Hello and welcome to CricketCountry”s coverage of the third Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) match between Karnataka Bulldozers and Chennai Rhinos at M Chinnaswamy Stadium at Bangalore. This is the sixth edition of the CCL and Telugu Warriors are the defending champions, winning the 2015 edition.Teluhu Warriors eased to a five-wicket win over Kerala Strikers in their first match of the tournament on Friday. In the other match it was Mumbai Heroes, who defeated new entrants Punjab De Sher by a whooping 97 runs. Karnataka Bulldozers and Chennai Rhinos will want to get off to a wining start and win by a huge margin, just like the two teams did on Saturday.

Live Cricket Score, Chennai Rhinos 128/9 in overs 16, Batting:Bharath 0(0), Shaam 8(11): And the Karnataka Bulldozers win by 83 runs! A great performance from their end. Rajeev Sharma has been their star performer today with bat, ball and on the field while Mahesh bowled brilliantly to ensure the victory.

Live Cricket Score, Chennai Rhinos 102/8 in overs 16, Batting:Kalaiyarasan 20(14), Shaam 4(7):And the captain departs without making much contributions. It is just a matter of time for the Bulldozers to pick up the victory. Kalaiarasan is doing good but at this point of time that inning sis coming late. He isn’t getting any support from the other side as well.

Live Cricket Score, Chennai Rhinos 85/7 in overs 13, Batting:Kalaiyarasan 8(6), Aarya 0(1): A brilliant over fro Mahesh and it’s almost finished for the Rhinos. 2 wickets and maiden, skipper Aarya comes into the field well aware of the situation, and he needs take the total to a respectable one.

Live Cricket Score, Chennai Rhinos 66/4 in overs 10, Batting:Vishnu 6(14), Ashok 7(9): And Chennai look in danger. They have 6 wickets left but need 146 runs off 60 balls which is not easy. They are losing wickets quickly. On the other hand, the Bulldozers have done great with both bat and ball.

Live Cricket Score, Chennai Rhinos 48/3 in overs 6, Batting:Vishnu 2(3), Prithvi 8(5): From a great start, suddenly the Rhinos are in back-foot. They need big overs so that they can get to the target quickly but the Bulldozers bowlers are not letting the Rhinos batsmen play freely.

OUT! Vikranth c Rajeev b Sharma

Live Cricket Score, Chennai Rhinos 30/0 in overs 3, Batting:Vikranth 17(6), Ramana 5(12):And an almost identical start from the Rhinos as they are hitting hard. Bulldozers were 26/0 after their 1st 3 overs and Rhinos are ahead of them now if compared.

*Chennai Rhinos innings starts*

Live Cricket Score, Karnataka Bulldozers 211/3 in overs 20, Batting: Mahesh 5(3), Sudeep 10(7):A HUGE TOTAL BY THE BULLDOZERS! The Bulldozers have put up a huge total of 211 with the loss of 6 wickets. The chase will not be easy, but the Chennai Rhinos have a big line up. It’s not impossible but the Rhinos will have to do a great job with the bat.

Live Cricket Score, Karnataka Bulldozers 176/5 in overs 17, Batting: Sharma 31(25), Sudeep 1(2): A great team spirit shown by Dhruva Sharma as he gets his half century and is dismissed but comes back to play as a runner for Sudeep. *Loud cheers from the crowd as they welcome their favourite Sudeep*

Live Cricket Score, Karnataka Bulldozers 142/3 in overs 14, Batting: Sharma 31(25), Karthik 1(2): A run and a wicket. A great over by experienced Ashok and now the Rhinos are bagging wickets they needed. But the wickets are coming late as the Bulldozers have put up a huge run on the board already.

Live Cricket Score, Karnataka Bulldozers 91/1 in overs 10, Batting: Sharma 27(19), Rahul 39(26): Some serious hammering by the Bulldozers batsmen here and Rhinos are in back-foot. They need a few wickets to stop the in pour of runs from the Bulldozers.

OUT! Rahul c Bharath b Vishnu 39(27)

Live Cricket Score, Karnataka Bulldozers 91/1 in overs 10, Batting: Sharma 27(19), Rahul 39(26): Chennai Rhinos are being dominated fully as the Bulldozers are playing professional cricket entirely. Picking out the loose balls and hitting them for boundaries and defending the good ones. Rhinos need a wicket.

Live Cricket Score, Karnataka Bulldozers 60/1 in overs 6, Batting: Sharma 3(4), Rahul 35(19): And the Rhinos get their first breakthrough as Pradeep goes for 12. Pradeep had a hamstring injury and wasn’t looking comfortable. He hit a four and departed in the next ball. Sharma is in now and looks confident. *Catherine Tresa, the brand ambassador of Chennai Rhinos is present in the stadium today*

OUT! Pradeep c Kalaiyarasan b Vikranth 12(13)

Live Cricket Score, Karnataka Bulldozers 26/0 in overs 3, Batting: Pradeep 8(10), Rahul 17(8): A very good start by the Bulldozers as they have managed to put up good runs on the board. Both the batsmen are hitting back to back boundaries. Both look set and are key players of the team.

TOSS: Chennai Rhinos won the toss and elected to bowl.

Karnataka Bulldozers will have Kiccha Sudeep as their skipper while Chennai Rhinos will be led by Aarya Chennai Rhinos are the most successful team in the CCL. Both teams have won the title twice and will look to add to their tally in this edition. The two teams met in the final of the first two seasons of CCL, with Chennai winning both times. Karnataka Bulldozers on the other hand, beat Telugu Warriors in the final in 2013 and Kerala Strikes in 2014. Telugu Warriors however managed to win in 2015, beating Chennai Rhinos in he final in 2015.


Karnataka Bulldozers: Sudeep (c), Darshan, Rajeev, Tharun Chandra, Tarun Sudhir, Dhruv, Vishwas, Pradeep, Rahul, Chetan, Dharma, Sunil Rao, Jayram Karthik, Abhimanyu, Mahesh, Rajesh, Mayur Patel

Chennai Rhinos: Aarya (c), Jiva, Vishnu, Vikranth, Ramana, Prithivi, Shanthnu, Ashok, Balaji, Sharan, Sanjay, Bharath, Bose, Shaam, Uday.