Gillespie was among those who criticised the victory    Getty Images
Gillespie was among those who criticised the victory Getty Images

Brian Hall, the captain of Carew Cricket Club, declared their innings on 18 for 1, knowing well that the final of Pembrokeshire Division One will go in favour of Cresselly Cricket Club. However, by the virtue of total accumulated points, Hall s side emerged as the winner. While this was one rare tactic by any captain to take his side to victory, many have raised questions on the club and its captain s sportsmanship. Apart from local journalists and cricket enthusiasts, the critics include former Australia paceman Jason Gillespie, Netherlands national team captain Peter Borren and Mark Wallace, former Glamorgan cricketer.

Carew had come into the final with 21 points in hand and even the victory could not help Cresselly gather more than 20 points. However, not many seem impressed with the victory:

Hard to argue, not condoning their move. Cant help but feel that the playing conditions need to be crystal clear so it can’t be exploited.

Jason Gillespie (@dizzy259) September 13, 2017


The level where this happened was recreational. It’s meant to be played for enjoyment; what fun is there in not playing?!

Brian Murgatroyd (@murgersb) September 13, 2017

Pembroke County Cricket Club (PCMC) released a statement regarding the incident saying, Pembroke County Cricket Club received several written complaints concerning the conduct of both Carew CC and their captain, Brian Hall, following their match with Cresselly. In accordance with the procedures as outlined in the county handbook, a disciplinary sub-committee met on Monday, 11 September. As a result of that meeting Carew have been charged with bringing the county cricket club into disrepute. Mr Hall has been charged with a failure in his duties as a captain in ensuring the game was played within the spirit of cricket, reported Wisden.

Haverfordwest Cricket Club will host a hearing on September 26 regarding the same where Hall has been summoned.