Omar Abdullah © IANS

New Delhi: Dec 4, 2013


Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said the state is unable to host any international cricket match as there are no stadia or infrastructure required at that level.


Even as Ranji matches have started in Srinagar, he said when compared with cricket stadia in other cities the standard of those in Jammu and state capital Srinagar was no match in terms of facilities.


“It can happen but to host international cricket we do not have stadiums of that quality. Earlier, when we used to host international matches, the standard of stadiums was not so high across the country. But now when we compare the stadiums of other cities with those of Jammu and Srinagar, we do not have that level of infrastructure,” he said.


Speaking at “Agenda Aaj Tak” organised by the news channel, Omar said he has requested his father Union minister Farooq Abdullah, who is the also the chief of JKCA, to give at least one good stadium in the state to bring it on the international cricket map.


“The state cricket board president is my father and I keep complaining to him about it. I requested him that give us at least one good stadium in the state. We may not initiate with international match but we can start with an IPL matches in which international players, exhibition matches. If we can take these small steps, in two three years, we can surely have international matches as well again,” he said.