Javed Miandad © Getty Images
Javed Miandad © Getty Images

Pakistan great Javed Miandad has questioned the nomination of former Test captain Zaheer Abbas for the International Cricket Council (ICC) Presidency, saying his expertise would be of no use in a ceremonial post. “My only contention is that while it is an honour for Zaheer but is he the right man for this position?,” Miandad asked. READ: FICA advises Pakistan cricketers to form players association

“I can’t understand why Najam Sethi had last minute change of mind and talked about sending a former player for this purpose. I personally feel the ICC President’s job was the right one for Najam Sethi as it is a ceremonial post and has nothing to do with cricket,” Miandad said.

Miandad who has also thrice remained head coach of the national team felt Zaheer Abbas should have been given a job by the PCB where his cricket expertise would come into play. “In the ICC in a ceremonial post he will be wasted,” he added. READ: PCB takes cue from BCCI; wishes to revamp cricket committee with former players

Sethi, a former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, last week announced he was withdrawing from the nomination for ICC President as sent by the PCB to the world body. Sethi took the line that since the ICC would be honoring former greats by making them President from 2016 onwards it was better they started the trend this year.

Sethi asked the PCB to nominate a former player in his place and the PCB announced Zaheer Abbas as their replacement. Miandad said Zaheer was an icon in world and Pakistan cricket and the PCB should be utilizing him in an influential position. “I just get this feeling the PCB has sidelined Zaheer for one year as there was pressure on them to give former greats more responsibilities in the board,” Miandad said. READ: PCB bans employees from commentating on television

He said Pakistan cricket was facing problems because instead of having former greats like Zaheer or Majid Khan as Chairman or Chief Executive of the PCB, non-technocrats were calling the shots in Pakistan cricket. Miandad, who himself worked in the PCB for nearly eight years as Director cricket, complained he was not given the authority and power he required to do something.

The former Test batsman also alleged that Pakistan cricket was going backwards because there were two groups working in the board, one loyal to existing Chairman Shaharyar Khan and the other to Najam Sethi. Interestingly, Khan two days back told a media conference in Karachi that the board had made it clear to Sethi that once he started working as ICC President he would have nothing to do with the PCB. READ: Shahryar Khan vows to revive Pakistan cricket’s domestic structure

“I think it is high time the government appointed a better management in the PCB because it shouldn’t only be treated as a money making machine but also an institution that has to work for improving Pakistan cricket and cricketers,” Miandad concluded.