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Virat Kohli © Getty Images (File Photo)


Apr 4, 2014


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(With their spinners in top form, the only unbeaten team India takes on a solid South African side in the second semi-final of the ICC World T20 2014. The pressure will be on Proteas to erase the ‘chokers’ tag in World Cup knockouts. Catch Live Scores and Live Updates of the match here)



Not a surprise, Virat Kohli is Man of the Match with that sensational performance. And he moves to the top of run charts in this tournament.



And that’s it. India are in to the final for the second time. Kohli swings the first ball four. And they are going to face a familiar opposition — Sri Lanka in the final.


The first ball from Hendricks is slower on the leg and Raina just guides it past short fineleg for four. The second one is a slower bouncer and Raina leaves it expecting it to be a wide. The next ball is mistimed by Raina and he is caught by Tahir. But he has done his job especially in that Parnell over which swung the chase in India’s favour. But Kohli pulls the next ball for four. Dhoni could have easily finished the match but leaves it for Kohli by defending the last ball.
OUT! Raina 21(19)








Steyn looks demoralised with that beautiful flick from Kohli. It was pitched up and flicks between long-on and midiwket for four. The Indian camp is pumped up. They know the match is almost in their bag. The ball has to be changed. The fifth ball is flicked towards midwicket at the edge of the circle. Amla comes running in and fails to collect the ball cleanly and the batsmen run two. The last ball is driven in the air from Kohli to the right of deep cover for four.


Slower short ball from Parnell and Raina swings it past short fine-leg for six. Goes after the fourth ball and the outside edge goes for a boundary. The fifth ball too is hit for a boundary again due to an edge. 17 runs from the over. Poor bowling from Parnell. This over has handed India a clear momentum. India need 23 runs in 18 balls.


Seventh T20 fifty for Kohli. These two have done brilliantly to pick a boundary every over. Tahir was trying to spine it away from the off-stump so that Kohli has to fetch for the shot. But on the fourth ball, Kohli finally connects the slog sweep for a six. But the last ball was fuller and Yuvraj digs it and swings for a big one. Doesn’t get the distance and AB de Villiers takes a stunning catch diving forward. India need 40 in 24 balls.
OUT! Yuvraj 18(17)


With three overs left, du Plessis had to bring in Steyn. The best fielders have been placed in the deep and the Indians are finding it tough to find the gaps as well. With five singles in five balls, it looked like a good over. The last ball was pitched up and Yuvraj played through the line and cleared the infield for four.



Streaky shot. It was a ouch outside off from Tahir and Yuvraj delicately places it past the keeper for four. Five singles apart from that boundary. These two have done well to keep the required rate in check. India need 60 runs in 36 balls.


Yuvraj guides the first ball from Hendricks to thirdman for a single. Tne next ball is short and Kohli with a swivel gets it past deep fineleg for six. The fielders are palced deep in the outfield and Kohli cleverly nudges the ball around and picks couple on consecutive deliveries. Excellent running between the wickets. The fifth ball is a slower bouncer, Kohli tries to pull but gets a bottom edge. Single on the last ball and Kohli retains strike. 10 from the over. India need 69 runs from 42 balls.


Some wrong ones used by Imran Tahir and the batsmen have some difficulty reading it. Five from the over. India need 79 runs in 48 balls. The required rate is almost 10 an over now.







Kohli used his feet well and lofts Duminy for six over long-on. Clean strike. There’s some hesitation for the second run on the next ball but Yuvraj refuses and it was the right call. A loud leg-before appeal against Yuvraj on the fifth ball but Umpire Dharmasena turns it down.Nine from that over,


Some big shots was expected as the required rate was creeping up. Rahane tried to go after the short ball but didn’t connect it well and the deep midwicket fielder AB de Villiers came running in to take a comfortable catch. Wicket for Parnell. Five from the over. Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman. India need 93 runs in 60 balls.
OUT! Rahane 32(30)



JP Duminy comes back to bowl. After a single to Rahane, he delivers a wide again. Kohli adds one to his tally and Rahane fails to connect a reverse sweep on the next. He chips the last ball towards long on and picks a single.






Kohli works the short of length delivery for single. Quinton de Kock is standing close to the stumps. Rahane gets one more on the second ball. The third one is driven fine past covers. The fifth ball is placed fine by Kohli and they sprint for a couple. On the last ball, Kohli hits it softly towards the edge of circle and they steal two more. Eight from the over.



Imran Tahir comes in to bowl. Wayward start but gets his line right. Both the batsmen are content working him in the gaps. Five singles from the over.


Kohli taps the first ball of the over from Hendricks towards thirdman for single. Second ball is a wide. They have already sent down five wides. Rahane fails to get bat on to ball on the next two deliveries. Four from the over.


Wayne Parnell starts off with a wide. Rahane picks a single and then Kohli taps towards leg-side and adds one more. On the fourth ball, Rahane tries to use the pace of the ball to pull but mistimes, lands close to the short midwicket fielder. Comes down the track on the last ball and hoicks it over mid-off for six. He is looking confident and the timing is at its best as well. Rahane’s aggression is allowing Kohli to settle in.


Burean Hendricks is in. Fourth bowler in four overs. Starts off with a wide and Rahane neatly chips the first ball over covers for four. Neatly timed. He is still trying for the slice shots towards thirdman for singles. He has been dismissed a few times like that. Rohit on the last ball of the over tries to hit on the up through the line of the delivery but mistimes it. Hits high on the bat, Du Plessis takes a comfortable catch.
OUT! Rohit 24(13)



Has he heard us? Dale Steyn is in and starts off with a wide. Both the batsmen are doing well to place the ball and pick singles. The fifth ball is short and wide, Rohit slices it over point for six. It was the shorter boundary and managed to clear the fence. Stat Alert: Dale Steyn has dismissed 24 openers in T20Is since 2012.



Albie Morkel starts from the other end. Rahane picks a single on the second ball. The third ball was short and Rohit used the pace of the delivery and placed it past backward point for four. The last ball is short again and Rohit pulls and manages to clear mid-on for another four. Has South Africa missed a trick by not getting Steyn on to bowl against Rohit?



Rohit takes strike against JP Duminy. The first ball is quietly played towards mid-on. The next ball is tapped on the leg-side for a quick single. The third ball was a touch short and Rahane was ready to cut it past covers for four. He plays the next one to right of mid-off for a single. Rohit then tries to drive, gets an outside edge and it runs fine past the keeper for a boundary. The last ball is driven past mid-off for four. 14 from the first over.








And to make the Indian fans happy, Virat Kohli’s speciality in run-chases is intact even in T20Is





The first ball is in the slot but Miller hits straight to long-on for a single. The next ball is fuller and Duminy taps it close to the wicket for a single. Miller then swings the fuller one over long-off for six. That’s what ‘in the arc out of the park’ is. The fourth one is a yorker outside off and Miller fails to get bat on to it. Similar ball next one and Miller gets bat on to it and clears the infield for four. And Miller picks a couple on the last ball. 14 runs from it.





Bhuvneshwar comes in to bowl the penultimate over. Manages to tie him down on the first two deliveries. The third one is short and Duminy swings it wildly and even the top edge flies for a huge six. The fifth ball is fuller and Miller muscles it through covers. Raina dived but fails to get a hand to it and it runs for a boundary. A run-out opportunity missed by Bhuvneshwar on the last ball. 12 runs from the over.



Dhoni chooses to tighten the scoring by getting in Ashwin for the last over. Duminy tried to sweep the second ball but misses. There is a loud leg-before appeal and the umpire turns it down. On the next ball, Duminy hops down the wicket and lofts Ashwin over long-on for a six. That’s clean hit. 10 runs from the over.


The De Villiers wicket has shown its effect. Dhoni opts to complete Raina’s quota of four overs. Six singles from six balls. Quiet over for South Africa.





Big wicket for India. It was a touch short and De villiers rocked on to the backfoot and pulls it towards deep square leg. He muscles it but the ball goes high in the air. Rohit Sharma in the deep takes a fine catch. The extra ball led to to the mistiming. Duminy on the next ball survives. Goes on the backfoot, cuts, goes straight to backward point on first bounce. Only three runs from the over.
OUT! De Villiers 10(8)


The first ball is driven to the covers by De Villiers and Yuvraj misfields. Couple for him. The third ball is chipped by De Villiers over the bowler’s head for couple. And then he unleashes his reverse sweep to send it for a boundary. 1,000 T20I runs for AB de Villiers. 11 runs from that Mishra over.



Big wicket for India. Every ball looked like it will be dispatched for six. The second ball of the over from Ashwin is a carom ball but it was short and Du Plessis had made enough room to clobber it for a six over long-on. But sometimes the confidence does you in. It was a carom ball and once again Du Plessis is quick to ready himself to hammer but misses the shot; the ball deflects from his body and disturbs the stumps.
OUT! Du Plessis 58(41)



The first ball by Mishra turned a lot and Du Plessis decided to go through with his shot and the outside edge runs past the fielder for a four. Du Plessis then picks a single and completes his fifty. The third ball is a faster one from Mishra and Duminy latches on to the full-toss and hammers it over midwicket for an 85-metre six. Duminy reads the google well on the next ball and works it away for a single. Du Plessis rotates strike and Duminy finishes off the over with a sweep shot for four. 17 runs from it. South Africa have accelerated well here.



Du Plessis pulls the short ball from Raina for a couple. The next ball is short and turning towards leg and Du Plessis sits on one knee and sweeps it to the left of deep flineleg for four. The fifth ball was more like a one-handed swipe which landed beyond the fence for a six. Brilliant batting from Du Plessis. Dhoni’s decision to keep Raina on has backfired. 15 runs from it.



And there he comes, India’s most successful bowler Amit Mishra. Duminy slog-sweeps the first ball for a single. On the next one, Du Plessis tries to make room to go over cover but it was a traditional leg-spinner and the ball just misses the stumps. The next ball he comes down the track and plays back to the bowler, it’s a no-ball. And Du Plessis lofts the free-hit ball over extra-cover for four. Ashwin had said in the press-conference that you have top be brave to bowl slower and the spinners here are trying just that.




Well that’s a better description given by Gilly for the Amla dismissal.)



Epic misfielding from Rohit Sharma! It was a half-trekker and Du Plessis pulled it between long-on and midwicket. Rohit comes running in slides and fails to collect the ball cleanly and it trickles for a boundary. Kohli is the first to express his disgust. Raina is getting some turn. Du Plessis tries to hit but the turn almost deflects from the bottom edge on to the stumps.. The ball is holding up a bit.


Duminy will be cautious coming down the wicket against Jadeja. The left-armer is a clever bowler. Five singles from the first five balls. Some caution taking a single on the last ball and they eventually decide against it.



Or maybe call it Carom Ball of the century!



Another bowling change. After the wicket, Dhoni brings in Suresh Raina. He gets good turn. Probably Dhoni trying to see off one or two overs. Starts off with a wide. Du Plessis picks a single. Duminy then plays wide of long-on for a couple. Picks a single on the next ball. Du Plessis retains strike with a single on the last ball.



Ravindra Jadeja comes in to bowl. Duminy tried to move across and sweep the fourth ball but is hit on the pads. In the excitement of appealing, Jadeja almost knocked down Du Plessis at the non-striker’s end. A similar appeal for a similar shot on the last ball but Duminy survives. Three singles from the over.


As expected Ashwin — the right arm carom ball bowler — who gives a breakthrough. Amla was looking threatening. Coming round the wicket, Ashwin’s carom ball moves from leg to off and Amla tries to flick but misses completely. The LED’s light up. JP Duminy is the new batsman and Dhoni brings an attacking field.
OUT! Amla 22(16)



The first ball from Bhuvneshwar is moving from middle to leg and Amla flicks it beautifully past mid-on for four. Struggles to pull the next ball but on the third one stands firm and lofts it over covers for four. Full swing of the bat and the ball raced to the fence. Nine runs from the over.



And there comes the typical Amla drive. Rises from the good length and he drives it on the up through extra-cover for four. The next ball is a slower one, Amla was trying to move across and work it away, had to wait for a long time before flicking it fine for a couple. He tried to unsettle Mohit Sharma by shuffling a bit but was forced to drive and the fine edge runs past slips for a boundary. Picks a single on the next ball. Faf du Plessis then created an opportunity by working across and lofts it over midwicket for four. 17 runs from the over.


Du Plessis picks a single on the first ball with a flick towards mid-on and Amla gets off the mark as well. Looking at the intent of the batsman, Dhoni walks up to the stumps. But Bhuvi is still bowling at a steady pace. Two more singles in that over. It’s been a quiet start for South Africa.


Mohit Sharma starts from the other end. The first ball is driven on the up by du Plessis but doesn’t get the timing right. Jadeja runs across and the batsman picks a couple. Quick single on the next ball. Amla then struggles to get his timing right and plays the ball straight to the fielders in the circle. Amla tends to move a lot in this format and he is doing the same. But doesn’t get any runs. 500 T20I runs for Faf du Plessis.


Entertaining first over. Quinton de Kock had made a steady start with a flick and an inside edge for four. But Bhuvneshwar was swinging the ball a bit too. De Kock finally nicks one and Dhoni begins his celebration. After a long though Ian Gould raises his finger. It was pitched up and de Kock went for a drive, the ball swung in and took the inside edge. The batsman is disappointed but nevertheless a big wicket for India.
OUT! Q de Kock 6(5)




So Gilly is supporting India but wants his former Kings XI Punjab teammate David Miller to do well…





Toss: South Africa win toss, elect to bat


Both teams are unchanged. Faf du Plessis was keen on putting up a big score first up. MS Dhoni says even he would have opted to bat first. As we mentioned earlier, the last six T20Is between these two teams has been won by the side batting first. Interesting team selection,Dhoni has chosen to go ahead with Rahane for Dhawan and Mohit for Shami. Not much change in South Africa. Skipper Faf du Plessis comes back for Farhan Behradein after serving the one-match suspension for slow over-rate.




India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ajinkya Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohit Sharma.


South Africa: Faf du Plessis (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Albie Morkel, Imran Tahir, Dale Steyn, Wayne Parnell, David Miller, Beurean Hendricks




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s Live Blog of the second semi-final of the ICC World T20 2014 between India and South Africa at Dhaka. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. India are certainly on a high winning all their matches from Group 2 while South Africa stuttered but eventually made it to the last four. While the excitement builds up for the clash it is important to note that the weather has been playing tantrums since last evening. A slight drizzle turned in to a heavy shower followed by hailstones which disrupted the first semi-final between Sri lanka and West Indies, which the Lankans won comfortably by Duckworth-Lewis method. But the Proteas will be hoping that they get to play because an abandoned match would put the Indians through to final by virtue of their position after the league stages.


STAT ALERT: Well India have made it a habit to chase the score and they have had fair share of success with that formula in the limited overs format. But here’s an interesting start. In the last six T20Is between India and South Africa, the side batting first has won the match.


Our correspondent on the ground Nishad Pai Vaidya has informed that there are some dark clouds hovering over the Sher-E-Bangla stadium, but no rain interruptions as of yet. The women’s semi-final was played without any weather interruptions.


Alright, let’s keep the weather aside and focus on what’s on the cards ahead. Before we move to India, it has to be a formality to discuss South Africa’s record when it comes to World Cup knockouts. They have played six matches (five in 50-over World Cups and one in T20 World Cup) and lost all of them, each making for a dramatic description. The only time they qualified for a T20 World Cup final was in 2009 in England where Shahid Afridi’s all-round magic blew them away. Here’s an article on South Africa’s record in World Cup knockouts


But South African skipper Faf du Plessis is determined to change the records and do away with the ‘C’ word. Let’s look at some of the key battles that is in store today. There will be a lot of big players in action today which includes, AB de Villiers, MS Dhoni, Dale Steyn, Virat Kohli and others; each of them is a match-winner in this format. Can Yuvraj Singh take on the in-form Imran Tahir? or Dale Steyn get the better of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma? And not to forget Amit Mishra, who is having an exceptional tournament so far will have a task at hand to contain AB de Villiers and JP Duminy. Here’s a detailed analysis on the key battles to look forward to.





As far as the Indian camp is concerned, there was some doubt over Yuvraj Singh’s fitness but he was declared fit on Thursday to play the match. The Indian team did practice some bare-feet football ahead of the match. As far as the key players are concerned, India would be hoping that their man in form Virat Kohli fires once again. With Yuvraj’s fifty against Australia and Suresh Raina in good nick, MS Dhoni will be happy to see the middle order fire. As far as the bowlers are concerned, spinners will once again be Dhoni’s trump cards. Though Ravindra Jadeja has gone for runs, Ravichandran Ashwin and Amith Mishra have been exceptional. Have a look at the Indian team in the training sessions in the past two days below.


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Team India come in for practice at Dhaka Academy in the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium on April 1 ahead of the ICC World T20 2014 semi-final against South Africa © AFP


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