Leading England is no laughing matter, says Graeme Swann

Graeme Swann said he never dreamt of being England captain few years ago AFP

London: Sep 24, 2011

Graeme Swann, the funny man of the England team who is leading the ENgland team in two T20 matches against West Indies has admitted that the captaining England is no laughing matter.

“No one would have believed this four or five years ago (about him being captain of England), least of all me,” said Swann.

He added, “It’s surreal to sit here but it’s great because I’ve always harboured ambitions to lead at least a first-class team. I’ve surprised myself how excited I am. My mother always said I would captain England but I’m not sure what sport she was thinking of.”

“For all the impression I give of messing around, it is not actually like that in the changing room and most of the joking I do tends to be in the Anderson-Swann-Bresnan corner. I’ve curbed back this week because I can’t be seen to be taking the mickey out of my players,” Swann was quoted in The Daily Mail.

He further said, “It’s nice that I’ve got a chance to show people the inner workings of my mind, which I think are brilliant. I think of myself as a lieutenant, albeit one Strauss never listens to, but I always take over when he leaves the field, anyway. Whatever Cook might think, I’m firmly in charge!”