Mushfiqur Rahim-led Bangladesh will aim to maintain their winning momentum © AFP (File photo)
Bangladesh will aim to do well in the One-Day series as well © AFP (File photo)

Nov 21, 2014

Catch live scores and ball-by-ball commentary of the Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe first ODI here

(Zimbabwe will be looking to maintain their winning momentum against Zimbabwe. Catch live cricket scores of the first ODI at Chittagong here)

OUT! T Chatara b A Sunny 10(20)

Zimbabwe  194 all out in 42.1 overs

Shakib’s brilliance with both bat and ball swung the game Bangladesh’s way after they had been reduced to 31 for three. A blazing 44 off 25 balls too played a part in Bangladesh reaching 281. The Zimbabwe batsmen never came to grips with the Bangladesh spinners.  They made a good start but once Shakib and Arafat Sunny came on they were all at sea. Barring Brendan Taylor no one looked assured at the crease.



OUT! J Nyumbu c Mahmudullah b Shakib 4(9)

Zimbabwe  180/9 | Overs 40

T Chatara 8 (13),  T Kamungozi 0(2)

Shakib Al Hasan claims fourth wicket. It’s only a matter of time now. Can Shakib claim a fifth wicket? He would have made a hundred and taken a five-for in the same match. Clearly the Man of the Match

OUT! T Panyangara b A Sunny 7(9)

Zimbabwe  170/8 | Overs 37

T Chatara 0 (8),  J Nyumbu 2(2)

Zimbabwe are on brink of a heavy defeat. Panyangara has been  castled by another spinner Arafat Sunny. Panyangara could not pick an arm ball. He tried to sweep the ball but missed the line of the ball completely and the ball ricocheted onto the stumps.

OUT! S Mire b Shakib 11

Zimbabwe  170/7 | Overs 36

Tinashe Panyangara  7(7),  J Nyumbu 2(2)

Mire out, the end is nigh for Zimbabwe. Shakib scalps another one. it would not be a surprise to see the Man of the Match come his way. Second occasion that the talismanic all-rounder has made a ton and scalped three in a One-Day International


OUT! E Chigumbura c S Rahman b Mortaza 15(28)

Zimbabwe  160/6 | Overs 34

Tinashe Panyangara  1(3),  S Mire  9(12)

The Bangladesh skipper at it again. Zimbabwe slide further. Tinashe Panyangara comes in now. Zimbabwe need nothing short of a miracle at this point. Another wicket and the end could be near. Zimbabwe started well but lost their way when their way when the spinners came on.



Zimbabwe  153/5 | Overs 33

E Chigumbura 15(27),  S Mire  3(10)

Mashrafe Mortaza running in again. he’s bowling a lot better than he did at the beginning of the game. The game looks to have slipped away from the Zimbabweans. Solomon Mire comes in now. Zimbabwe will be in the mire if they lose another wicket. They need another 129 from 17 overs, a tall ask.


OUT! B Taylor c Rahim b Mortaza 54(72)

Zimbabwe  146/5 | Overs 30

E Chigumbura 11(17) ,  S Mire  0(2)

Zimbabwe lose Brendan Taylor, a crucial wicket. It is the captain Mortaza who claims the crucial wicket. This is Rahim’s 99th catch as wicketkeeper. A bad blow for the tourists.



Zimbabwe  135/4 | Overs 27

E Chigumbura 4(6) , B Taylor 50(67)

It has been a good knock by Brendan Taylor. He’s reached his half-century. He has to stay till the end if Zimbabwe are to win. Chigumbura has to give him good support if Zimbabwe do no want the game to slip away from them.

OUT! R Chakbava b Mahumudullah 9(17)

Zimbabwe  125/4 | Overs 25

E Chigumbura 1(2) , B Taylor 43(59)

Zimbabwe jolted again and it is another spinner. Mahumudullah strikes.  Chakbava appears a tad frustrated as he plays across the line.

Zimbabwe  117/3 | Overs 22

R Chakbava 6(11) , B Taylor 40(49)

Taylor is trying his best to hold the Zimbabwe innings together. He’s batting well but he needs somebody else at the other end. Mahmudullah has bowled well, at the Arafat Sunny comes back into the attack. The good thing for Zimbabwe is that Taylor keeps the scoreboard ticking with a boundary every now and then.

Zimbabwe  102/3 | Overs 19

R Chakbava 4(6) , B Taylor 29(36)

Just when Zimbabwe looked as if they were back on track they lose another wicket. The tourists desperately need a partnership here. Taylor’s presence is all the more important now. Rubel Hossain has been brought back into the attack. Only three runs of his over. Mahmudullah comes in from the other end. Five runs off his over.

OUT! H Maskadza lbw Mahmudullah 42

Zimbabwe  92/3 | Overs 17

R Chakbava 1(2) , B Taylor 25(29)

A crucial wicket that. Masakadza was looking good but another spinner Mahmudullah does the trick. The ball kept and the umpire had no hesitation ruling him out.



Zimbabwe  84/2 | Overs 15

H Masakadza 36(42) , B Taylor 21(24)

Rubel Hossain brought into the attack now. Masakadza and Taylor are looking to consolidate now.  Taylor’s scoring at a good rate. These two batsmen would look be there for sometime.

Zimbabwe  59/2 | Overs 10

H Masakadza 26(29) , B Taylor 6(7)

Those two wickets would have set Zimbabwe back. Their two most experienced batsmen, however, are at the crease. Shakib continues. FOUR!good shot by Taylor, they’ll need more of that. A loud leg-before appeal the ball after that. Umpire rules not out.

OUT! S Raza st Rahim b Shakib 15(22)

OUT! V Sibanda c Rubel b Shakib 0(2)

Zimbabwe  48/2 | Overs 8

H Masakadza 22(24) , B Taylor 0(0)

The spinner does the trick. Shakib provides the breakthrough for Bangladesh.  Two wickets in one over for the all-rounder. A  few tight overs and Raza loses patience. He steps out and misses the ball, Rahim does the rest. Vusibusi Sibanda is caught after a poor shot. Taylor in now.

Zimbabwe  43/0 | Overs 7

H Masakadza 20(22) , S Raza 15(20)

Shakib Al Hasan on from the other end. It will be interesting to see how Zimbabwe deal with spinners now. They have got off to a terrific start. Will they continue batting in the same aggressive manner or will they will be watchful against the spinners. Good over from there Shakib, only two runs. Sunny too bowls a good over, only one conceded.

Zimbabwe  43/0 | Overs 5

H Masakadza 18(19) , S Raza 15(12)

Spin into the attack in the form of Arafat Sunny. Maskadza is rapped on the pads, but the umpire does not give that one out. Sunny would look to slow down things. No run off the first three balls. Masakadza gets one away to long off. Raza ends the over with a single.

Zimbabwe  41/0 | Overs 4

H Masakadza 17(15) , S Raza 13(9)

Al-Amin Hossain runs in again. Three runs off the first ball. Raza hits it off the backfoot. Another boundary. It’s leg byes this time and Maskadza is the batsman. No run this time. A rarity given the way Zimbabwe have started. One more boundary off Masakadza’s bat.

Zimbabwe  29/0 | Overs 3

H Masakadza 12(10) , S Raza 10(8)

Mortaza runs in. He strays down the leg-side and he’s put away by Sikandar Raza for two runs. A wide from him. Not a good start fro the hosts. Four! it’s Maskadza’s turn now. Wide and short, outside the off-stump. Four, four –an electric start for Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe  13/0 | Overs 2

H Masakadza 0(6) , S Raza 7(6)

Mashrafe Mortaza begins proceedings for the hosts. 281 is a big score. The first over is a maiden. Good start by the Bangladeshi captain. Most of the deliveries were in and around the off-stump. Al-Amin Hossain, another medium pacer, on from the other end. Poor start for him. Five wides down the leg-side. Another wide, not the start he was looking for. He would hope to get it together fast. Four off the second last ball. A short ball which Raza puts away.


OUT! Mortaza b Panyangara 1

BAN 281/7 | Overs 50

S Arafat 1(1), S Rahman  44 (25)

Wicket for Panyangara. Sunny in now. One run for him. Rahman gets it for four. The debutant has played a terrific knock. It may make the difference in the end. Six now. Fantastic knock. Another six ends it. Rahman ends on 44 off only 25.

BAN 251/6 | Overs 49

M Mortaza 1(5), S Rahman  27 (21)

Chatara come in. Wide, wide, wide, not a good start to the over. One run for Rahman. Dot ball. Relief for Zimbabwe. A single now. A six for RAhman. One run now for Rahman.

OUT! M Rahim c Mire b Panyangara 65 (72)

BAN 251/6 | Overs 48

M Mortaza 0(2), S Rahman  22 (18)

Rahim’s wicket a crucial one. he was caught at long-off. Rahman still continues in the same manner. Four runs. A good inninhs by him. He’s given the scoring rate a boost with his knock


BAN 246/5 | Overs 47

M Rahim 61(70), S Rahman  15 (16)

Chatara continues now. A yorker but Rahim gets it away for one. Rahman takes another single . Rahim gets it away for one after a shot toward backward-point. Dropped, Rahim is granted a reprieve by Taylor, their third today. Two dot balls.  One more dot ball.

BAN 239/5 | Overs 46

M Rahim 59(68), S Rahman  14 (12)

Panyangara on from the other end. Rahim gets it away for one,  another two for Sabbir, a four for him this time as he hits the ball toward long-off. One run for Sabbir, a drive toward long-off. A wide from him now. One more run.

BAN 229/5 | Overs 45

M Rahim 58(67), S Rahman  7 (8)

Chigumbura in the attack now now. No Ball, he had Rahim caught but it’s a no ball. A free hit now. Rahim cannot do much with the free hit, he takes a single.  Rahman gets the bowler away for three consecutive twos.


OUT! S Al Hasan c Panyangara b Kamungozi 100(99)

BAN 219/5 | Overs 44

M Rahim 56(64), S Rahman  1 (3)

A crucial wicket that. Shakib wanted to clear the long-on boundary but instead holed out to Panyangara. Sabbir Rahman comes to the crease now.


BAN 217/4 | Overs 43

M Rahim 54(62), Shakib  101(98)

Shakib gets it away for one. What a hundred. He came in when his team was in deep trouble. Now his side is in the ascendency. He can explode now and guide Bangaldesh to a massive total

BAN 213/4 | Overs 42

M Rahim 52(60), Shakib  99 (94)

Kamungozi still continues. Chigumbura had brought himself on  in the previous over . Good over from him. Earlier Chatara went for eight runs in his over as Shakib closed in on a terrific century.

BAN 195/4 | Overs 39

M Rahim 44(52), Shakib  90 (79)

A change of ends for Tinashe Panyangara. Will he be able to get the crucial wicket? Wide, Panyangara is statring to feel the heat. Four, four, Shakib takes advantage of two loose balls both outside the off-stump. He’s close his hundred.

BAN 183/4 | Overs 38

M Rahim 43(51), Shakib  80 (79)

Chatara on now. How will he fare now that the powerplay overs are on. Good over so far. Five runs off in the first five balls. A wide now and then a single. Considering the powerplay overs are on seven runs in the over is not bad.

BAN 177/4 | Overs 37

M Rahim 41(48), Shakib  77 (76)

The  powerplay’s is on now. Medium pacer Tinashe Panyangara comes into the attack. Zimbabwe need a few wickets now. Both the batsmen will be looking to attack him. Decent start to the powerplay, seven runs in that over. Last ball was hit for a four. Shakib shimmies down the track and swings it away toward fine leg. Kamungozi continues, FOUR! Bangladesh are looking to take advantage of the powerplay. No Ball, a free hit, Rahim hammers that away for a six, Bangladesh are on the attack here.

BAN 155/4 | Overs 35

M Rahim 30(39), Shakib  67 (72)

Raza continues from the other end. FOUR! Shakib puts that one away, a full toss which had four written all over it. he hits it toward the long-on boundary for a four. SIX! this time Rahim takes the attack to the bowler. Kamungozi at the end keeps the batsmen quiet.

BAN 138/4 | Overs 33

M Rahim 21(35), Shakib  60 (65)

Sikandar Raza into the attack now, Chigumbura is ringing in the changes. Six runs off his over. Shakib gets him away for consecutive twos. Bangladesh are clawing their way back into the game.  Shakib Al Hasan would look to make a huge score and ensures his team makes a big score. Kamungozi from the other end has been bowling well. He’s had Shakib in trouble occasionally.

BAN 129/4 | Overs 31

M Rahim 19(29), Shakib  52 (58)

Shakib Al Hasan reaches his half-century. good knock by him. His team was in dire straits when he came in at 31 for three. Good over from Kamungozi. Another appeal from him but the umpire does not rule in his favour. A reprieve for Bangladesh there, this time it is Rahim who’s the lucky batsman and Nyumbu the unfortunate bowler. It was a flighted ball outside the off-stump which Rahim hits to cover but the fielder cannot hold on.

BAN 113/4 | Overs 28

M Rahim 12(18), Shakib  37 (39)

Tafadwa Kamungozi, the leg-spinner on now. Good first ball, he raps Shakib on  the pads but the ball seems to be going down the leg-side. Only three runs conceded in his over. Nyumbu continues from the other end. Fours runs off his over.

BAN 106/4 | Overs 26

M Rahim 12(18), Shakib  37 (39)

Hamilton Masakadza introduced into the attack now. Not a good first over. His second ball was a poor one, a short delivery outside the off-stump which Shakib promptly put away for four. He was inconsistent with his line and length. Nyumbu on at he other end. He’s now concedes a wide. Four off his bowling. Zimbabwe would do well not take their foot off Bangladesh’s throat.

BAN 88/4 | Overs 24

M Rahim 4(12), Shakib  28(33)

Solomon Mire continues from the other end. He has bowled quite a wides, here again he bowls two more. Shakib has looked in good form. If Bangladesh are to make a good score the left-hander will have to make a big score. Nyumbu from the other end has been miserly but on this occasion he’s expensive as he concedes seven runs. Good shot from Shakib in the end. Sees that the ball is a fraction loose and he hits it for four.

BAN 74/4 | Overs 22

M Rahim 2(9), Shakib  19(24)

Solomon Mire who has been a tad expensive with 14 runs conceded in his two overs is brought back into the attack. Shakib is the batsman. No runs off the first two balls. He gets it away for one in the third ball. He keeps Rahim quiet too with only a run off the remaining three balls. At the other the wicket-taker John Nyumby continues. Good over from him again. He raps the batsman Rahim on the pads off the last ball but the umpire says not out.

OUT! Monimul b Nyumbu  31 (46)

BAN 70/4 | Overs 20

M Rahim 0(2), Shakib  17(19)

John Nyumbu strikes. Poor shot by Monimul there. He comes down the pitch but completely misses the ball. Not the best of shots to play in this situation. bangladesh looked as if they were on the road to recovery but this will only peg them back further.


BAN 64/3 | Overs 18

M Haque 28(41), Shakib  14(14)

John Nyumbu into the attack now. The off-spinner would be looking to make a mark straightaway. Shakib Al Hasan is hoping to increase the pace of the scoring. He hit Solomon Mire for two fours. It’ll be interesting to see if he takes the attack to the bowlers.


BAN 44/3 | Overs 18

M Haque 19(32), Shakib  4(5)

At the end of 15 overs it’s Zimbabwe who are in the ascendancy. Three wickets taken. From here  the tourists would be looking to make the most of their position. Chigumbura bowls a quiet over from the other end. At this juncture the Bangladeshi batsmen are looking to keep the scoreboard ticking with singles.

 BAN 40/3 |Overs 14

M Haque 17(29), Shakib  2(2)

Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh’s talismanic all-rounder in now. They need a terrific knock from him to get them out the trouble they are in now. He needs good support from Monimul who’s got to dig and occupy the crease now. Both the Zimbabwe bowlers Chatara and Panyangara are on top now. Skipper Chigumbura introduces himself now. Good first over from him. Most of his deliveries were around the off-stump. Solomon Mire, right arm medium pacer, comes in. Another quiet over for Zimbabwe.


OUT! Mahmudullah c Kamungozi b Chatara 1(9)

BAN 31/3 | 12 overs

M Haque 12(18), Shakib  1(1)

Another one for Chatara and Zimbabwe. A short ball which the batsman tries to pull ends up hitting the ball to mid-on. Zimbabwe are on a roll here. Chatara’s good line and length pays off as he’s succeeded in frustrating the batsman.


OUT! A Haque c Chigumbura b Chatara 12(29)

BAN 30/2 | 11 overs

M Haque 11(17), Mahmudullah 1(5)

Anamul looking to increase the scoring  rate steps out but can hit it to mid-off where the skipper Chigumbura takes a good catch, the bowler is Chatara . Zimbabwe are off to a terrific start. They would be hoping for a more wickets to peg Bangladesh further back


BAN 19/1 | Overs 8

M Haque 4(10), A Haque 10(23)

Good bowling from Tendai Chatara, He  delivers a maiden. The batsman was Anamul Haque. He’s finding it tough to score. The wicket-taker Panyangara runs in. FOUR! Monimul Haque breaks the shackles with a cut shot. The bowler gave some width on that occasion and the batsman made the most of it. Panyangara, however, comes back as Monimul scoreless off the remaining four deliveries. SIX! Anamul too breaks the shackles. He comes the track and hammers the bowler over for a six over long-on. DROPPED! Anamal Haque is granted a reprieve by John Nyumbu, a tough one that, a good diving effort but the ball does not stick in his hands.

OUT! T Iqbal 5 (15) b Panyangara


BAN 8/1  5 overs

M Haque 0(3), A Haque 3(12)

Tamim castled by Panangara. He gets the wicket of an inside edge. Tamim plays away from the body and pays the price. Zimbabwe have struck early. Not the best of shots by the batsman.


BAN 6/0  3 overs

T Iqbal 5(12), A Haque 1(8)

Tinashe Panyangare starts off proceedings for Elton Chigumbura’s side. Good first over there from the medium pacer. He gives barely any room. He keeps both the batsmen quiet. Tendai Chatara runs in from the other end. He looked as if he would bowl a maiden over but he concedes a four off the last ball. Good cut shot from Tamim who does not miss out on the opportunity to hit that loose ball for four. Panyangara runs in again. Two balls outside the off-stump, no run, Haque manages to score off the third delivery. Panyangara keeps Tamim scoreless.

Bangladesh hammered Zimbabwe 3- 0 in the Test series. They would be looking to put in a similar performance in the One-Day series as well. Zimbabwe, though, would take heart from their recent performance in the tri-series in which they hosted Australia and South Africa. They beat the Australians after 31 years.

Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Al-Amin Hossain, Anamul Haque, Arafat Sunny,  Mahmudullah, Mominul Haque, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Rubel Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal.

Zimbabwe : Elton Chigumbura (c), Regis Chakabva (wk), Tendai Chatara, Craig Ervine, Tafadzwa Kamungozi, Hamilton Masakadza,  John Nyumbu, Tinashe Panyangara, Vusi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Brendan Taylor, Solomon Mire,

Toss: Zimbabwe win the toss and elect to bowl first.

Catch the live score and ball-by-ball commentary of Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe 1st ODI

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the first One-Day International (ODI) between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe at the  Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong. The two teams will now be involved in a five-match ODI series. This is Indrajit Dutta, and I will be bringing you the updates of the match.

In their three-match Test series, the hosts Bangladesh thrashed Zimbabwe by 186 runs in the third and final Test in Chittagong on last Sunday to sweep the series 3-0. The tourists, set a tough winning target of 449, were bowled out for 262 in their second innings just before tea on the fifth day in the port city, AFP reported.

Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have the opportunity to gain vital rankings points when they go head-to-head in a five-match One-Day International (ODI) series starting on Friday at Chittagong.

Ninth-placed Bangladesh (69) currently hold an 11-point lead over the Elton Chigumbura-led side in the International Cricket Council (ICC) team rankings and can further increase their lead while also reducing the gap with New Zealand and the West Indies, both level on 96 points, according to an ICC release Thursday. If Bangladesh manage a whitewash, they will open up a 22-point gap over Zimbabwe, while a 4-1 victory would lead to a gap of 17 points. A 3-2 series win would see the hosts retain a nine-point advantage.


Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Al-Amin Hossain, Anamul Haque, Arafat Sunny, Imrul Kayes, Jubair Hossain, Mahmudullah, Mominul Haque, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Rubel Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal.

Zimbabwe : Elton Chigumbura (c), Regis Chakabva (wk), Tendai Chatara, Craig Ervine, Tafadzwa Kamungozi, Hamilton Masakadza, Natsai M’shangwe, Richmond Mutumbami, John Nyumbu, Tinashe Panyangara, Vusi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Brendan Taylor, Malcolm Waller, Neville Madziva, Timycen Maruma, Solomon Mire, Peter Moor, Tawanda Mupariwa, Brian Vitori.