Kevin Pietersen saga was unfortunate, feels Andrew Strauss

Former England captain Andrew Strauss added that the week before the last Test was very difficult for him as a batsman AFP

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Sep 16, 2012

Former England captain Andrew Strauss feels the Kevin Pietersen saga in his last series as a skipper was a sad episode and hoped it serves as an important lesson for many people involved in England cricket management.

He said, “It s not a topic that I m all that comfortable talking about at the moment, partly because there s a lot still going on, and I think it s unhelpful for me to say anything that might be put in headlines and might influence people in any way.

“All I will say that it was a sad episode to go through in that week before the final Test, and I hope everyone has learnt some important lessons.

“If you don t learn from that and ask yourself how could we have avoided this situation? then you are very foolish.

“One of the things I was most uncomfortable about with my decision was that I was retiring without having this situation resolved fully.

“I didn t want to leave it on Andy Flower s plate or put it in Alastair Cook s hands, but in the end it would have been the wrong reason for me to stay on.

“That week before the last Test was a difficult week the run-in to selecting the side, my 100th Test, and a Test we desperately needed to win.”

Strauss added that the week before the last Test was very difficult for him as a batsman.

He was quoted by The Telegraph as saying, “My second innings against South Africa was the only time in my career where I ve walked out to the middle and my mind was completely fuzzy.

“It was at the end of a long day, and it had been a long week, and I just couldn t concentrate, and that was a shame.

“At the back of my mind I was reasonably clear that it was going to be my last innings for England and I wasn t in a position to play as well as I would have liked to.”

Earlier, Strauss had dismissed suggestions the fall-out from the row generated by Pietersen had played any part in his decision.

Strauss emphasises that he is comfortable with his retirement decision and that he has no regrets after retiring.

“But now I ve made the decision and my career is finished, I d really like to emphasise how comfortable I am with the decision. Everyone has got to go at some stage and I m very happy with the way it all finished for me.,” said Strauss. “I certainly have no regrets, I m madly keen and passionate that the team go on and play well in future, I m not bitter how I ve been treated by the media or members of the public.”

He added, “I just feel so happy and satisfied and fortunate to have had that opportunity to play for England, and for me personally that s a lovely way to leave the game.

“I d rather err on the side of leaving too early. Part of that is a reaction to what happened in Sri Lanka where my batting form became a big talking point and people said I had to get runs to justify my place in the side.

“I felt I didn t want to go through that again. It s not the way I want to finish my career and also it s not fair on the team if it s a distraction for everyone else.”