India vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score, ICC Champions Trophy 2013 2nd semi-final: Kohli gets 50 as India inch closer

Virat Kohli (above) got to his fifty with a six off Jeevan Mendis © Getty Images

Cardiff: Jun 20, 2013

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It has been an absolutely convincing performance by India. Their bowlers were right on the money and troubled Sri Lanka right through. They could only muster 181 on the board. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma did a good job upfront yet again. Dhawan continued to score a fifty as India marched towards victory. However, Virat Kohli also got a fifty and that is a good development ahead of the finals.

This is Nishad Pai Vaidya signing off. See you for the final — India vs England on Sunday.

India 182/2 | Overs 35 | Kohli 58*, Raina 7*

Malinga strays down the leg side and Sangakkara cannot get across to collect. The ball goes for five wides. India have won as Raina pulls one for four. India go through the the final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 with this eight wicket victory.

India 167/2 | Overs 34 | Kohli 54*, Raina 2*

Whether it is the wrong-un or the conventional leg-spinner, Kohli is picking them well. He charges down the ground to loft Mendis high over long-off for six as he gets to his fifty. A total of 13 have come off this over.

India 155/2 | Overs 33 | Kohli 41*, Raina 2*

Malinga meets his nemesis yet again. He pitches it short outside the off-stump and Kohli noncholantly guides him through point for four. India get to their 150 as Kohli places a slower-ball through mid-wicket and rins across for two. Malinga pitches it short and Kohli swivels to pull it through square-leg for another four.

India 144/2 | Overs 32 | Kohli 30*, Raina 2* OUT! Dhawan 68(92)

Mendis gets a bit of turn as it breaks past Kohli’s bat. Dhawan goes forward to defend a wrond-un, but misses. Sangakkara takes the bails off and appeals. The replays show that Dhawan dragged his foot out. Some respite for Sri Lankla at last. Suresh Raina is the new man and he gets off the mark with a sweep for two.

India 140/1 | Overs 31 | Dhawan 67*, Kohli 29*

Sri Lanka have dropped one. Dhawan cuts one to Sachithra Senanayake at point and he couldn’t hold on. He got a hand to it and lobbed it in the air, but could not take it on the rebound. The batsmen however get the opportunity to take two.

India 133/1 | Overs 30 | Dhawan 62*, Kohli 27*

Jeevan Mendis, the leg-spinner is brought on. Dhawan first sweeps him for a couple. Kohli rocks back to cut the ball for a single. FInally Dhawan paddles one, but it stops before the boundary. The batsmen finish three runs on that one. Kohli finishes things off with a heave over mid-wicket for four.

India 122/1 | Overs 29 | Dhawan 56*, Kohli 22*

Kohli advances down the track and lofts Kulasekara over the covers for a four. The ball crosses the ropes on the first bounce.

Here is something from Mohandas Menon:




India 117/1 | Overs 28 | Dhawan 55*, Kohli 18*

Sri Lankans are bowling a few quiet overs, but it wouldn’t bother India one bit as they are on course. T Perera gives away only two runs and a leg bye.

India 114/1 | Overs 27 | Dhawan 54*, Kohli 17*

Kohli and Dhawan are merely milking runs easily. There is no pressure on them even as Malinga is in the attack. Malinga is trying to bowl short at Dhawan.

India 110/1 | Overs 26 | Dhawan 52*, Kohli 15*

Dhawan is getting closer to his fifty here as Kulasekara returns to the bowling crease. He then gets to his half-century with a short arm pull for four. A very cool-headed knock in tough conditions.

India 104/1 | Overs 25 | Dhawan 48*, Kohli 14*

Malinga bowls a neat over. He has Kohli playing and missing a few outside the off-stump. He bowls a good short delivery on Dhawan’s body, but he lets it go through. He then cuts it powefully for only a single.

India 102/1 | Overs 24 | Dhawan 47*, Kohli 13*

Herath bowls a very tidy over as only two come off it. There was an appeal early on for leg-before, but Dhawan survives the shout.

India 100/1 | Overs 23 | Dhawan 46*, Kohli 12*

The Sri Lankan trump-card Malinga is back into the attack. He pitches it short and Kohli pulls him with authority over mid-wicket, but the slow outfield prevents it from going for two. The batsmen get across for two. Malinga pitches it short again and Kohli pulls him again for one. The hundred is up for India.

India 93/1 | Overs 22 | Dhawan 43*, Kohli 8*

India are untroubled here. Herath is being dealt with easily as they are just picking singles off him.

India 89/1 | Overs 21 | Dhawan 41*, Kohli 7*

These two are good runners between the wickets. Kohli dabs it down the leg-side and sprints like a hare for two. He then essays an authoritative cover-drive, but it goes straight to the fielder.

India 87/1 | Overs 20 | Dhawan 41*, Kohli 5*

Kohli leans forward and drives through extra-cover. He picks up three runs for that. Dhawan then gets it square for two.

India 82/1 | Overs 19 | Dhawan 39*, Kohli 2*

India doing it comfortably. Kohli and Dhawan doing it in singles here.

India 80/1 | Overs 18 | Dhawan 38*, Kohli 1*

There is another pitch intrusion and as a result there is a delay. Rangana Herath is introduced to the attack. Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a single.

India 77/1 | Overs 17 | Dhawan 36*, OUT! Rohit 33(50)

Rohit has been bowled trying to charge Mathews. He misses it completely and the ball takes the bails off. A good opening stand comes to an end. Dhawan plays a delightful cover-drive, but the outfield is still moist and it slows down. He nevertheless gets three for that stroke.

India 73/0 | Overs 16 | Dhawan 33*, Rohit 32*

Rohit guides Perera through mid-wicket for a brace. Thinmgs are looking very comfortable for India here. Dhawan also places one through square leg and runs hard for another two.

India 68/0 | Overs 15 | Dhawan 31*, Rohit 29*

Angelo Mathews brings himself on and moves past Rohit’s inside edge. The diving Sangakkara isn’t able to collect cleanly and the batsmen run through for a bye. There is an appeal for leg-before off the last-ball, but Aleem Dar is unmoved. Mathews goes for the review. Hot Spot shows there is an inside edge.

India 65/0 | Overs 14 | Dhawan 30*, Rohit 28*

Sri Lanka need to do something here. They have their two slips in place. The batsmen take four runs off the over and are looking comfortable out there.

India 61/0 | Overs 13 | Dhawan 28*, Rohit 26*

Rohit gets into the act now. He stands tall and drives off the backfoot to the boundary through extra cover. He then waits on the backfoot and pulls it through mid-wicket for another four.

India 50/0 | Overs 12 | Dhawan 27*, Rohit 18*

You cannot keep Dhawan quiet for too long. You pitch it up to him outside the off-stump and he will smash you through the covers for four. Perera learns that lesson off the first ball of this over. When you are in form, luck goes your way! An inside edge brushed past Dhawan’s leg-stump and goes for four. Yet another half-century stand by these two. They are doing a good job of handling the initial overs.

India 42/0 | Overs 11 | Dhawan 19*, Rohit 18*

Sangakkara still standing up to the stumps to Kulasekara and the bowler bowls it too wide outside the off-stump. Two slips are still in place. An interesting over as Dhawan also tries to move around a touch.

India 40/0 | Overs 10 | Dhawan 18*, Rohit 18*

There is another edge, this time off Rohit’s bat. However, it does not carry to first slip. Rohit gets another outside edge, but it stays down and he completes a single. Dhawan charges to T Perera and gets an inside edge. He is lucky there that it hit his pads.

India 38/0 | Overs 9 | Dhawan 18*, Rohit 17*

Kulasekara bowls a tight line and Dhawan is watchful. He lets the ball go through to the wicket-keeper as only two runs have come off that over. One of them was a wide as Kulasekara sprayed down the off-side. Sangakkara brings the helmet on and stands up to the stumps off the last ball. Kulasekara got an edge and it flew to first-slip, but it is put down.

India 36/0 | Overs 8 | Dhawan 18*, Rohit 16*

Thisara Perera has come on to bowl as Malinga goes out of the attack. Dhawan guides one behind point for four as India look good.

India 31/0 | Overs 7 | Dhawan 14*, Rohit 15*

Rohit gets an inside edge, but it goes towards square leg and the batsmen scamper for two. He tries to be a bit proactive by charging to Kulasekara.

India 28/0 | Overs 6 | Dhawan 14*, Rohit 12*

Another shout for leg-before against Rohit, but it struck him high and might have gone down the leg-side. Malinga bowls a two bouncers to Dhawan and he lets them go through to the keeper. Malinga tries a third, but Dhawan is equal to the task as he guides it over third-man for a maximum. The fielder was trying to get underneath it, but it sailed over his head. What a shot that one! This man is in stupendous form.

India 21/0 | Overs 5 | Dhawan 8*, Rohit 11*

There was an appeal off the first ball for leg before, but the ball had taken a big inside edge off Rohit’s bat. Kulasekara is bowling well, but India going steady.

India 18/0 | Overs 4 | Dhawan 8*, Rohit 10*

Malinga comes around the wicket as Dhawan gets back on strike. There is a bit of a scare for Dhawan as he plays one in the air, but it moves past Mathews at short mid-on. Dhawan carts the next ball through the covers for a four. The ball just sped across the carpet. Interestingly, he was back over the wicket for that one.

Malinga doesn’t have a great record against India. Here is something interesting:

India 13/0 | Overs 3 | Dhawan 4*, Rohit 9*

Rohit edges one past the diving Jayawardene at second slip and it runs away to the boundary for four. He then positively moves forward to take a single. Kulasekara is getting some help and beats Dhawan with a jaffa of the last ball.

India 8/0 | Overs 2 | Dhawan 4*, Rohit 4*

Lasith Malinga is on the money, but Dhawan is in supreme form. He beautifully guides one through the covers for four. That was some shot! The last ball is a toe-crusher, but Dhawan keeps it out.

India 4/0 | Over 1 | Dhawan 0*, Rohit 4*

Rohit starts things off with a well timed four through the off-side. Nywan Kulasekara goes past the bat a few times and shows that there still is movement there.

India have bowled very well to restrict the Sri Lankans to only 181 in 50 overs. The fast-bowlers, Umesh Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Umesh Yadav made good use of the early help. Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin also did a commendable job later on. Angelo Mathews fought hard, but will 181 be enough? Join us in some time for the Sri Lankan innings.

Sri Lanka 181/8  | Overs 50 | T Dilshan 17*, Malinga 7* OUT! Mendis 25(35)

Ashwin foxes him in the flight. Mendis charges down the track, but is stranded in the middle and Dhoni does the rest. There is confusion in the middle! Lasith Malinga hits one high over wide long-on. There are intruders on the pitch and he walks right past Rohit at long-on as he tried to get underneath the ball. He misjudged it as a result and Malinga got three. The security men tackle the intruder and the ground is cleared for play. Dilshan tries the reverse sweep, but only gets a top edge for two. He tries another one, but misses. Malinga lofts the last ball over the bowler’s head for four as Sri Lanka finish on 181 for eight.

Sri Lanka 171/7  | Overs 49 | Mendis 25*, T Dilshan 15*

Sri Lanka have lost the plot. Dilshan is effectively batting on one leg. Mendis is trying to hit boundaries, but isn’t able to do it. A much better performance in the slog overs by Ishant. It should give him a lot of confidence.

Sri Lanka 165/7  | Overs 48 | Mendis 21*, T Dilshan 13* OUT! Kulasekara 1(3)

What a ball!! Ashwin bowls one outside the leg stump and it is the carrom ball. Kulasekara lets it go through and it bowls him around the legs. The umpires checked it again, but Kulasekara has to return to the pavillion. Dilshan comes out and guides the ball for a run and struggles as he gets to the other end.

Sri Lanka 160/6  | Overs 47 | Mendis 18*, Kulasekara 0* OUT! T Perera 0(4)

Ishant bowls a great over. T Perera is aggressive by nature and wants to use these overs, but cannot connect there. He connects one, but finds Shikhar Dhawan at deep square leg.

Sri Lanka 159/5  | Overs 46 | Mendis 17*, T Perera 0*  OUT! Mathews 51(89)

Mendis tries the audacious reverse sweep, but only gets a single for that. Mathews hits it high over long-on. Kohli positioned himself, but dropped it there. Mathews tries another slog, but gets a top edge and is taken in the covers by Bhuvneshwar. Kohli would have breathed a huge sigh of relief as Ashwin gets his man. Thisara Perera is the new man

Sri Lanka 154/4  | Overs 45 | Mathews 50*, Mendis 14*

Ishant has to perform in the slog overs. He pitches it short and Mendis works him around the corner for four. Sri Lanka’s 150 is up. Ishant pitches it short to Mathews, but it flies over his head and the umpire signals a wide. Mathews drops one the off-side and scampers across for a run to get to his fifty. It is a fighting knock as it has taken him 85 balls. Ishant comes back well with two dots to finish the over.

Sri Lanka 146/4  | Overs 44 | Mathews 49*, Mendis 8*

No change at this end as Ashwin continues. At this stage, Sri Lanka may want pace on the ball. They are content in taking singles off Ashwin as five runs come off this over.

Sri Lanka 141/4  | Overs 43 | Mathews 47*, Mendis 5*

The fast bowler comes back on and is welcomed into the attack with a slog over mid-wicket. Umesh pitched it on a length and Mathews easily smashed him to the mid-wicket boundary. Mathews then tried to get too inventive and moves across his stumps to loft Umesh over fine-leg. Instead, the balls raps him on the body.

Sri Lanka 133/4  | Overs 42 | Mathews 40*, Mendis 4*

Sri Lanka have to get a move on here, but the Indian spinners are doing a great job. Ashwin almost had Mathews there as he inside edged one and it went past the stumps.

Sri Lanka 129/4  | Overs 41 | Mathews 38*, Mendis 3*

Jadeja is having a field day and is bowling beautifully. He is getting turn and is also giving it good air. Mathews has settled down, but isn’t able to milk runs off him very easily. After five dot balls, he finally gets a brace

Sri Lanka 127/4  | Overs 40 | Mathews 36*, Mendis 3*

A relatively better over for Sri Lanka. Ashwin bowls a wide and also concedes four singles and a double. The last ten overs are here and this is the time Sri Lanka accelerate.

Sri Lanka 120/4  | Overs 39 | Mathews 32*, Mendis 1*

Jadeja is dominating this contest. Did anyone say that only seamers can do well here? Nobody told Jadeja about it. Mendis gets off the mark with a single off the last ball. Here is something Mohandad Menon has for us.

Sri Lanka 119/4  | Overs 38 | Mathews 32*, Mendis 0*

India tightening the screws as Ashwin bowls a maiden over. There is turn and bounce on offer there. The first ball just climbed on Mathews and hit him on the stomach.

Sri Lanka 119/4  | Overs 37 | Mathews 32*, Mendis 0* OUT! Jayawardene 38(63)

The miracle man does it again for India! Jadeja gets through Jayawardene as he shatters his stumps. He tried to pull, but the ball was slow and crashes into the middle-stump. Mendis plays a few tough deliveries and it is a wicket maiden for Jadeja.

Sri Lanka 119/3  | Overs 36 | Jayawardene 38*, Mathews 32*

Things are just motoring along here at Cardiff. Ashwin bowls a wide in this over, but it is otherwise a tidy over.

Sri Lanka 115/3  | Overs 35 | Jayawardene 36*, Mathews 31*

Mathews and Jayawardene are going about it with ease. Jayawardene is guiding it through the gaps and losts Jadeja over the covers for a couple. They are building for an assault later and it has been a good partnership.

Sri Lanka 111/3  | Overs 34 | Jayawardene 33*, Mathews 30*

There is a leg before shout by Ashwin, but the umpire doesn’t respond. India do not take the review. Three runs came off that over.

Sri Lanka 108/3  | Overs 33 | Jayawardene 32*, Mathews 29*

Jayawardene cuts one behind point with deft touch and it goes to the boundary. These batsmen are getting confident with each passing minute.

Sri Lanka 101/3  | Overs 32 | Jayawardene 27*, Mathews 27*

Dhoni goes back to wicket-keeping and it looks like his quota is done. He bowled four overs for 17 runs. Ravichandran Ashwin is in and he bowls from around the wicket with a leg-slip in place. There are five wides there as Dhoni couldn’t get across to stop one down the leg side. The 100 is up for Sri Lanka and it has come with a struggle, but they are gradually accelerating.

Sri Lanka 94/3  | Overs 31 | Jayawardene 26*, Mathews 26*

Jadeja traps Mathews in front and the umpire rules him out. Sri Lanka take the review and Hawk-Eye shows the ball sailing over the stumps. A life there for the Sri Lankan captain. There was some turn for Jadeja there and he is getting into his stride. The ball pitched on leg stump and turned away from Mathews and hit him on the back leg. Only two runs off that over.

Sri Lanka 92/3  | Overs 30 | Jayawardene 25*, Mathews 25*

Karthik is standing up to Dhoni as he isn’t bowling at a great pace. Sri Lankans merely work him around the park to take five runs off the over

Sri Lanka 87/3  | Overs 29 | Jayawardene 24*, Mathews 21*

Jadeja has also come back well as he concedes only four off that over.

Sri Lanka 83/3  | Overs 28 | Jayawardene 22*, Mathews 19*

Dhoni makes amends from his previous over. Jayawardene gets off-stike on the fourth ball and that is the only run to come off this over

Sri Lanka 82/3  | Overs 27 | Jayawardene 21*, Mathews 19*

Jadeja bowls a better over as he keeps things tight. The last two overs were expensive going by the proceedings today. Only three off this one.

Sri Lanka 79/3  | Overs 26 | Jayawardene 19*, Mathews 18*

Dhoni persists with himself and Jaywardene gets into his stride with a four. The conditions may be helpful, but Dhoni has to get it right.

Sri Lanka 72/3  | Overs 25 | Jayawardene 13*, Mathews 17*

Jadeja is bowling in seamer friendly conditions. Jayawardene gets his first boundary as he merely turns it through the on-side. Seven runs came off that over. 

Sri Lanka 65/3  | Overs 24 | Jayawardene 7*, Mathews 16*

Yes! Dhoni is here to roll his arm over. There is a scare for Sri Lanka as Dhoni raps one on Jayawardene’s pads. Aleem Dar gives it out, but Jayawardene reviews it immediately and the replays show there was an inside edge. Dhoni is is moving the ball here and the batsmen deal with him cautiously.

Sri Lanka 61/3  | Overs 23 | Jayawardene 5*, Mathews 15*

Did Dhoni see Robert Croft’s tweet? He has taken his pads off and Dinesh Karthik has taken the gloves. But, it is Ravindra Jadeja who bowls, first time we are seeing spin today. It does look like Dhoni will come on at some time. Three runs off that over.

Sri Lanka 58/3  | Overs 22 | Jayawardene 3*, Mathews 14*

So we have the first six of the game. Mathews charges to Ishant and carts him over long-on for maximum.

Sri Lanka 52/3  | Overs 21 | Jayawardene 3*, Mathews 8*

Umesh continues and continues to hit the right areas. Mathews turns one through the leg side for a brace and then gets three more through the off-side. The Sri Lankan fifty is up and it has taken its time.

Sri Lanka 47/3  | Overs 20 | Jayawardene 3*, Mathews 3*

The baton has passed down to Jayawardene from Sangakkara. He has the responsibility of guiding the innings. Ishant is also on song and is bowling in the right channels. There is a rare wide there as Ishant strays down the leg side. Mathews gets off the mark with three through the covers.

In jest, Robert Croft says even Dhoni should have a bowl here. He knows the conditions there as he played for Glamorgan…..

Sri Lanka 42/3  | Overs 19 | Jayawardene 2*, Mathews 0*

Surprise surprise! Bhuvneshwar doesn’t complete his quota here. Umesh returns to the attack. Jayawardene gets a single, but Mathews sees out the rest of the over.

Sri Lanka 41/3  | Overs 18 | Jayawardene 1* OUT! K Sangakkara 17 (44)

Sangakkara is calm through the storm, but Ishant gets himm at last. Sangakkara probes at one and Raina takes his thrid catch at second slip. Sri Lanka in deep deep trouble.

Sri Lanka 39/2  | Overs 17 | K Sangakkara 16*, Jayawardene 0*

The typical Sangakkara grace on show as he merely pushes one through the off-side for two runs. Bhuvneshwar is bowling his ninth pover and it looks like Dhoni will bowl him out here.

Sri Lanka 36/2  | Overs 16 | K Sangakkara 13*, Jayawardene 0* OUT! Thirimanne 7(31)

Ishant does the job as he induces an edge from Thirimanne. Raina takes a good catch at second slip, diving to his right. It was taken inches off the ground. Thirimanne’s laboured struggle comes to an end here. Mahela Jayawardene walks in with the pressure on him and plays out the over.

Here is an interesting tweet by Roshan Abeysinghe, the Sri Lankan cricket commentator.

Sri Lanka 36/1  | Overs 15 | K Sangakkara 13*, Thirimanne 7*

Dhoni persists with Bhuvneshwar as he bowls his eight over of the innings. What a spell it has been and the good work continues. Sangakkara isn’t able to score runs and here is another maiden. This is Bhuvneshwar’s second maiden and he has bowled eight overs for 15 runs and one wicket.

Sri Lanka 36/1  | Overs 14 | K Sangakkara 13*, Thirimanne 7*

Thirimanne gets one to the boundary as he lofts one through the off-side. However, Ishant keeps troubling him and gets hit on the thighs off the last ball.

Sri Lanka 32/1  | Overs 13 | K Sangakkara 13*, Thirimanne 3*

There is a boundary at last. He charges to Bhuvneshwar and lets one go through. The next ball is pushed past point for a four. Only the last delivery spoils what has been a good over.

Sri Lanka 28/1  | Overs 12 | K Sangakkara 9*, Thirimanne 3*

Ishant Sharma is brought into the attack and surprisingly gets some movement. He is bowling full and the batsmen are still adjusting to the conditions. Thirimanne plays and misses again.

Sri Lanka 27/1  | Overs 11 | K Sangakkara 8*, Thirimanne 3*

A run at last! Sangakkara pushes through for a quick single. The fielder mises a shy at the stumps. Replays of the appeal from the previous over suggest that it was quite close and there was no inside edge.

Sri Lanka 26/1  | Overs 10 | K Sangakkara 7*, Thirimanne 3*

Umesh bowls at some pace and Thirimanne hurts his leg with an inside edge. Run making is difficult here as the bowlers are getting some purchase. There is an appeal for leg-before, but the umpire negates it. Another maiden over.

Sri Lanka 26/1  | Overs 9 | K Sangakkara 7*, Thirimanne 3*

Bhuvneshwar is troubling the batsmen here. He bowls in the channels outside the off-stump and Sangakkara has played and missed a few. He lets the last ball to go through to cap a maiden over.

Sri Lanka 26/1  | Overs 8 | K Sangakkara 7*, Thirimanne 3*

Umesh is driven through the covers for three. The rain has slowed the outfield and the ball is stopped before it crosses the boundary. Thirimanne then picks up a couple through the leg side.

Sri Lanka 21/1  | Overs 7 | K Sangakkara 4*, Thirimanne 1*

Bhuvneshwar troubles Sangakkara with a few probing deliveries. Sangakkara leaves one and it misses the top of off-stump by a whisker. Lots of oohs and aahs!! Sangakkara returns by punching the last ball through mid-wicket for three.

Sri Lanka 18/1  | Overs 6 | K Sangakkara 1*, Thirimanne 1*

Umesh Yadav bowls a maiden and has Thirimanne in trouble. He plays and misses a few times.

Sri Lanka 18/1  | Overs 5 | K Sangakkara 1*, Thirimanne 1* Retired Hurt! T Dilshan 12(14)

Dilshan is struggling, but stays on. Sangakkara gets off the mark with a single to fine-leg. Dilshan hobbled across and he is retiring hurt. A huge blow for Sri Lanka as he is limping off the ground. Lahiuru Thirmimanne comes in at number four and gets off the mark immediately with a quick single. 

Sri Lanka 16/1  | Overs 4 | T Dilshan 12*, K Sangakkara 0*

Umesh comes back and gets punished by Dilshan for four through square leg and another one through extra-cover. Dilshan then guides him through mid-wicket, but the slow outfield prevents it from going for four. It doesn’t look good for Sri Lanka as DIlshan was struggling while completing the runs. He is sitting down and the physio comes out to attend to him. But, he is fine and gets out for the contest.

Sri Lanka 6/1  | Overs 3 | T Dilshan 2*, K Sangakkara 0* OUT! K Perera 4(8)

Bhuvneshwar continues and he is searching for that movement. These conditions should suit him and they do. He has K Perera chasing an overpitched delivery outside the off-stump. K Perera edges it to second slip where Suresh Raina completes an easy catch. India are off and running. The struggle for K Perera continues. 

Sri Lanka 5/0  | Overs 2 | K Perera 4*, T Dilshan 1*

Umesh Yadav runs and bowls a tidy over to Tillakaratne Dilshan. He gets some pace, bounce and movement. Dilshan gets off the mark with a dab through third man.

Sri Lanka 4/0  | Over 1 | K Perera 4*, T Dilshan 0*

Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts things off and he would love these conditions. Kushal Perera plays him cautiously for a few balls and then punished one through square leg as Bhuvneshwar loses his line a touch. He certainly needs runs

The stage is set and things are moving at Cardiff. The two teams are lining-up for the national anthems now. The trophy is placed in between them.

India have won the toss and have elected to field against Sri Lanka in the second semi-final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 at Cardiff on Thursday. With all the rain around in the air, this is a good decision by Mahendra Singh Dhoni as there is a high probability of the Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) method coming into play.

With all the momentum behind them, it was obvious that India have persisted with the same side. However, Sri Lanka have a few alterations. Dinesh Chandimal and Shaminda Eranga are out. It is said that Chandimal isn’t fit and has hence missed out. Jeevan Mendis and the hard-hitting all-rounder Thisara Perera are in for this crucial clash.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

Sri Lanka: Kushal Perera, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews (c), Jeevan Mendis, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Rangana Herath.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the 2nd semi-final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 between India and Sri Lanka at Cardiff. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and would take you through this contest. At the outset, one must say that these teams have played each other quite a few times in the recent past. This game however is different.

We do not have very good news for you as it rained in Cardiff. The covers were on, but they are now off and the wet outfield is a bit of a concern now. The news is that the toss is at 15:10 Indian Standard Time (IST). The match will start at 15:30 IST.

Until then, you can watch our two part preview to this contest. In the first, we discuss the batting and in the second, we talk about the bowling.

Catch live score and ball-by-ball updates of the match between India and Sri Lanka here