Kolkata Weather Forecast, IPL 2022 Eliminator, LSG v RCB

The forecast is not the best as there are chances of rain. This is the season of the Kalbaisakhi (strong winds accompanied with rain) showers in Bengal. In the week gone by, the city witnessed rain in the evening – precisely when the IPL matches start. These showers do not last for a long time.

The humidity would be on the higher side around the 80 per cent-mark and there are chances of thunderstorms. The temperature would be around the 27-30-degree-mark, which would not be comfortable for the players. There is four per cent chance of precipitation. The good part here is that the Eden Gardens has a very good drainage facility. So as and when the rain stops, play can start in under 30 minutes.

NOTE: With Kalbaisakhi, it is hard to predict.