Sunrisers Hyderabad opener David Warner has broken his silence over the MS Dhoni vs umpire Paul Rieffel row that sparked a nationwide row. Warner was a part of the match and had seen what had transpired at a crucial stage of the match where the umpire may have been influenced by the CSK skipper to go back on his decision. Blaming the umpire, Warner speaking to India Today said that what Dhoni did was within his rights.

“That day with MS (Dhoni), I know he would have been frustrated had it been called a wide. But the simple fact is it was a wide and the umpire was going to call a wide. And he changed his mind by looking at the opposition captain’s body language,” Warner said.

Warner said no matter how a player reacts, the umpire must be firm on his stand.

“I am not saying this because it was MS Dhoni but because the captain was in the sight of the umpire right behind him. He is behind there as wicketkeeper, so he can see that, he has shown his frustration. We all do that, at times, as captains, we all show our frustrations but at the end of the day, they can make their calls, how they make it. We just gotta respect that. So there is no point of arguing,” he added.

Chennai won the match by 20 runs and ended their winless streak.

Both Hyderabad and Chennai are not in a comfortable position currently in the points table and both sides would like to get their campaign back on track.