Lalit Modi tweets against N Srinivasan after Subroto Roy ends ties with BCCI

Earlier on Saturday, Pune Warriors franchise owner Subroto Roy decided to end all the ties with the BCCI by withdrawing sponsorship of the Indian team and also from the IPL Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Feb 4, 2012

Former Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner Lalit Modi has once again lashed out at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for their poor treatment of IPL franchises.

After the Pune Warriors franchise owner Subroto Roy decided to end all the ties with the BCCI by withdrawing sponsorship of the Indian team and also from the IPL, Modi tweeted,” Sahara termination – shows how unhappy the major sponsor and franchise owner is with the way Bcci deals with its partners. This is really a sad day. Sahara has been sports biggest supporter and Pillar. “

Modi lashed out specifically at BCCI President, N Srinivasan, who is also the co-owner of the franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

He tweeted,” When another Team owner, is a state association President, BCCI President and just showed that he controls ICC thru his clout. And does things only in favour of himself. This was bound to happen.”

The former IPL commissioner opined that Srinivasan should quit the BCCI as he is incapable of managing the IPL franchises.

“BCCI President needs to go. He has no concept of taking people along. The Fans, Players Sponsors, Franchisee owners, are the people who the make us what we are. And they need to be listened too. Not shunned away.

“Its a black day for Indian Cricket. All due to One ego maniac. Wonder how we allow that to continue. It will ruin cricket completely,” Modi tweeted.

Modi supported Subroto s decision to end relationships with the BCCI. He wrote on his twitter account,” “All I can say is that whenever sports was in trouble – we could always count on Sahara being there. They were one solid company one could always bank on coming through.

“BCCI has made all posts redundant in BCCI and want to do the same in ICC. They want only one door to be opened for cricket. That door has a Plate on it N Srinivasan. Owner CSK, President TNCA, President BCCI, controller ICC.

“Media should examine due to actions of one man N Srinivasan alone BCCI has lost 240 cr on zee contract, 330 million USD on Kochi contract, 370 million USD on Pune contract, 150 million USD on Sahara sponsorship and close to 400 million USD on Nimbus contract. Wow that’s a lot of zeros.

“All the fans of the game should use social media to make there views public about the current affairs of bcci and that they want change.

“What Mr Roy has said is absolutely correct. They were sold franchise at 370 m dollars based on revenue from 94 games.”

Modi and Srinivasan have been at loggerheads in the past as well. Earlier, Srinivasan has said that former Indian Premier League commissioner Modi is making a mockery of the BCCI sitting in London and posting tweets, but also of the Indian judicial system.

“He is mocking us from England with his tweets. He is making a mockery of our judicial system. He thinks he can still control cricket with his tweets and blogs. I cannot issue summons, I do not run a court in this country. There are investigating agencies which are pursuing these cases against him. There are courts which will take note if summons are being avoided,” Srinivasan told India Today.

“If the Government wants, his passport will be cancelled. The recent Supreme Court judgment rejected Modi’s demand for a change in the BCCI Disciplinary Committee probing him,” he said.

While Modi had blamed the BCCI president for the termination of the IPL franchise Kochi Tuskers Kerala. Modi believed that Kochi s termination was brought in to help the current BCCI president N Srinivasan, who was not in favour of adding two more teams to the cash-rich league.

“A valuable property of BCCI (franchisee) has been reduced to zero. This is all being done with a design to help N Srinivasan, as he never wanted inclusion of two more teams. I expect another franchise to be terminated or he will try and sell it to somebody at a lesser price. On my part, all I was trying to do was ensure that I protected the revenues of BCCI with credible parties and safeguard against any default.” Modi said.