New Delhi: KL Rahul is one of the premium batters of the Indian Cricket Team, who has also captained his nation in the limited overs game. Despite being one of the best batters, Rahul reveals that his mother was after him to get a degree during the lockdown and also shed light on an interesting tale of his name, which is a common name in Indian household.

“My mother still gives me s**t for not having a degree. Even during lockdown she said ‘why don’t you finish your 30 papers? Why don’t you sit down and write it and get a degree”’, Rahul said to Gaurav Kapoor on Breakfast With Champions, YouTube channel show.

The happiest they’ve been is when I got an RBI job. Got a central government job, so they were happy. I had played four years for India already but that didn’t make them happy. This was like, yes now you’ll be stable,” he said.

The LSG captain once asked, ‘mom what do you want me to do? Like I’m playing cricket, doing well for myself, you want me to go write 30 papers? Her mother was like, ‘Yeah, why not?”

For many years Rahul thought his name was named after Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. But later found that he was born in 1992 and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Rahul’ character first hit the the screens in 1994.

“Her story was that she was a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan and his characters in the 90s were Rahul, right? So, I used to go with that story. I told one of my friends. who watches probably a lot of Bollywood movies, and he said, ‘Bro, Shah Rukh’s first character as Rahul was in 1994. You’re born in 1992. So, it doesn’t make sense’,” he told.