Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the Afghanistan tour of United Arab Emirates, 2015 match between Afghanistan and Oman at Abu Dhabi. I am Paulami Chakraborty and I will bring to you the live updates of the exciting match. The teams will face off in the first of the two Twenty20 International matches of the current tour. The match will be classified as an international game since both teams have T20I status. This tournament will be a great challenge for both the teams as they are currently enjoying a good form in T20 format with quite a few recent victories.

*Afghanistan win by 27 runs* Oman final score: All out for 132 in overs 18.1

OUT! Lalcheta c sub (Mirwais Ashraf) b Yamin Ahmadzai 16 (10)

OUT! Bilal Khan c Asghar Stanikzai b Sayed Shirzad 0 (2)

OUT! Sultan Ahmed c & b Sayed Shirzad 27 (13)

Live Cricket Score, Oman 112/7 in overs 16 | BATTING: Ajay Lalcheta 2(3), Sultan Ahmed 22(10): Sultan Ahmed is in the crease and has started off with a couple of boundaries, the same with Lalcheta. They both are trying to score as much as they can as there are just 4 overs to go. Three wickets down for Oman and it looks like they are on the verge of losing.

OUT! Adnan Ilyas c †Mohammad Shahzad b Nasim Baras 34 (31)

OUT! Zeeshan Siddiqui st Mohammad Shahzad(WK) b Samiullah Shenwari 2 (3)

Live Cricket Score, Oman 72/4 in overs 12 | BATTING: Adnan Ilias 14(12), Aamir Kaleem 5(7): A splendid catch by skipper Asghar Stanikzai gets Jatinder Singh at extra cover. Gets his hand under it and holds it well. Oman in danger now, their hope is upon Adnan Ilias who has been their star batsman in the last few matches.

OUT! Jatinder Singh c Asghar Stanikzai b Samiullah Shenwari 10 (18)

Live Cricket Score, Oman 51/3 in overs 8 | BATTING: Jatinder Singh 8(15), Adnan Ilias 14(12): Just one boundary in the last three overs. This is good that they are trying to protect their wicket to play for full 20 overs but they need to score as well as the required run rate is going up with every over and that might create more pressure.

Live Cricket Score, Oman 33/3 in overs 5 | BATTING: Jatinder Singh 2(6), Adnan Ilias 2(3): Three wickets in three overs and that is not a good news for Oman. Afghanistan bowlers are doing great and the credit goes to their captain Asghar Stanikzai who is rotating the bowlers really well. They must be desperate to win this match to maintain their reputation and add positives to their T20I run prior to World T20 in 2016. The amount of run on the board to chase seems to have created tension in the Oman camp that is resulting in successive wickets.

OUT! Mehran Khan 8 (10)

OUT! Khawar Ali c †Mohammad Shahzad b Yamin Ahmadzai 2 (4)

OUT! Zeeshan Maqsood c Mohammad Shahzad (Wk) b Sayed Shirzad 19 (7)

Live Cricket Score, Oman 15/0 in overs 1 | BATTING: Khawar Ali 0(1), Zeeshan Maqsood 15(5): Two fours and a sixer already from Zeeshan Maqsood already that shows they are looking forward to play aggressive cricket. But this also comes with the chances of losing early wickets that will go in favor of Afghanistan.

*Oman’s innings start*

Live Cricket Score, Afghanistan 159/8 in overs 16 | BATTING: Yamin Ahmadzai 1(1), Gulbadin Naib 14(8): Afghanistan comes to end but isn’t as good as it looked like. Right after Usman Ghani was dismissed, they match lost its pace and the run rate went down. Looking at the last game of Afghanistan, the total looks achievable for Oman. The Afghan bowlers need to give their hundred percent taking 2-3 early wickets to be in the contest while a steady openning partnership will be fruitful for Oman.

OUT! Sayed Shirzad run out 1 (2)

OUT! M Nasim Baras run out 1 (2)

OUT! Usman Ghani c Aamir Kaleem b Mehran Khan 69 (54)

Live Cricket Score, Afghanistan 124/4 in overs 16 | BATTING: Shafiqullah 2(3), Usman Ghani 64(46): Usman Ghani looks unstoppable. Hammering it in every region and is set to hit some more. Oman bowlers need to get him out in order to stop the flood of runs. Nine fours and a six so far. Afghanistan is cruising towards a huge total.

OUT! Samiullah Shenwari c Bilal Khan b Mehran Khan 17 (13)

Live Cricket Score, Afghanistan 44/3 in Overs 12 | BATTING: Shamiullah Shenwari 2(4), Usman Ghani 57(40): Usman Ghani is doing the destruction here for Afghanistan. A much needed 50 from his bat that gives stability to the Afghanistan innings. Afghanistan close to their 100 and if Ghani continues, they can easily make 180 plus which will not be an easy chase for the Oman batsmen. 

OUT! Karim Sadiq c Jatinder Singh b Zeeshan Maqsood 26 (22)

OUT! Asghar Stanikzai b Lalcheta 8 (10)

Live Cricket Score, Afghanistan 44/1 in Overs 5 | BATTING: Asghar Stanikzai 8(8), Usman Ghani 30(20): Fearless hitting from Usman Ghani. Six boundaries already and he is on fire. He loves to hit it towarsd point and mid-off so the bowlers need to be more cautious. Skipper Stanikzai has played a class knock last time keeping his cool and is expected of the same this time as well.

Live Cricket Score, Afghanistan 7/1 in Overs 1 | BATTING: Asghar Stanikzai 1(2), Usman Ghani 0(2): Big blow for Afghanistan as Mohammad Shahzad is dismissed in the second ball of the first over. The same thing happened in the last last match. Losing an early wicket can change their usual course of play entirely and gift the victory to Oman.

OUT! Mohammad Shahzad c Zeeshan Maqsood b Bilal Khan 4 (2)

TOSS: Oman won the toss and elected to field

Afghanistan lost their first T20I against Hong Kong in the current tour and are in back-foot now, though they have recently completed a successful tour of Zimbabwe winning against them in both One-Day Internationals (ODI) and T20 formats. Expected to perform brilliantly, the Afghanistan team let down their fans as the batsmen failed to put up a good performance. It was skipper Asghar Stanikzai who scored a good 37 ball 51 before getting run-out. They put up 163 on board and lost it to Hong Kong as their skipper Tanwir Afzal came to rescue. Tanwir scored 42 off 22 and led his side to a 4 wicket victory.

Oman on the other hand are coming from a victory against Hong Kong in the last T20I series they had played. Oman won the contest 2-1 as Hong Kong won the last match only. Their bowler Bilal Khan performed well as he took 7 wickets in the three matches. Amongst the batsmen, it was Aamir Kaleem who was the most impactful. With both the teams in such a good form, the game is expected to be an exciting one.


Afghanistan: Afsar Zazai, Aftab Alam, Asghar Stanikzai (C), Gulbadin Naib, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Javed Ahmadi, Karim Sadiq, Mirwais Ashraf, Mohammad Shahzad (Wk), M Nasim Baras, Rokhan Barakzai, Samiullah Shenwari, Shabir Noori, Shafiqullah, Sharafuddin Ashraf, Usman Ghani, Yamin Ahmadzai, Zahir Khan

Oman: Aamir Kaleem, Aaqib Sulehri, Adnan Ilyas, Amir Ali, M Ansari, Bilal Khan, Jatinder Singh, SS Khadye, Khawar Ali, AJ Lalcheta, Mehran Khan, Mohammad Nadeem, Sufyan Mehmood, Sultan Ahmed(Wk) (C), VS Wategaonkar, Yousuf Mahmood, Zeeshan Maqsood, Zeeshan Siddiqui