IPL cheerleader Pasqualotto gets offer from Bollywood

Mumbai Indians’ cheer-girl Gabriella Pasqualotto was fired for blogging on cricketers’ activities AFP

New Delhi: May 17, 2011

Mumbai Indians cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto, who was sent home midway through IPL 4 for exposing the antics of some of the top players on a blog, has been offered a role in a major Bollywood movie and also been invited to the inaugural India Grand Prix in October.

According to a report in a South Africa newspaper, the 22-year-old has been flooded with media requests from all over the world since her return to her native country.

America’s NBC channel and top radio DJs from Australia have also requested for interviews of her. The South African cheerleader, in a report, has claimed that her blogs were light, fun and innocent and not malicious.

“I mentioned Graeme Smith, but that was old news anyway. When I called Aussies ‘naughty’, it was meant as mischievous and not in a sexual way,” Pasqualotto was quoted as saying by The Independent.

Pasqualotto’s mother Amanda was furious at the treatment meted out to her daughter by the IPL orgainsers.

“The girls were told to move around in groups, but they packed her into a taxi on her own and sent her off to the airport. She had no airtime, no-one called us from the Indian agency despite promising Gabby (Pasqualotto) they would do so. She had an eight-hour stopover in Dubai and no US dollars to even buy a cup of coffee — we did not even know where she was. It’s a disgrace the way they treated her,” said Amanda.

Pasqualotto, meanwhile, said that she was quite happy to stand by her blog and tweets. “I would like to thank everyone on Twitter and Facebook for their support this week and I’m still a big fan of my team, the Mumbai Indians. Maybe there will be a Part III and if there is, it will probably be about this whole debacle,” she said.

Pasqualotto was sent back home after she bloged about her role as a cheerleader and the after-dark activities of some of the world’s top cricketers.

“We are like walking porn. All eyes are on you all the time, it is complete voyeurism. The women double take, see you and then pretend you do not exist. The men see your face, then your boobs, your butt and then your boobs again. As we walk all we hear is ‘IPL IPL’ with a little head jingle,” she had written in her blog.

Describing an after match party, Pasqualotto said, “The music pumps, the drinks flow and the cricketers come and go. We mingle and associate with important people of the IPL wearing their finest and sexiest…but the real fun happens in the VIP rooms where the players and night owls can cause scandal!”

“The few Indian players we have met, such as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma, have been very polite and kept to themselves in dark corners. Hotshots like Tendulkar with families at home are never present. The likes of Jonty Rhodes and Albie Morkel are notorious for having a good time with friends,” she further wrote.

The cheergirl added, “Ol Graeme Smith will flirt with anything, while his girlfriend lurks behind him. The Aussies are fun but naughty, such as Aiden Blizzard and Dan Christian.

“By the end of a crazy evening, a certain someone had played kissing catches with three girls known to me only. He cooed to each girl, ‘Come home with me I just want to cuddle’.”