Everyone knows the reason behind Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli‘s absence from first few games. He suffered with a shoulder injury during the third Test at Ranchi which led to his exclusion from fourth match at Dharamsala. Surely, fans of RCB are unhappy with his absence but Mr. Nags, who is among the funniest characters in the RCB camp, has revealed the actual reason behind Kohli not playing initial games for the team in the 10th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL). If Nags is to be believed, the RCB players wanted to play under him, and not Kohli.

Nags often tries his best to troll the RCB cricketers but most of the times ends up getting trolled. But this time, he got too far and conspired to keep Kohli out of the team. In the latest video uploaded by RCB s official YouTube channel, Nags first gained Kohli’s trust and then went to every player of the team to get their autograph. The players were not aware of the reason behind Nags taking their autographs; however, Chris Gayle sensed something unusual with that but could not figure out.

After taking their autographs, Nags made a document, writing that players want to play under him and not Kohli and used their signature in the document. And that, actually, is the actual reason behind Kohli not leading the side in the initial phase of the tournament, as per Nags.

However, it is a known fact that this is humorous video by RCB and is not to be taken seriously, especially whatever Mr. Nags says. Kohli is expected to be back as soon as he gets 120 percent fit, as he said the other day.