Chennai Super Kings finished last in IPL 2020 and they would be desperate to turn things around. The franchise has already said that they are looking to build a team for the future. Former India cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir reckons Suresh Raina coming back in the side will boost CSK.

“Suresh Raina coming back will be a huge boost for CSK because he plays T20 cricket really well and he’s done a lot of good things for CSK,” Gambhir said on Star Sports’ show Cricket Connected.

Gambhir also feels this time CSK would be better-placed as they will play at Chepauk where the ball spins and they have a good know-how of the conditions and hence they could be looking at a back-up for Harbhajan Singh and Dwayne Bravo.

“Chepauk is where it’s going to start spinning and gripping. That’s how MS plays his cricket over such a long period of time whenever he has captained the Chennai Super Kings. So yes, he might look at an off-spinner because Harbhajan Singh has been released, Shane Watson and probably another all-rounder or a backup for someone like Dwayne Bravo,” he added.

Gambhir feels CSK will look for an all-rounder and an overseas batter who can replace Shane Watson. He also believes CSK will not go for a complete revamp.

“Probably there could be an all-rounder and plus an overseas batter, because there are two overseas batters normally who open for CSK. There’s not going to be too many changes to be honest. Most importantly, they should have a smaller squad, because this is only an auction for one season. After this season, there’s going to be a bigger auction. So, I don’t think CSK will have an overall revamp,” he further added.

Th auction takes place on February 18 in Chennai.