wicket for a boundary. Yadav tries to find some swing but there was nothing on offer. The result was a boundary.

South Africa: 6/0 | Overs 1 | Amla 6*, Ingram 0*

Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts the proceedings for India. He concedes six runs off the first over. Bhuvneshwar is getting lot of swing. An in-swinger got the edge of the bat and it goes towards fine-leg, to his right, for two runs. The boundary off the fifth ball has been hit towards mid-wicket for a four.

Shikhar Dhawan scored his maiden ODI ton. His partnership of 127 runs with Rohit Sharma for the opening wicket set up a solid foundation. India seemed to have lost their way from 210 for one to 260 for five. They seemed to have lost their way but a timely 47 from Ravindra Jadeja helped them reach a competitive total of 331. Can India defend this total?

India: 331/7 | Overs 50 | Jadeja 47*, Bhuvneshwar 0*  OUT! Ashwin 10 (10)

McLaren bowls the first delivery which is a slower bouncer. Ashwin fails to make contact. The next two deliveries were yorkers which went for one-run each. The fourth delivery was yet another yorker to Ashwin who sacrifices his wicket to get Jadeja on strike. The fifth delivery was hit over extra-cover for a four. The final delivery was hit past ‘keeper for a four. Jadeja scores a timely 47.

FACT: Highest score by India at Cardiff before this was 304 against England in 2011.

India: 321/6 | Overs 49 | Jadeja 38*, Ashwin 9*

Tsotsobe is trying too many things. A length delivery was hit straight for a six by Jadeja. A slower bouncer was hit past ‘keeper de Villiers for a boundary. Thirteen have come off the over. India have gone past 320-run mark.

India: 308/6 | Overs 48 | Jadeja 31*, Ashwin 3*

India get to a total of 300 in the 48th over. McLaren concedes three singles off the first three deliveries. The fourth ball was a slower bouncer which was hit over point for a boundary by Jadeja. The final ball has been late-cut by Jadeja for a boundary past short third-man.

FACT: The highest successful run-chase at Cardiff is 258 for three by Australia against Pakistan in 2001.

India: 297/6 | Overs 47 | Jadeja 22*, Ashwin 1* OUT! Dhoni 27 (26) 

Tsotsobe gets the big wicket off Dhoni. The Indian captain hits the ball straight towards long-on. The fourth ball has been hit magnificently past covers for four. jadeja made room for himself on that occasion. Six have come off the over.

India: 291/5 | Overs 46 | Dhoni 27*, Jadeja 17* 

Kleinveldt concedes five singles off the first five balls. The last ball is played softly behind square-leg and Jadeja runs two runs. Seven have come off the final Kleinveldt over. India need big overs. Four overs are left.

India: 284/5 | Overs 45 | Dhoni 24*, Jadeja 13* 

Duminy into his final over. He has conceded 42 off his 10 overs. This over goes for five. India would want to get a score in excess of 330. Can they do it?

India: 279/5 | Overs 44 | Dhoni 23*, Jadeja 11* 

Kleinveldt bowls a delivery to Jadeja which hurries onto him. Jadeja gets the bottom of the bat and the ball flies past ‘keeper and the first slip. The short ball was hit past mid-wicket for a couple. The fifth ball was pitched up and Jadeja hits it over bowler’s head for a four. Twelve have come off the over.

India: 267/5 | Overs 43 | Dhoni 22*, Jadeja 0* 

Dhoni starts the over with a sweep past square-leg and short fine-leg for a boundary. The next ball is hit past covers for a couple. Dhoni then attempts reverse-sweep and gets a single. Jadeja plays out the next three balls. Seven have come off the over.

India: 260/5 | Overs 42 | Dhoni 15*, Jadeja 0*  OUT! Raina 9 (6)

South Africa continue to take wickets . Raina departs. He tries to work the short ball from McLaren towards square-leg but gets a leading edge which is caught by Duminy running in from covers. It is a soft dismissal.

India: 254/4 | Overs 41 | Dhoni 10*, Raina 9*

Duminy bowls a quiet over. Five have come off it. The first ball was a leg bye where Dhoni tried to sweep JP Duminy past square-leg but the ball hit his pad and went towards short fine-leg. Singles then took precedence.

India: 249/4 | Overs 40 | Dhoni 8*, Raina 7*  OUT! Karthik 14 (15)

Dinesh Karthik falls trying to go for the upper-cut. But McLaren had bowled a slower bouncer. Karthik fails to get the required elavation and distance. It doesn’t beat ‘keeper AB de Villiers who jumps and takes a one-handed catch. Suresh Raina comes in at No 6. The first ball is an attempted short ball which Raina pulls towards mid-wicket for a single. The final ball is also a tad short and Raina goes for a mighty pull and gets a six over mid-wicket. Ten have come off the 40th over.

India: 239/3 | Overs 39 | Karthik 14*, Dhoni 6*

Dhoni announces his intentions rightaway. He walks down the track and hits Tsotsobe over mid-wicket for a boundary. It was not well-timed. The final delivery was a tad short. Karthik pulls it behind square beating the short fine-leg fielder and it was too much for deep mid-wicket to cut it. India have scored 11 off the over.

India: 228/3 | Overs 38 | Karthik 8*, Dhoni 1* OUT! Dhawan 114 (94)

Karthik starts the over by slamming Duminy for a six over the head of mid-on. Dhawan falls trying to sweep Duminy. Aaron Phangiso was stationed just wide of square-leg inside the circle. He takes a fine catch. Dhawan is dismissed for 114. Eight runs have come off the over.


India: 220/2 | Overs 37 | Dhawan 114*, Karthik 1*

Dhawan starts the over with a flick past mid-wicket for a three. Karthik then plays out three dot balls. Off the ninth ball he pulls Tsotsobe for a single towards deep square-leg. Dhawan hits the last ball towards covers for a couple of runs. Six have come off the over.

India: 214/2 | Overs 36 | Dhawan 109*, Karthik 0*

Karthik plays out five dot balls off Duminy in the first over of batting Powerplay. Karthik tries to play reverse-sweep to get off the mark. Excellent start for South Africa.

India: 213/2 | Overs 35 | Dhawan 108*, Karthik 0* OUT! Kohli 31 (41)

Kohli falls trying to go over the of deep mid-wicket fielder but fails to clear him. He falls at just the wrong time when he was looking good. Karthik comes in at No 4. Four runs have come off the over.

FACT: Sourav Ganguly (141*) is the Indian top-scorer at the Champions Trophy against South Africa at Nairobi in 2000

India: 209/1 | Overs 34 | Dhawan 104*, Kohli 31*

Kohli welcomes Morkel with an exquisite cover drive off the first ball. The next ball was deliberately hit past ‘keeper AB de Villiers. Morkel walks off after bowling five balls. Is that yet another injury to another South African? The wheels are coming off for South Africa. Huge problems for South Africa. Peterson bowls the last ball.

FACT: Shikhar Dhawan becomes the 33rd Indian to score an ODI century for India.

India: 199/1 | Overs 33 | Dhawan 103*, Kohli 22*

Dhawan offers a chance after getting to a hundred. He comes down the track to Duminy who turns the ball just enough to beat Dhawan’s bat. But AB de Villiers misses regulation stumping chance. Five have come off the over. How costly will that be?

India: 194/1 | Overs 32 | Dhawan 102*, Kohli 18*

Dhawan has hit a blistering hit past point for a boundary off Kleinveldt. He gets to his hundred off only 80 balls. The last ball of the over was pulled past square-leg for a four. What a way to get to a maiden century.

India: 184/1 | Overs 31 | Dhawan 93*, Kohli 16*

Duminy is bowling tight lines. Kohli is finding it difficult to work him for singles. He gets it after playing two dot balls. Dhawan hits the final ball past point for a couple of runs. Five have come off the over. Duminy has figures of none for 12 in his four overs.

India: 179/1 | Overs 30 | Dhawan 90*, Kohli 15*

After a tight over from Duminy, Kleinveldt releases the pressure by bowling a succor ball to Dhawan on his pads. Dhawan hits it past short fine-leg for a boundary. The pressure is released. India just look for singles after getting a boundary. Six have come off the over.

India: 173/1 | Overs 29 | Dhawan 85*, Kohli 14*

Duminy bowls four dot balls to Kohli. The fifth ball is hit to long-off for a single. The final ball is defended by Dhawan. So only one run has come off the Duminy over. A good over for them. But still no wicket taken.

India: 172/1 | Overs 28 | Dhawan 85*, Kohli 13*

Kleinveldt tries to bounce Kohli out. But Kohli is ready with the task and pulls him in front of square-leg for a couple of runs. Only four have come off the over. Wickets is what South Africa needs.

FACT: The highest score in the Champions Trophy history is by New Zealand(347) against United States of America at the Oval.

India: 168/1 | Overs 27 | Dhawan 84*, Kohli 10*

Duminy comes onto bowl. Indians have scored four singles off the over with no real difficulties. They are looking good. South Africa are looking for the second wicket. No bowler is looking like picking it up.

India: 164/1 | Overs 26 | Dhawan 82*, Kohli 8*

Dhawan hits the first ball wide off deep point and runs two. Off the third ball Kohli places the ball softly towards square-leg and runs two. The last ball is a tad short and Dhawan pulls it in front of square towards mid-wicket for a boundary. Ten have come off the over. Dhawan is looking solid.

India: 154/1 | Overs 25 | Dhawan 75*, Kohli 5*

Since the square boundaries are long the fielders are placed just a bit inside to prevent couples. But twice Dhawan has hit the ball over the deep fielders. Kleinveldt bowls one short to Dhawan who smashes the ball over the head of deep mid-wicket. Eight have come off the 25th over.

India: 146/1 | Overs 24 | Dhawan 69*, Kohli 3*

Tsotsobe comes into the attack. He is bowling back of the length deliveries. The fourth ball is a short delivery to Dhawan who just arches his back and hits the ball over wicket-keeper AB de Villiers’s head for a boundary. The final ball is carted over long-off for a massive six. Good way to finish the over.

India: 134/1 | Overs 23 | Dhawan 58*, Kohli 2*

Peterson is not causing much trouble. Dhawan is looking to chip down the track and smother spin. Five have come off the over. India looking to consolidate for a few overs. The Delhi duo will be looking to forge a partnership.

India: 129/1 | Overs 22 | Dhawan 54*, Kohli 1* OUT! Rohit 65 (81)

Rohit Sharma falls for 65. He looks to go for a pull to not such a short delivery. He was cramped for room and ended up offering a simple catch to deep mid-wicket. McLaren gives some chin music to Virat Kohli first up. South Africa finally get the first breakthrough.

India: 126/0 | Overs 21 | Rohit 65*, Dhawan 52*

Morkel bowls a front-foot no-ball off the final delivery. But Rohit fails to take advantage of the free-hit. A tidy over from Morkel nevertheless. Only three runs have come off the over.

FACT: This is the first 100+ opening-wkt stand for India outside the subcontinent since March 2009. It was 201 unbeaten stand between Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir against New Zealand at Hamilton

India: 123/0 | Overs 20 | Rohit 63*, Dhawan 51*

Dhawan brings up his second ODI fifty with a tight single. He pushes the ball towards covers and sets off for a single. It was a similar manner in which he got his first Test hundred. Rohit hits McLaren towards covers for a boundary. India are making merry. Eight have come off the over.

FACT: This is Shikhar Dhawan’s second fifty in ODIs. The first one was against West Indies.

India: 115/0 | Overs 19 | Rohit 58*, Dhawan 49*

Morne Morkel comes into the attack. AB de Villiers is looking for wickets. Rohit is probably seeing the ball like a football. He gets into a good position and hits the short ball in front of square-leg. Seven runs have come off Morkel’s comeback over. But no wicket yet.

FACT: Seam bowlers have taken 82 per cent wickets at Cardiff.

India: 108/0 | Overs 18 | Rohit 53*, Dhawan 48*

McLaren has hit Dhawan’s helmet. The ball ricocheted off his helmet and went to square-leg for one leg-bye. Five runs have come off the over. India are looking to hit the ball in the gaps. Ones and twos are all what they are looking for. Both the batsmen are well-set.

India: 103/0 | Overs 17 | Rohit 51*, Dhawan 46*

JP Duminy being brought into the attack. Rohit gets onto his fifty with a single past long-on. He played out a couple of dot balls at the start of the over. Three singles have come off Duminy’s first over. India are just looking for singles in the middle part of the innings.

India: 101/0 | Overs 16 | Rohit 49*, Dhawan 45*

McLaren looks to bowl back of a length delivery but gives room to Rohit who hits the ball past backward point for a couple of runs off the first ball. India bring up century partnership. The opening combination has clicked in the first game. Five have come off the over. Drinks being called for.

India: 96/0 | Overs 15 | Rohit 45*, Dhawan 44*

Robin Peterson has been targeted by Shikhar Dhawan. The first two balls were hit through the covers for a boundary. The feature of those shots were the use of the feet. Dhawan smothered the spin by doing that. The third ball was a full-toss which was swept behind square-leg for three runs. Fourteen came off the 15th over.

India: 82/0 | Overs 14 | Rohit 43*, Dhawan 32*

South Africa are trying to bounce out the Indians. This time the plan almost worked. Kleinveldt pitches one short to Dhawan who pulls the ball but doesn’t keep it down. Fine-leg came in a little and the ball goes over him. The last ball has pulled through mid-wicket for a boundary by Rohit.

India: 72/0 | Overs 13 | Rohit 38*, Dhawan 27*

Robin Peterson the left-arm spinner comes into the attack. He concedes five runs. Indian openers are milking the bowling now. New ball has not got wickets for South Africa. They are looking to be a tad defensive.

India: 67/0 | Overs 12 | Rohit 34*, Dhawan 26*

Kleinveldt tries a bouncer to Dhawan but it doesn’t rise up. As a result it turns to be a begign delivery which Dhawan swivels and hits it past square-leg. The fourth delivery was a wide delivery for height. Eight runs have come off the over.



India: 59/0 | Overs 11 | Rohit 32*, Dhawan 21*

McLaren is getting good bounce. He tries a bouncer to Rohit which doesn’t get up that much. Rohit gets into a good position and hits it between square-leg and fine-leg. Rohit is looking dangerous.

India: 53/0 | Overs 10 | Rohit 27*, Dhawan 20*

Kleinveldt looking to look for the swing pitches one up to Dhawan who smashes the ball through covers for three runs. The fourth ball was a front-foot no-ball. But Dhawan gets just a single off the free-hit.  Six have come off the last Powerplay over.

India: 47/0 | Overs 9 | Rohit 26*, Dhawan 16*

Ryan McLaren starts his spell with a benign leg-side delivery which Dhawan dispatches past fine-leg. Rohit slices the fourth ball of the over past backward point for a single. This is an eight-run over. All of a sudden South Africa are looking befuddled. They chose to bowl in order to get early wickets. They have not got any wicket.

India: 39/0 | Overs 8 | Rohit 25*, Dhawan 11*

Rory Kleinveldt is the first change bowler. He tries to bounce out Rohit. But Rohit hits him for a four over square-leg. The sound his bat made was cracking. Two balls later a sublime cover-drive from Rohit makes it a nine-run over for India. Rohit has got to a wonderful start.

India: 30/0 | Overs 7 | Rohit 17*, Dhawan 10*

Rohit is looking confident. He hooks Morkel behind square-leg for a boundary. Still Morkel is bowling short of length and Rohit is still a bit iffy yet he is selective. A compelling contest is on at Cardiff.

India: 26/0 | Overs 6 | Rohit 13*, Dhawan 10*

Rohit starts the sixth over with a hit over point for a six. Tsotsobe bowls a wide length delivery for which he is punished. The last ball is again a length delivery which Dhawan punches between covers and mid-off for the best shot of the morning. Young Indian openers are off to a steady start.

India: 15/0 | Overs 5 | Rohit 6*, Dhawan 6*

Morkel bowls a perfect bouncer to Dhawan who plays an ugly shot which falls short of fine-leg. He is getting a lot of steep bounce. Only two runs come off Morkel’s third over. India are off to a cautious start.

India: 13/0 | Overs 4 | Rohit 6*, Dhawan 5*

Rohit gets on the groove with a sublime cover-drive. The balance while playing the shot was excellent. The front foot is going to the ball in confident fashion. Tsotsobe bowled a couple of wides down the leg-side. He was a tad loose compared to his first over.

India: 7/0 | Overs 3 | Rohit 2*, Dhawan 5*

Morkel bowls in the corridor of uncertainty. South Africa have designed a Test match like fielding – a couple of slips are waiting to catch Dhawan’s edge. Morkel is bowling an incessant line around off-stump. The last ball was on the pads which Dhawan worked for a couple of runs.

India: 5/0 | Overs 2 | Rohit 2*, Dhawan 3*

Lonwabo Tsotsobe begins the first over with tight line outside off-stump. Rohit leaves the deliveries. He edges the third ball which falls just short of the second slip and Shikhar Dhawan sets off for a risky single. He is lucky to survive. A direct hit would have ended his stay. Dhawan hit the third ball straight for three runs. 

India: 1/0 | Overs 1 | Rohit 1*, Dhawan 0*

Morne Morkel starts the first over well. There is a lot of bounce and carry in the wicket. Rohit Sharma, India’s opening batsman is watchful. Only one run has come off the first over. India are a tad watchful. They will look to negotiate the bowling early on.

South African skipper AB de Villiers won the toss elected to field first against India in the tournament opener of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 at Cardiff on Thursday. India will come in with a lot of confidence after having won both their warm-up matches.

South Africa will miss the services of Dale Steyn. De Villiers said at the toss, “We don’t want to risk Dale Steyn.” Indian top-order loves that idea for sure. Meanwhile, for Rohit Sharma gets a not ahead of Murali Vijay for India.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

South Africa: Hashin Amla, Colin Ingram, Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers (c & wk), JP Duminy, David Miller, Ryan McLaren, Robin Peterson, Rory Kleinveldt, Morne Morkel, Lonwabo Tsotsobe.

Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013. I am Sarang Bhalerao who  will bring you the live updates of the first match between India and South Africa at Cardiff on Thursday. Read our preview here.