Javed Miandad asks Punjab government to keep politics away from sports

javed Miandad said that no teams will be interested in visiting Pakistan if Punjab government keep demolishing the main security wall of the Gaddafi stadium Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Lahore: Jun 9, 2012

The Punjab government has been asked by Javed Miandad, the Director General of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), to keep sure politics stays away from sports and the safety of the players are maintained rather than depending on security wall at the Gaddafi Stadium.

Miandad said that PCB is working on to bring back international cricket in Pakistan and Punjab government s demolition of the main security wall of the stadium will prove negative for countries showing interest.

“Its very unfortunate that the Punjab government is not understanding the situation of security of the players which should be of paramount importance. Such a step would damage the reputation of the Punjab government,” Miandad said.

“The PCB is following the ICC laid security conditions for hosting any kind of test series or matches and like the present situation it would be difficult for the board to host any team on home grounds.

“The Sindh government provided foolproof security to the Sri Lankan team during their last visit to Pakistan and what happened afterwards was an unfortunate thing,” he concluded.