Good Evening, Subho Sandhya & suba sændǣvak! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Match 3 of the Asia Cup T20 2016 between hosts Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Shere Bangla NAtional Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka on Friday. I am Bhaskar Narayan, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from today’s action. Bangladesh, who had a dreadful start to the tournament, suffered an embarrassing 45-run loss to India on Wednesday, and would aim for a turnaround against the minnows, while UAE, who too lost a close tie to Sri Lanka by 14 runs would aim to tame the tigers at their own dockyard, as both the teams are desperate to get their opening win of the tournament. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Bangladesh vs UAE, Asia Cup T20 2016, Match 3 at Dhaka

Player of the Match: Mahmudullah

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Live cricket score: UAE 82 | Overs 17.4  | Target 134 | BATTING: Mohammad Naveed 8(7): Raza gets down the track on a flighted delivery bowled by Shakib but missed it completely. Nurul Hasan stumps him for five. Raza knew it was all over for him as he walked without even looking behind. UAE are bowled out for 82. They never looked good throughout the innings. Bangladesh win by a whopping 51 runs. OUT! Ahmed Raza st Nurul Hasan b Shakib Al Hasan 5(14)

Live cricket score: UAE 80/9 | Overs 16.2  | Target 134 | BATTING: Ahmed Raza 2(9), Mohammad Naveed 8(3): Naveed hits two fours off Ahmed making his intentions clear that he will fight till the very end. He first hit the length ball towards the covers and then towards the third man. He was lucky as the second four took the outside edge of his bat.

Live cricket score: UAE 71/9 | Overs 15.3  | Target 134 | BATTING: Ahmed Raza 2(8), Mohammad Naveed 0(0): Usman carts Taskin Ahmed for a six. Usman pulled the short ball pretty well over the fine leg region. The fielder attempted the catch as he jumped high in the air but fails. He is then cleaned up by Taskin Ahmed. Usman scored a run-a-ball 30. OUT! Mohammad Usman b Taskin Ahmed 30(30)

Live cricket score: UAE 65/8 | Overs 15  | Target 134 | BATTING:  Mohammad Usman 24(27), Ahmed Raza 2(8): A quiet 15th over which was bowled by Raza. The body language of the batters suggest that they have lost hopes. Both the batsmen are looking to rotate the strike rather than going for the kill.

Live cricket score: UAE 64/8 | Overs 14  | Target 134 | BATTING:  Mohammad Usman 23(25), Ahmed Raza 2(4): Saqlain advances down and makes room for himself and hits the ball pretty well but finds Mashrafe Mortaza. It was not a bad shot but Saqlain did not place it well. Usman then hits a six off a full toss at deep backward square leg. OUT! Saqlain Haider c Mashrafe Mortaza b Mahmudullah 2(4)

Live cricket score: UAE 55/7 | Overs 12.3  | Target 134 | BATTING:  Mohammad Usman 16(22), Saqlain Haider 2(2): Usman sweeps a Hasan’s delivery for a boundary over the leg gully. He smartly picks a single next ball and keeps the strike. Three singles come off the first three balls of the next over. UAE requires 79 runs from 45 balls, which is extremely tough for them considering they are seven-down.

Live cricket score: UAE 46/7 | Overs 11.2  | Target 134 | BATTING:  Mohammad Usman 9(17): Javed falls in his crease while trying to hit the ball towards short fine leg. His left leg hits the stumps. Not a good sign for any batsman. He is hit wicket. Tariq advances as Shakib bowls a flighted ball and misses it completely. The keeper does the rest. OUT! Amjad Javed hit wicket b Mahmudullah 3(10), OUT!  Fahad Tariq st Nurul Hasan b Shakib Al Hasan 0(2)

Live cricket score: UAE 44/5 | Overs 10.1  | Target 134 | BATTING:  Mohammad Usman 7(14), Amjad Javed 3(8): A tight 10th over by Shakib; just three runs from it. UAE have slowed down considerably. They need runs and in quick time. UAE now require 90 more runs from 59 balls with just five wickets remaining. Their batting has failed them second time in the tournament.

Live cricket score: UAE 41/5 | Overs 9  | Target 134 | BATTING:  Mohammad Usman 5(10), Amjad Javed 2(5): Rahman bowls three more dots before Javed takes a couple on the final ball. Mohamamd Usman then hits Mortaza for a four over fine leg. Usman was not through with his shot and was fortunate that the ball just missed hitting the off stump.

Live cricket score: UAE 34/5 | Overs 7.2  | Target 134 | BATTING:  Mohammad Usman 0(5): Rahman bowls an off-cutter and Shahazad dishes out an easy catch to him. He then bowls a slower ball, again an edge but this time the ball goes towards mid-wicket. Two back-to-back wickets for Bangladesh. Rahman misses out on a hat trick as  Javed’s outside edge falls in no man’s land. OUT! Mohammad Shahzad c&b Mustafizur Rahman 12(12), OUT! Swapnil Patil c Mashrafe Mortaza b Mustafizur Rahman 0(1)

Live cricket score: UAE 33/3 | Overs 6.3  | Target 134 | BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad 12(11), Mohammad Usman 0(2): An excellent catch by Mahmudullah at backward point. A length ball and Anwar was early with his shot as he tried to push it for a single but ends up edging it. Mahmudullah takes a beauty. OUT! Shaiman Anwar c Mahmudullah b Mashrafe Mortaza 1(4)

Live cricket score: UAE 32/2 | Overs 6  | Target 134 | BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad 12(11), Shaiman Anwar 1(3): A huge six by Shahzad off Al-Amin. A full length ball right in his slot and he hits it big and handsome down the ground. The powerplay is over and UAE needs 102 more runs from here onwards from 84 balls.

Live cricket score: UAE 25/2 | Overs 5  | Target 134 | BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad 6(8): A short widish ball by Mustafa. Mortaza cuts it towards square for a beautiful boundary; the outfield is quick. He hits hard on the last ball but it caught by Mustafizur Rahman. The batter made room for himself but was not able to middle the ball to perfection. OUT! Rohan Mustafa c Mustafizur Rahman b Mashrafe Mortaza 18(17)

Live cricket score: UAE 20/1 | Over 4  | Target 134 | BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 14(13), Mohammad Shahzad 5(6): Left-arm medium pacer Mustafizur Rahman is brought into the attack. Shahzad cuts his second ball for a four over the covers. He takes a single bringing Mustafa on strike. Mustafizur attempts a brilliant catch off his own bowling. The umpire checks with the third umpire whether he has taken it cleanly. The decision is made in the favour of the batsman. Mustafa then hits a four over deep extra cover.

Live cricket score: UAE 11/1 | Overs 3  | Target 134 | BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 10(10): Mohamamd Shahzad has come to the middle after the fall of Kaleem. He is not able to rotate the strike. Mustafa takes two runs off the first ball of Taskin’s second over. He ends the over with a huge six over deep backward point. He got inside the line of the length delivery and hit it hard.

Live cricket score: UAE 2/1 | Overs 1.3  | Target 134 | BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 2(4): A full delivery pitched outside off. The ball is darting away from Kaleem and he reaches out to hit the ball over mid-on but it was a shoddy shot selection and he finds the fielder. Good start by Bangladesh; they need more wickets as they are defending a small total. OUT! Muhammad Kaleem c Mashrafe Mortaza b Al-Amin Hossain 0(5)

Live cricket score: UAE 1/0 | Over 1  | Target 134 | BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 1(3), Muhammad Kaleem 0(3): Taskin Ahmed is handed the new ball. A length ball outside off and Mustafa leaves it. Sarkar, who was stationed in the slips then drops him. It was an easy catch which may prove costly to Bangladesh. Mustafa  takes a single on the last ball by hitting towards mid-off.

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Live cricket score: Bangladesh 133/8 | Overs 20  | BATTING: Mahmudullah 36(27): Mahmudullah hits Mustafa for a four over short fine leg. It was a low full toss. He takes a couple two times in consecutive deliveries before hitting a big six over deep mid-wicket. It was a fuller ball and Mahmudullah makes no mistake. He takes two runs and then attempts a drive over extra cover on the final ball of the match. The fielder gathers the ball and gets rid of it quickly. Taskin Ahmed is found short off his crease. OUT! Taskin Ahmed run out Saqlain Haider & Rohan Mustafa 1(2)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 116/7 | Overs 19  | BATTING: Mahmudullah 19(21), Taskin Ahmed 1(2): A slower ball by Naveed but Mortaza is not able to get his timing right, though he got the ball in the middle of  his bat. A good running catch by Fahad Tariq. Taskin Ahmed, who came next rushes for a single by hitting the ball towards short fine leg. Mahmudullah picks a single on the last ball and keeps the strike. OUT! Mashrafe Mortaza c Fahad Tariq b Mohammad Naveed 0(3)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 113/6 | Overs 18  | BATTING: Mahmudullah 17(18),Mashrafe Mortaza 0(2): Javed pitches a fuller ball outside off. Mortaza forces a slog, this time on the off. He fails completely and ends up edging it back to the keeper. Not a very big appeal and the umpire raises his finger  OUT! Nurul Hasanc Fahad Tariq b Amjad Javed 0(1)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 112/5 | Overs 17.2  | BATTING: Mahmudullah 16(17), Nurul Hasan 0(0): Sound of timber! Javed bowls a full-toss round the wicket. Shakib eyes lit up seeing it but he misses the ball completely. It goes on to hit the leg stump. OUT! Shakib Al Hasan b Amjad Javed 13(13)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 112/4 | Overs 17.1  | BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 13(12), Mahmudullah 16(17): Shahzad bowls the 17th over. Shakib makes room for himself on a fuller delivery outside off but the ball takes the inside edge of his bat and rushes towards fine leg.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 101/4 | Overs 16  | BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 8(9), Mahmudullah 11(13): Another good over by Ahmed Raza. Just seven runs off it, but it will be even better if they dry up the scoring rate completely by not allowing the batters to pick easy singles. Both the batsmen are rotating the strike very well at the moment. We will see them up the ante soon.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 94/4 | Overs 15  | BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 3(6), Mahmudullah 9(10): Amjad Javed comes back into the attack. Mahmudullah welcomes with a six at mid-wicket. It was a length ball pitched near the middle stump and Mahmudullah hooked it to perfection. Three singles come in the next five balls.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 85/4 | Overs 14  | BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 2(4), Mahmudullah 1(6): A quite 14th over by Mustafa, just two runs off it. Bangladesh have lost track after the loss of some quick wickets. UAE have been impressive; Naveed, Shahzad and Mustafa have bowled pretty well pitching the ball in the right areas and using variations to good effect.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 83/4 | Overs 12.4  | BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 1(1), Mahmudullah 0(1): Things are getting worse for Bangladesh. Mushfiqur Rahim misjudges Naveed’s bouncer and attempted a cut shot but the ball bounced a little more then anticipated. He is caught by the keeper. OUT! Mushfiqur Rahim  c Swapnil Patil b Mohammad Naveed 4(8)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 83/3 | Overs 12  | BATTING: Mushfiqur Rahim 4(5), Shakib Al Hasan 1(1): Mithun is clueless as the ball hits the inside of his bat back the wicketkeeper. The batter left the crease while playing the shot and the keeper is quick to dislodge the bails. OUT! Mohammad Mithun st Swapnil Patil b Rohan Mustafa 47(41)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 75/2 | Overs 10.3  | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 43(36), Mushfiqur Rahim 1(2): Run rate slows down after the fall of Sabbir. UAE will be hoping that they also succeed in picking up the key wicket of Mithun. Rahim takes a single by hitting Ahmed Raza over deep cover.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 72/2 | Overs 9.3  | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 41(32): Rahman advanced down but Rohan Mustafa treacherously bowls a slower delivery. The batter is only able to flick it towards mid-wicket. His shot lacked punch. OUT! Sabbir Rahman c Fahad Tariq b Rohan Mustafa 6(12)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 71/1 | Overs 9.1  | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 40(31), Sabbir Rahman 6(11): Ahmed Raza bowls a good ninth over. Five singles come off it; one off a leg bye. UAE needs wickets. Mithun can prove very dangerous later on.  Bangladesh’s current run rate is 7.75, which is quite good and they have lost just one wicket.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 65/1 | Overs 8 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 38(28), Sabbir Rahman 3(7): Only two runs come from the last four deliveries of the seventh over. Mithun then makes up for it with a six and four off Shehzad in the next over. He first hit a full length ball over deep mid-wicket for maximum. He then hits the very next ball for a boundary at the on side.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 51/1 | Overs 6.2 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 26(23), Sabbir Rahman 1(2): Shahzad’s ball takes the outside edge of Rahman’s bat. The ball rushes towards the third man. He is off the mark . Mithun then plays a dot and then takes a single off a short delivery. Mithun picks a couple off the first ball of the seventh over. He advanced down the track to Ahmed Raza and hits the ball towards deep mid-wicket.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 46/1 | Overs 5.2 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 23(19), Sabbir Rahman 0(0): Sarkar advances and pulls Shahzad for a six over deep mid-wicket. Shahzad then bowls a wide but comes back with a good length ball. Sarkar hits it hard but is not able to get the elevation and is caught at mid-on. OUT! Soumya Sarkar c Amjad Javed b Shahzad 21(14)

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 39/0 | Overs 5 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 23(19), Soumya Sarkar 15(12): An easy picking for the fielder at mid-off but he fails miserably. A short ball by Javed and Mithun had attempted a pull but the ball ends up taking the top edge of his bat. Another edge and another dropped opportunity. A no-ball and Mithun takes full advantage of it by hitting the free hit ball for a six over mid-wicket. He follows it with a four square of the wicket.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 22/0 | Overs 4 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 10(14), Soumya Sarkar 12(10): Soumya Sarkar takes a single by pushing the ball towards fine leg. A few more singles follow and he hits the penultimate ball of the over for a four over long off. It was a fuller ball pitched outside off.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 16/0 | Overs 3 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 9(12), Soumya Sarkar 7(6): Soumya Sarkar hits a boundary off a short of length ball bowled by Mohammad Shahzad. Sarkar punches the ball towards fine leg. Shahzad then changes his line a bit and the batters only succeed in picking up a couple of singles.

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 9/0 | Overs 2 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 8(11), Soumya Sarkar 1(1): Mithun smacks Amjad Javed for a four off his very first ball. It was a bad ball going towards the on side. It was asking to be punished and the batter made no mistake as he hit it well towards short fine leg. He then picks a couple off the third ball. Amjad then bowls three dots

Live cricket score: Bangladesh 3/0 | Over 1 | BATTING: Mohammad Mithun 2(5), Soumya Sarkar 1(1): Mohammad Naveed starts the proceedings for Bangladesh. He needs to pitch a little up. Mithun opens his account with a single over extra cover off the third ball. It was a fuller ball going away from the batsman. Soumya Sarkar then picks up a single over third man. Mithun tries a defensive shot but is not able to get the ball in the middle of his bat. The ball hits his pads but he is fortunate as it was missing the stumps. He then nudges the ball for a quick single over fine leg.

Toss: UAE win the toss and elect to field first


Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Nurul Hasan, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mohammad Mithun, Al-Amin Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Taskin Ahmed

UAE: Amjad Javed (c), Swapnil Patil (wk), Rohan Mustafa, Muhammad Kaleem, Mohammad Shahzad, Shaiman Anwar, Muhammad Usman, Mohammad Naveed, Saqlain Haider,  Ahmed Raza, Qadeer Ahmed

With the game being held in Mirpur, a capacity crowd of over 25,000 cannot be ruled out, and with Bangladesh having the upper hand, the support could just pump the home team up in this competition, thus allowing Bangladesh to see off this game in style. However, it would be utterly futile to write UAE off as they were just close to cause the opening upset of the tournament against Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh should well be aware of their threat and must play strong competitive cricket against the minnows to come out on the top. Bangladesh vs UAE, Asia Cup T20 2016, Match 3 at Dhaka, Preview


Bangladesh: Imrul Kayes, Soumya Sarkar, Mohammad Mithun, Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mahmudullah, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Arafat Sunny, Nurul Hasan, Abu Hider.

United Arab Emirates: Rohan Mustafa, Muhammad Kaleem, Mohammad Shahzad, Muhammad Usman, Shaiman Anwar, Swapnil Patil (wk), Saqlain Haider, Amjad Javed (c), Ahmed Raza, Mohammad Naveed, Qadeer Ahmed, Fahad Tariq, Farhan Ahmed, Zaheer Maqsood, Usman Mushtaq.