Jos Buttler, Steven Finn and Eoin Morgan misbehave in Amsterdam streets following Ben Stokes-Alex Hales pub brawl episode

England cricket's star players have been under the radar due to their shabby off field behaviour off late.

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Jos Buttler and Eoin Morgan (R) © Getty Images
Jos Buttler and Eoin Morgan (R) © Getty Images

Last week England cricket met with a severe jolt when Ben Stokes and Alex Hales were involved in a pub brawl in Bristol. The two are in line for a hearing in the court, but looks like England players aren’t done yet. Jos Buttler, Steven Finn and Eoin Morgan have joined the list. Reportedly, Buttler had a stag to do, and invited some of his teammates in Amsterdam. Later on, he along with Finn were seen misbehaving in the red light area of Amsterdam after alcohol consumption.

While Finn was having his share of fun playing with a sex toy, Buttler was most drunk and even harassed a moped driver with his group of friends. In addition, the English players also chatted with a prostitute and she stated, “They were obviously just fooling and having a laugh. It was clear that none of them were going to have sex.”

Author’s take:

Players have the right to do whatever they want off the field. Nonetheless, there is certain boundary, or limit, on everything. The point is not that the bunch of English players were roaming around in the red light area of Amsterdam, but their immature ‘behaviour’. Playing with a sex toy and interrupting passer-bys will certainly come under scrutiny especially when they are known faces of the national side.

All this comes in a time wherein Stokes and Hales have already created enough ruckus by beating a former soldier outside a pub in Bristol. England’s team director, Andrew Strauss had already warned players to avoid any further controversy ahead of the much-anticipated The Ashes 2017-18 Down Under. While Joe Root and Stuart Broad gave Buttler’s stag a miss, Finn, Morgan and Buttler have again evoked controversy.

Surely, England cricket stars are grabbing the headlines for the wrong reasons ahead of the all-important Australia tour in November.

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