Former India left-arm spinner Dilip Doshi has lauded Ravindra Jadeja as the best Indian spinner, and feels fellow partner R Ashwin hasn’t evolved himself with time. Ashwin and Jadeja were India’s spin twins across all formats before being limited to Test cricket and in among the two, Doshi reckons the allrounder is better equipped to spin bowling.

“I still think Jadeja is the best spinner in this side. Ashwin has not improved over the years. I agree he is steady, but I feel he has not improved to a level where he should have been for whatever reason it may be,” Doshi told Times of India.

When it comes to picking the best in the world, he has no second thoughts about the one spinner that stands head and toe above the rest in an era where spin bowling is not as highlighted as it used to be.

“I would hate to say the art is dying, but it definitely is in a problematic phase,” Doshi, who claimed 136 wickets across 33 Tests and 15 ODIs, said. “Spin bowling all over the world is very ordinary now. But if you ask me, I like Nathan Lyon among modern-day spinners. He has a classical action and good attitude too. Otherwise, I don’t see any hope.”

Doshi is as old school as one can get and is not a fan of experimentation. In a time where, the doosra and the teesra have become a staple for spinners, Doshi is more concerned about bowlers not focussing more towards the stock ball.

“First get your pehela right. I will say 98 percent of spin bowling is your stock ball. So you have to master your stock ball first. Controlling your stock ball is important and in doing so, you have to vary it according to situations and the batsmen. But that variation comes within your stock ball,” he said.

“Spin bowling has a lot of muscle memory. If you keep changing your action, it affects your main delivery. It’s like writing. You don’t change your grip for that.”