In a funny interactive video released by Gulf Oil India, Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) all-rounder Ben Stokes referred to MS Dhoni as a hero and his skipper Steven Smith as a villain. Well, it s a funny video, and nothing is to be taken seriously, but players do made some interesting revelations during such interations. It was based on the theme how well do you know your teammate and just like their previous video, the same three players took participate in it. Dhoni, Stokes and Ajinkya Rahane were the player who participated in the video which was released earlier.

The interesting part of the video was when Dhoni referred Ashok Dinda as BBC, giving him the tag of most unlikely person to be trusted for a secret. Stokes made an interesting answer where he had to pick a hero and a villain of his choice from within the team. He picked Dhoni as hero and not surprisingly, Smith as villain, with whom he will be involved in an intense rivalry of The Ashes 2017-18 Down Under. Not to forget, Stokes is England vice-captain and he would be reading a lot about the rival team s captain Smith, who also happens to be the best Test batsman at the moment. Here are some of the questions answered by these three players in the video:

Q: Who will you absolutely trust with a secret?

Dhoni: That is to keep a secret (picks his own face cut out).

Rahane: I trust Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Stokes: Faf du Plessis.

Q: And who do you absolutely not (trust with a secret)?

Dhoni: That is for BBC (shows up Ashoke Dinda s face cut out).

Stokes: Ashoke Dinda.

Rahane: Ashoke Dinda.

Q: Who do you dare not prank?

Dhoni: No one.

Stokes: Dhoni, the obvious one.

Rahane: Faf du Plessis.

Q: If you left a plate of biryani on the table and went to take a shower and notice it missing when you come back .who do you suspect?

Dhoni: Ashok Dinda. He loves biryani.

Stokes: Australian. Daniel Christian.

Rahane: One and only Ashok Dinda.

Q: You have one million dollars. You can either share it 50:50 with a fellow Supergiant or leave it. With whom will you share the prize?

Dhoni: Why do I need to share it? If I am suppose to share it then Ashok Dinda. He will keep me entertained also.

Stokes: No one. Keep it to myself.

Rahane: I think I will share with everyone.

Q: Which two Supergiant do you think are definitely Bollywood Hero and Villain material?

Dhoni: No answer.

Stokes: Hero Dhoni. Villain Steve Smith.

Rahane: No answer.

This was certainly an interesting video where these three key players of the RPS side were seen having fun.