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Legendary Pakistan cricketer Javed Miandad has called on PCB to playing boycott matches against India in ICC events. The veteran of 124 Tests, who also coached the national team thrice, said it was time Pakistan took a strong stance on cricket ties with India keeping in mind national interest and pride. “It is time we responded with bricks to stones. There is no need for us to play with India at any forum if they are not willing to restore bilateral ties. We should also boycott playing against them in all ICC events,” he said. Miandad said it was useless begging India to play bilateral cricket.

“I think when we don’t play India in ICC events and the ICC suffers financial losses and their events lose significance and colour, only than we will be treated with respect and we will be heard on a equal level at any forum,” Miandad added. He said the international cricket community will also realise the injustice being done to Pakistan cricket by the Indians. Miandad noted that India and Pakistan were both equal members of the ICC executive board and yet the other members had not accepted that injustice is being done to Pakistan.

“If the ICC board is not able to convince India to change its stance why should they expect us to play in the ICC events with India?” asked Miandad. The former captain felt the PCB was only going to waste valuable money by taking its compensation claim to the ICC disputes resolution committee. “The same money, 100 crores rupees or more, can be pumped into our cricket infrastructure because no one will listen to us as India is very influential and strong in the ICC level. I see it as a waste of time and money,” he said.

Miandad said the Indians had taken full advantage of Pakistan’s fluid stance and the biggest mistake was to go to India in 2012 and play the short limited over series there. “We called it a good gesture but they took advantage of it and earned millions and in return we got nothing. And our failure to take a strong policy decision on ties with India has resulted in embarrassment for us many times,” he stated. He said country’s pride and respect should be given top priority now and Pakistan must not run after India to play any series.

“Boycott them in ICC events. Take a stance and see what will happen. We have nothing to lose,” Miandad concluded.