Kevin Pietersen reacts angrily over allegations of using silicone tape

Kevin Pietersen said he will walk if he knows he had nicked a ball © Getty Images

Aug 7, 2013

England batsman Kevin Pietersen on Wednesday reacted in an angry manner over the allegations being made in the Australian media, that he had used a special tape on his bat to prevent the detection of the edges.

The reports in media suggested that players from both the sides used the special tape, but only Pietersen was named.

“If I nick it, I’ll walk,” Pietersen wrote on Twitter.

“To suggest I cheat by covering my bat with silicone [in order to fool the Hot Spot system] infuriates me. Such horrible lies.”

The BBC reported that International Cricket Council (ICC) General Manager Geoff Allardice will meet both side’s cricketers in Durham, where the fourth Ashes Test will be played.

Allardice will discuss concerns over the use of the Decision Review System (DRS). The dicsussion will also be on the silicone tape on bats, as there are no laws banning the use of it.