Cape Cobras lost to Dolphins by a narrow margin in the Ram Slam T20 tournament in South Africa © AFP (File Photo)
Cape Cobras lost to Dolphins by a narrow margin in the Ram Slam T20 tournament in South Africa © AFP (File Photo)

Sep 19, 2014

Catch live scorecard of Cape Cobras vs Northern Knights CLT20 2014 match here

(An in-form Northern Knights take on South Africa’s domestic T20 championship runner-up team Cape Cobras. Catch live cricket score and live updates of the match here.)

Well, this is really unfortunate! The match has been called off due to rain, with Northern Knights pulling off what eventually turned out to be an easy win by 33 runs via the Duckworth-Lewis method. Kane Williamson’s tremendous unbeaten 101 off 49 balls makes him the Man of the Match, a truly splendid innings from him.

Cape Cobras 44/2 | Overs 7.2

R Peterson 17(24), Omphile Ramela 3(4)

Ish Sodhi comes on now. And the rain is coming down quite heavily here. Yes, just two balls into the over, the covers have come on.

Cape Cobras 43/2 | Overs 7

R Peterson 17(24), Omphile Ramela 2(2)

In walks Ramela. Styris continues. Just a couple of singles here are there, not much happening for the Cobras. Just two off the first three. And three singles off the last three balls.

Cape Cobras 38/2 | Overs 6

R Peterson 15(21)

Scott Kuggeleijn continues. Single for Peterson. And Amla smacks this through covers for four! Oh superb shot! Walks across the stumps, scoop-flicks it over fine leg for four. Oh nearly through point again, that’s two more. AND HE’S GONE! Amla finds the fielder off the final ball!

OUT! Hashim Amla 20(14) c Santner b Kuggeleijn

Cape Cobras 27/1 | Overs 5

Hashim Amla 10(10), R Peterson 14(19)

Here comes Scott Styris. Amla finds four off the first ball, it was on middle stump and there was no one at square leg. Dot ball now. And a single. Another dot to Peterson. Oh he’s had an almighty swipe at this, gets two more runs. One more to end with.

Cape Cobras 19/1 | Overs 4

Hashim Amla 5(7), R Peterson 11(16)

Southee again. And Peterson finally finds the fence. Four to point. Dot ball, defended well. Short ball, and Peterson puts it away for four more, nicely pulled! Dot ball. And another dot ball. Last ball of the over now. Sharp single.

Cape Cobras 9/1 | Overs 3

Hashim Amla 4(6), R Peterson 3(11)

Boult continues. Single to Amala. Peterson on strike. Another single. Dot ball, but right off the middle from Amla. One more. And another dot. Great bowling from the Knights!

Cape Cobras 5/1 | Overs 2

Hashim Amla 1(1), R Peterson 2(10)

Tim Southee comes on now. Single to Amla to get away. Oh brilliant yorker and Peterson falls over. Nicely played but a dot ball. Oh beautiful yorker again, nearly makes Peterson fall over again! And another dot. And another, great over!

Cape Cobras 4/1 | Overs 1

Hashim Amla 0(0), R Peterson 2(5)

BOWLED HIM! FIRST BALL! What a snapper! Late out swing after pitching on middle stump. Robin Peterson comes in at No 3. Gets off the mark with a couple to the off side after trying to pull on the leg side! Well bowled again, beat the bat. And another dot ball to end with.

OUT! Stiaan van Zyl 0(1) b Boult

Bit of bad news, the rain has started again, and this time it’s a bit more than a drizzle. Play has been interrupted indefinitely. And now we are back. Annoying rain, this.

The covers have just come on, there’s a bit of a drizzle at the moment. Not really too heavy, the covers are more of a precaution. In fact, they are going off as I write this. We should have live action in a few moments.


Outstanding knock from Kane Williamson, he batted throughout the innings remaining not out on 101 off just 49 balls. He was kept good company by Anton Devcich, who made a good 67. They lost wickets in a bunch on two occasions, but both times were helped by Williamson’s brilliance. Cape Cobras have to make a very tough 207 to win. Will Hashim Amla and co manage what seems like a very tough task? We’ll find out soon enough.

Northern Knights 206/5 | Overs 20

Kane Williamson 101(49), M Santner 3(2)

In comes Daryl Mitchell, facing Big Vern. OH HE’S GONE! First baller! Santner comes in now. Just a single to get off the mark. Kane gets a couple more. And it’s a no ball too! Kane batting on 94! AND THAT’S SIX! TREMENDOUS TON FROM KANE WILLIAMSON! And he follows it up with a single. Last ball now. And two to end with.

Daryl Mitchell 0(1) c Kemp b Philander

Northern Knights 192/4 | Overs 19

Kane Williamson 91(45)

Lovely start from Charl, it’s a yorker that Watling can’t score off. Oh he has a swig at this, outside edge to third man! Low full toss and Watling finds the fielder! Big wicket, Watling was striking it cleanly! Scotty Styris comes in. But it’s Kane on strike. Slower bouncer, dot ball. And another single. Great over so far, just five off the first five ball. Final ball, and Styris top edges this onto his helmet and into the wicketkeeper’s hands! Golden duck!

OUT! BJ Watling 32(20) c van Zyl b Langeveld, Scott Styris 0(1) c Vilas b Langeveld

Northern Knights 187/2 | Overs 18

Kane Williamson 90(43), BJ Watling 28(17)

Rory comes back on now. Single to start off with. Oh beautiful yorker from Rory, but Kane has played a sensational shot. He digs this out and deliberately edges this for four to third man. BANG! Six more! Slogged over midwicket! And another single. That brings up his 90. Watling mishits this for a single.

Northern Knights 174/2 | Overs 17

Kane Williamson 79(40), BJ Watling 26(14)

Charl again. Just one. Nicely bowled, that’s another yorker, just a single. Well played by Watling to the deep, couple of runs more. OH DROPPED! Watling smacks this one in the air but i’ts dropped. Two more for Watling. Nicely played again, another single. And Williamson smashes four more down the ground off the last ball!

Northern Knights 163/2 | Overs 16

Kane Williamson 74(38), BJ Watling 20(10)

Kemp continues. And Watling takes a couple. And another boundary down fine leg! Lovely shot, four more this time to square leg. Watling gets a move on. Oh how on Earth has he played that? He has sliced that over point for six with a shot that is usually played for one. Dot ball next. Nicely played, just a single to end with.

Northern Knights 146/2 | Overs 15

Kane Williamson 74(38), BJ Watling 3(4)

Peterson into the attack now. Williamson picks up a couple. And another single. Dot ball there. Two more runs. And another dot. Final ball, and it’s just another dot.

Northern Knights 140/2 | Overs 14

Kane Williamson 71(36), BJ Watling 0(0)

Secondwicket down now! And the Cobras are just about clawing their way back into the match!

OUT! Daniel Flynn 0(2) c Ontong b Philander

Northern Knights 140/1 | Overs 13.4

 Kane Williamson 71(36), Daniel Flynn 0(0)

The Cobras finally manage a strike as Anton Devcich departs for 67 courtesy a brilliant run-out by Robin Peterson.

OUT! Anton Devcich 67 (46) run out Peterson

Northern Knights 136/0 | Overs 13

Anton Devcich 66(45), Kane Williamson 68(33)

Ontong continues. Devcich on strike. One to start with. One more to Kane. And now Devcich goes big! Six more runs down the ground. Single to mid wicket. And now Kane gets a couple. And one more to end the over.

Northern Knights 124/0 | Overs 12

Anton Devcich 58(42), Kane Williamson 64(30)

Here comes Justin Kemp, who had injured his hand a while back. He seems fit enough now though. Dot ball to start off with. Oh WHAT a shot! Devcich picks this up from his pads and whips it away for a boundary! Great shot. Goes for the reverse sweep this time, and just gets one. Slower short ball outside off, and Kane edges this to third man. The fielder can’t get there so he survives. Short ball, four more to fine leg! Kane Williamson on fire here. OH TREMENDOUS! Smashed over cover for six off the last ball!

Northern Knights 107/0 | Overs 11

Anton Devcich 53(39), Kane Williamson 52(27)

Rory again. And Williamson gets to yet another fifty! Excellent shot to get it too, that’s steered away down third man for four. Another single for Williamson. One more for Devcich. Wide ball. Another single. Another wide. Not the best over from Rory so far. And that’s fifty for Devcich as well! Swivel-pulled this for four down fine leg. One more to end with.

Northern Knights 93/0 | Overs 10

Anton Devcich 47(36), Kane Williamson 46(24)

Mgijima to continue. And that’s four to Devcich. He follows up with another boundary! And follows up with a couple. One of the batsmen has a broken bat now. Devcich gets another couple. And another single. Just the one more run.

Northern Knights 77/0 | Overs 9

Anton Devcich 34(31), Kane Williamson 45(23)

Peterson continues. And that’s four for Devcich. He follows up with a single. Kane continues, goes inside out over cover and four more runs! And this time he goes down the ground for six! Oh lovely ball to follow up, minor edge and the ‘keeper grabs at it and misses. The batsmen take one.

Northern Knights 62/0 | Overs 8

Anton Devcich 28(28), Kane Williamson 34(20)

Ontong into the attack. Oh and a bit of drama first ball! There was a run out chance but the batsman survived. Devcich nearly smacks this next one right into the hands of the fielder, but again survives! Living dangerously here, Devcich. And another single for Kane. Devich steps out and slogs this down the ground, Hashim Amla takes the catch at long off but falls onto the boundary ropes in the process! Replays aren’t very conclusive, but it’s not given as a six. Batsman isn’t out either.

Northern Knights 57/0 | Overs 7

Anton Devcich 24(23), Kane Williamson 33(19)

Mgijimain to the attack now. Dot ball to start with. And a single. Another dot ball. And another dot. Mgijima bowling really well here. Just one off the first four balls. Just another single. Great over so far. Oh beautiful! Lovely little premeditated sweep from Kane for four down fine leg.

Northern Knights 51/0 | Overs 6

Anton Devcich 23(20), Kane Williamson 28(16)

Robin Peterson comes in now. And that’s a single off the first ball. Another one to Devchich. Oh that was in the air, but Williamson survives. Oh lovely shot from Devcich, that’s four more swept to square leg. It’s 51 for no loss after six.

Northern Knights 42/0 | Overs 5

Anton Devcich 18(17), Kane Williamson 24(13)

So here comes Rory Kleinveldt. And he nearly takes a wicket off the first ball! Devcich goes for a big hit, falls just beyond Charl. And this time he plays it neatly down to third man for four! And another single. Kane gets one more. Firmly driven by Devcich but right back at Rory so a dot ball. OH flicked to short fine leg and dropped! Good effort though.

Northern Knights 32/0 | Overs 4

Anton Devcich 9(12), Kane Williamson 23(12)

Philander continues. Single off the first ball. Good running, that’s two more. And another couple. Kane flays this, but gets an edge to third man they will scamper for two runs more! And guess what, another two of the next one. Last ball now, Kane steps out and pulls, gets a massive top edge to fine leg and this will be six!

Northern Knights 17/0 | Overs 3

Anton Devcich 8(11), Kane Williamson 9(7)

Charl again. Williamson steps out off the first ball and semi-leaves, semi-plays one for four down third man! And gets beaten off the nect ball. Another dot ball. Oh quick single, but a direct hit means Devcich could be in trouble here! No, he’s safe. Another single. Dot ball to end the over.

Northern Knights 11/0 | Overs 2

Anton Devcich 7(10), Kane Williamson 4(2)

Vernon Philander opens the bowling from the other end. Devcich on strike. Oh he looks to nudge this to the leg side, massive leading edge but it falls safe. Bit of width there and he smacks this for four! And another couple of dot balls. Another defensive shot to end the over.

Northern Knights 5/0 | Overs 1

Anton Devcich 1(4), Kane Williamson 4(2)

Charl Langeveldt coming out of retirement and opening the bowling. Devcich on strike. Starts with a dot outside off. Follows up with a dot driven down the ground. And another dot ball played to point. OH what just happened here? Devcich nudges this to covers and runs for it, poor throw and poor wicketkeeping helps Kane Williamson make his ground. And he’s off the mark with a boundary down fine leg. Good ball to end with.


Northern Knights: Anton Devcich, Kane Williamson, Daniel Flynn(c), BJ Watling(wk), Daryl Mitchell, Scott Styris, Mitchell Santner, Scott Kuggeleijn, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Trent Boult

Cape Cobras: Stiaan van Zyl, Hashim Amla, Omphile Ramela, Justin Ontong(c), Dane Vilas(wk), Justin Kemp, Vernon Philander, Robin Peterson, Rory Kleinveldt, Aviwe Mgijima, Charl Langeveldt

So we are ready for the toss. Danny Morrison and Pommie Mbangwa are out in the middle with captains Justin Ontong and Daniel Flynn. Ontong wins the toss and Cape Cobras will bowl first.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the third match of the Champions League T20 2014 (CLT20) between Cape Cobras and Northern Knights at Raipur on Friday. I am Shiamak Unwalla and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. While the Cobras are formidable side with plenty of international stars, they’ll be up against a side who were a step ahead of the rest of the team in the CLT20 qualifiers. Apart from the confidence, Northern Knights will feel like they are playing a home game because they will be playing Cobras at Raipur and this where they won all their previous three games. So they are well aware about the pitch conditions. Read the preview of the match here

Cobras were last seen in CLT20 back in 2009 when they reached the semifinals. Their top batsman J P Duminy has been ruled out due to injury and that would cause a huge vacuum in the side given that he was among the side’s few players who have the experience of playing in India. With Jacques Kallis playing for Kolkata Knight Riders, Hashim Amla will be a key figure at the top of the batting order. Read more about Cobras’ likely playing XI

The Knights. on the other hand despite the absence of powerful all-rounders Corey Anderson and Daniel Vettori have done exceptionally well. Their experienced pacers Trent Boult and Tim Southee have been tough to score off and in the batting Kane Williamson, opening the batting has already provided two half-centuries.

It will be an interesting clash and this is also the first non-IPL match of the main stage. There will be a lot of international stars in action today. Read the key battles of the match here

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