It's 'nonsense' to let BCCI decide on UDRS: Modi

Lalit Modi feels ICC should ignore BCCI and make UDRS mandatory Getty Images

New Delhi: Jun 18, 2011

Former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi says it is “nonsense” to let BCCI dictate terms on the usage of Decision Review System and the ICC should ignore the Indian Board’s rejection to make DRS mandatory in every international series.

“…it is now high-time the ICC took a stand to invoke consistency across world cricket. It is nonsense to allow an individual body to dictate an inconsistent policy to the rest of the world,” Modi wrote on his website.

“DRS was considered reliable enough for the World Cup and the technology should now be fully embraced. Otherwise, the public will lose faith in a product that television companies across the world will independently show is continually flawed. Cricket must use it or risk its credibility. The ICC cannot let the BCCI dictate any longer,” he said.

BCCI maintains that DRS is not 100 per cent accurate without the hot-spot and snickometer technologies and refused to allow its usage in next month’s series against England.

“It is disappointing to see the BCCI continuing to turn its back on the wider use of the technology during India?s tour of England this summer,” he said.

“DRS was in use and apparently working effectively during last winter’s Ashes series and the recent World Cup. But it won’t be used in England because the BCCI continues to oppose technology the ICC clearly believes is reliable, accurate and significantly improves decision-making,” he added.