With the world reeling under the Covid pandemic, former cricketer Javed Miandad slammed at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) over talks of resuming the remaining season of the Pakistan Super League in June in UAE. Admitting that it is not the right time to play cricket, Miandad reckoned one should be more focused on saving lives at the present moment.

“This is not the time to play cricket, it is the time to save lives. In these times of crisis, we should be more focused on saving lives rather than playing cricket. The whole world has been affected by the coronavirus. India, where the world cup was supposed to take place, is also severely affected by the epidemic,” Miandad was quoted as saying by CricketPakistan.com.

“They are risking the lives of several individuals for their own financial gains. If it was in my hands, I would not take the big risk of organising the remaining PSL matches. If they hold this event and face problems, then who will be responsible?” he added.

Meanwhile, the Indian Premier League was suspended by the Board of Control of Cricket in India in the wake of the Covid surge across the country. Reports suggest that the BCCI is eyeing the September window to conduct the remaining 31 matches. TBCCI President Sourav Ganguly has already ruled out the possibility of the remaining matches happening in India and UAE is being looked at as an option.

No confirmation has come in as yet with a number of international matches coming up.