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A man named Irfan Bukhari, who is an engineer by profession, has started the first indoor-cricket academy in Jammu and Kashmir, for budding cricketers in the state.

Bukhari says the academy is aimed at promoting cricketing activities in the state and will provide opportunities to talented cricketers. It currently has a turf and a balling machine.

“I was born in Srinagar, but did my engineering from Bangalore. When I came back to my hometown in 2003, then we started a small business of engineering equipments. Later on we came up with the idea of starting a cricket academy,” Bukhari told ANI.

Irfan was himself a cricketer from childhood and therefore wanted to do something for budding cricketers of the state. He started the academy with the help of his friends.

The academy will also help in streamlining state wide cricketing activities, said Bukhari.

“This academy is for budding players who want to play the sport. I would urge people to continue such efforts in other districts of the state also,” he added.