The petitioner in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing Aditya Verma had something to cheer about on the last day of the decade when his son Lakkhan Raja, a left-handed opening batsman, made it to the Bihar Ranji Trophy team for their next game against Mizoram in Patna.

Verma, secretary of the unauthorised Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB), filed plenty of petitions against the BCCI on the spot-fixing scandal. He even dragged the erstwhile president N Srinivasan to the court.

“My son has finally got into the Bihar Ranji team. I have been assured that he will be there in the final XI against Mizoram. Hopefully, he scores some runs and cements his place,” Verma told PTI on Tuesday.

Interestingly, his son now has a job in Srinivasan’s company, India Cements.

From continuously slamming the Srinivasan faction to now taking a completely different stance, Verma is indebted to Srinivasan as the India Cements job came at a time when his son was getting disillusioned with his non-selection in the state team. The job gave him a reason to continue playing cricket.

“Because of Srinivasan sir, my son was able to continue his cricket. Now I have realised that he is the real administrator that Indian cricket needs,” said Verma, doing a 360 degree turn from the time he filed the IPL petition some years ago.

Asked if he now regrets filing the spot-fixing petition against the then Srinivasan-led BCCI, Verma went on the defensive. “There is nothing called right or wrong. It is all about time,” he said.

Verma had also filed a petition against Bihar Cricket Association (not the one he runs) alleging corruption in administration and it was believed that his son’s entry into the state squad was halted due to his run-ins with the administration.

“The case is still on. No, no, please don’t think I have withdrawn my case and that’s why my son got in. That is not the fact,” Verma signed off.